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7:59pm Jun 20th 2017

STEVE ´N´ SEAGULLS – IT`S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP (360 LIVE) …Drag left/right to see Hiltunen and Herman

11:31pm Jun 12th 2017

1:31pm Jun 9th 2017

Memorial Day Ribs 2017…

11:17pm May 31st 2017

Rudder Graduation 2017: via @YouTube

8:21pm May 27th 2017

Rudder grad Jacob #done #rhs @ Reed Arena…

1:10pm May 27th 2017

Rudder class of 2017 #done #rhs @ Reed Arena…

1:02pm May 27th 2017

Rudder Graduation #itdo #bcstx @ Reed Arena…

11:35am May 27th 2017

Wokamole Healthy Cuisine on #Yelp: Mushroom chicken and Red curry with chicken. Very good.…

7:14pm May 26th 2017

Wonton is perfect. (@ Wokamole Healthy Cuisine) on #Yelp…

6:50pm May 26th 2017

R.I.P. Roger Moore #007

4:47pm May 23rd 2017

There was a great disturbance in the Force when we lost Carrie Fisher #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

8:29am May 4th 2017

Glückliches Walpurgisnacht! “Die Hexen zu dem Brocken ziehn…” #blackphillip

5:00pm Apr 30th 2017

The End of This Series | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #KeepYouTubeCreepy @YouTube has hurt creators in favor of advertisers

11:02pm Apr 25th 2017

Yay! I’m down with #Lipitor!

2:29pm Apr 25th 2017

I Planted a @Treecycler Tree for Free from @TMobile. #GetThanked! Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.

8:43pm Apr 18th 2017

Texas Voter ID Law: Federal Judge Says Law Intentionally Discriminates…

11:24pm Apr 12th 2017

#RIP Dorothy Mengering #DavesMom @Letterman

8:17am Apr 12th 2017

9:48am Apr 8th 2017

Even worse @Hostess_Snacks ignored their own product. It’s also #NationalTwinkieDay

10:03am Apr 6th 2017

Is someone asleep at the social media wheel at @tacobell ? It’s #nationalburritoday

9:59am Apr 6th 2017

Rogue One > The Force Awakens but I’m not getting attached to characters or side stories. #RedFiveStandingBy #EpisodeSeparationSyndrome

10:44pm Apr 4th 2017

RT @akaIntensity: @BurgerKing @BurgerKing fries < @McDonalds fries dont @ me

6:56pm Apr 3rd 2017

Sorry @cliffyballgame #LetsGoX …I’ll be watching tomorrow #GoGators

11:52pm Mar 25th 2017

.@TheDeadSouth4 What happened to Danny? :(

11:33pm Mar 25th 2017

7:42am Mar 25th 2017

AggieCon 48 kicks off at Brazos County Expo…

7:17am Mar 25th 2017

We’ll dance forever to his tunes. R.I.P. Chuck Berry

10:45pm Mar 18th 2017

But first, let me take a selfie

12:37pm Mar 18th 2017

Happy #StPatricksDay

3:55pm Mar 17th 2017

3:43pm Mar 16th 2017

Luigi’s Patio Ristorante on #Yelp: Luigi’s Chicken Caesar salad is very good.…

3:04pm Mar 16th 2017

Luigi’s Patio Ristorante on #Yelp: Luigi’s Fettuccine Alfredo alla Primavera is good; needs more sauce.…

3:02pm Mar 16th 2017

Live music with Physics profs at Luigis #bcstx…

7:08pm Mar 14th 2017

9:19am Mar 14th 2017

12:20am Mar 12th 2017

Happy Texas Independence Day #TEXIT

7:30am Mar 2nd 2017

RT @luthernerd: March 2, 1836 – The people of Texas do now constitute a FREE, SOVEREIGN, and INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC. #Texit…

7:22am Mar 2nd 2017

The one any #Hiltunen from @SeagullsBand was standing in front of me for opening band.

12:30am Feb 23rd 2017

seagullsband takes the stage #grizzleys…

10:05pm Feb 22nd 2017

We made it happen! Behold Austin “Back In The USA” tour @SeagullsBand with the one and only #Hiltunen

7:33pm Feb 22nd 2017

RT @SeagullsBand: Today: Austin, TX – Feb 22 at Grizzly Hall…

7:18pm Feb 22nd 2017


11:23pm Feb 21st 2017

OK @zTripTX I’m a former Austin TX Uber rider. Impress me. I need rides tomorrow. Checking out the app now.

11:01pm Feb 21st 2017

RT @aggiecio: Enjoyed discussing the future of higher ed IT with @Keith_McIntosh, Pattie Orr and Brad Englert. #TechSummit2017 #tamu #tamui…

10:44pm Feb 21st 2017

Happy 12th Blogiversary…

1:23pm Feb 16th 2017

I’m going to @SeagullsBand at Grizzly Hall  in Austin, ……

12:21pm Feb 12th 2017

I give up! 34-28 Patriots win in OT over Falcons #SuperBowl

9:32pm Feb 5th 2017

Like #POTUS election, we’re in history now.

