Chris Siems @teamsiems
Texas |

February 2018

@chubbyemu Can you please research and do a video about alcohol withdrawal syndrome

10:13pm 18 Feb 2018

Happy 13th Blogiversary…

12:35pm 16 Feb 2018

Happy Chinese New Year #woof 🐶

7:00am 16 Feb 2018

#WTF Trump slump? Remington files for bankruptcy amid declining gun sales.

8:51am 13 Feb 2018

The 2018 Primary Election in Texas…

8:01am 6 Feb 2018

Thanks for the reminder…afib sucks

9:24pm 4 Feb 2018

Kraft ad campaign won the Internets #winning #SuperBowl

8:30pm 4 Feb 2018

It’s New England Patriots (again) vs. Philadelphia Eagles in #SuperBowlLII today in Minneapolis; temp is like -1 F…

3:47pm 4 Feb 2018

Runt says nope 2 close…

6:17pm 2 Feb 2018

Happy #groundhogday Phil saw his shadow…6 more weeks of winter.

5:38pm 2 Feb 2018