Chris Siems @teamsiems
Texas |

I have to flip between tv channels to catch Gators and Aggies FB games. Thankful both televised. #FirstWorldProblems #GoGators

4:34pm 5 Sep 2015

@MlTTR0MNEY don’t forget the hash…#firstworldproblems RE: Once I tried to tip the doorman, but he couldn’t break a 50! (50 what? Euros?)

9:18pm 4 Sep 2012

GOP Congress could repeal Obamacare, but that would leave nothing for Romney to do. #firstworldproblems

9:09am 28 Jun 2012

First freeze last night and the heater decided it didn’t want to heat. #FirstWorldProblems

8:23am 28 Nov 2011