Chris Siems @teamsiems
Texas |

December 2017

FCC is meeting about #NetNeutrality today. Are ISPs utilities (like water or electric companies) or information com…

9:50am 14 Dec 2017

It Is Wednesday My Dudes #humpday

11:00am 13 Dec 2017

7:14am 8 Dec 2017

7:10am 8 Dec 2017

Most snow in Dec. in #bcstx? @KBTXWeather Still falling

7:46pm 7 Dec 2017

It’s time for #TechTheHalls 2017…We’re now the Division of Information Technology. Holiday party is off the hook, y’all!

10:30am 7 Dec 2017

Knock, knock kiddies #krampusnacht

6:06pm 5 Dec 2017

R.I.P. Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pyle

8:30am 1 Dec 2017