Chris Siems @teamsiems
Texas |

Comedian @jmspool killed tonight #aea (I had to wipe tears from my eyes.) He’s definitely not Intuitive.

4:25pm 10 Jul 2012

To be future friendly, you should be backward compatible. #aea

8:41am 10 Jul 2012

Aren’t tags a form of control? a form of constraint? They have behaviors. #aea “Spirit of the Web” Jeremy Keith

8:26am 10 Jul 2012

Long day, check. Thunderstorm, check. #aea

5:49pm 9 Jul 2012

Day 1 is a wrap. #aea How do I keep the info from leaking out of my head? I know, go to @hotdogscoldbeer #FRANK

4:35pm 9 Jul 2012

Oh! how you tempt us #aea RT @hotdogscoldbeer: GRAVY TRAIN A grilled Hudson bratwurst dressed with tater tots, Newcastle gravy, and …

3:18pm 9 Jul 2012

What makes #aea great? Topic focus (only 1 track), slide decks before the prezs, power strips for everyone, seeing rock stars of RWD

12:49pm 9 Jul 2012

No typeface is born evil – it is what we do with it. Context is everything. #aea

10:45am 9 Jul 2012

It’s not about the rubber band browser #aea

8:52am 9 Jul 2012

verb “spammed” will now be known as “beboed” #aea

8:35am 9 Jul 2012

Design that does not serve people does not serve business Don’t make “trick clicks” #aea antipatterns.

8:33am 9 Jul 2012

Your design is “a consensual hallucination” #aea

8:23am 9 Jul 2012

Let’s do this #aea #aeaaustin

8:05am 9 Jul 2012

Reading Responsive Web Design before #aea tomorrow

6:45pm 8 Jul 2012

Seeing all the #aea tweets from Boston I can’t wait for our turn in Austin. t- 19 days.

8:11am 20 Jun 2012