9:25pm Feb 5th 2017

First OT in Super Bowl history! 28-28 #SuperBowl #ByBradysBalls

9:18pm Feb 5th 2017

7:25pm Feb 5th 2017

Falcons go Gaga on Patriots 21-3 at half #SuperBowl #ByBradysBalls

7:17pm Feb 5th 2017

That ad was cold @Wendys #SuperBowl

7:08pm Feb 5th 2017

Am I #Squirrelkin

11:03pm Feb 4th 2017

The future is up in the air right now, but #squirrel

10:20pm Feb 4th 2017

Black Mask, Black Flag…

11:56pm Feb 2nd 2017


10:48pm Jan 30th 2017

.@HalfOnionInABag looks like your other half nailed it! @TheOnion

4:47pm Jan 30th 2017

Steve’n’Seagulls @SeagullsBand Makes Toe Tapping Music They’re coming to Texas in February #CantWait #Hiltunen #Skol

12:29am Jan 28th 2017

Aggies Map 100 Miles of Campus Fiber via @YouTube

11:48pm Jan 27th 2017

Feeling cocky? Happy #CNY

6:59am Jan 27th 2017

5:58pm Jan 26th 2017

Texas Voter ID Law: SCOTUS Won’t Hear It…

5:30pm Jan 25th 2017

Yeah @seagullsband coming to Texas in Feb. (think “Went through to Texas, yeah Texas, and we had some fun” – “Thunderstruck”, AC/DC)

11:38pm Jan 23rd 2017

Texas you need to go see Steve’n’Seagulls February 21, 22, 23…

11:30pm Jan 23rd 2017

Now I’ve seen everything…

10:00am Jan 23rd 2017

Not even 3 days in and the WH Office of Communications is getting roasted by the press. Spicer is in over his head. #AlternativeFacts

8:32am Jan 23rd 2017

Red, grey, tree or ground: let’s get to work making ‘merica even better. Nuts for everyone! #SquirrelAppreciationDay

8:55am Jan 21st 2017

Practicing for #SuperBowl

7:04pm Jan 20th 2017

Newly sworn in 45th President Donald Trump gives a #Gigem thumbs up. #Aggies #Inauguration

12:02pm Jan 20th 2017

12:26pm Jan 19th 2017

Secret Service Agent #1: Mogul going TT
Secret Service Agent #2: Hehe you said tee tee

8:12am Jan 19th 2017

I found’s it. I found my precious.😁

5:03pm Jan 14th 2017

😢 lost my wedding ring tonight

12:12am Jan 11th 2017

My Vine Archive 2017: via @YouTube

9:40am Jan 6th 2017

This just happened ……

6:01pm Jan 5th 2017

I think I started an underground coal fire when I kicked off the @ozh Tweet Archiver plugin. It’s been running for days now.

5:00pm Jan 5th 2017

Another test of auto archive tweets

11:10am Jan 4th 2017

Testing my tweet archive at

6:06pm Jan 3rd 2017

Holy blazing New Year Batman! Woke to a thunderstorm. It’s 55 F outside and 78 F inside our office building.

7:51am Jan 2nd 2017

#Sweet16 Now the bud is off the vine Isaiah 18:5 #HappyNewYear

11:59pm Dec 31st 2016

Lol #halfassu

7:35pm Dec 31st 2016

Texas Bowl Game in NRG Stadium (Super Bowl LI stadium) underway. Texas A&M at Kansas State

8:15pm Dec 28th 2016

Let’s put a pin in that…

5:06pm Dec 28th 2016

Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning #CarrieFisher

12:47pm Dec 27th 2016

People we’ve lost in 2016 @CNN…

6:26pm Dec 26th 2016

Happy Winter Solstice! #Wassail are #Yule doing to celebrate?

8:15am Dec 21st 2016

RT @TAMU: Do you have maroon & white on your wish list?

RT for a chance to win this Aggie #SpreadCollegeCheer box!

8:22pm Dec 19th 2016

Because #LOTR marithon

8:51pm Dec 17th 2016

When Aggies Are United, No One Can Divide Them #BeFearless #TAMU

11:50am Dec 15th 2016

Apparently #WinterIsComing this Saturday

10:43am Dec 15th 2016

The (Floppy) Force is Strong With This One #Floppotron

8:03am Dec 15th 2016

Fly high with the angels #RocketMan John Glenn

4:58pm Dec 8th 2016

11:38am Dec 8th 2016

Dee Childs @aggiecio, new CIO, welcome and First 100 Days #TechTheHalls @TAMU_IT

10:55am Dec 6th 2016

It’s time to #TechTheHalls Texas A&M IT Holiday extravaganza!

10:33am Dec 6th 2016

#Twump from #LSSC

11:06pm Dec 1st 2016

Happy 10th Annual Blue Beanie Day #bbd16…

4:32pm Nov 30th 2016

Happy 10th Annual Blue Beanie Day #bbd16…

4:32pm Nov 30th 2016

It’s Blue Beanie Day! Hail web standards! #bbd16

8:00am Nov 30th 2016