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October 2017

9:18pm 31 Oct 2017

Gallows movie was lame! Now something good: Stranger Things

9:00pm 31 Oct 2017

Brain spaghetti, witch hat biscuits, spider meat balls, and toxic punch #HappyHalloween

8:58pm 31 Oct 2017

I said this two years ago about PSY’s Daddy, but an older video is coming back to break the internet, Gentleman

4:02pm 31 Oct 2017

Honolulu Poke House on #Yelp: I had mixed greans with ahi tuna and shrimp. The tuna is melt in your mouth! Sauce i……

12:42pm 27 Oct 2017

I checked in at Honolulu Poke House on #Yelp…

12:22pm 27 Oct 2017

Happy #NationalPumpkinDay 🎃 It’s also Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day #TxCFSday Get you some @CottonPatchCafe Yum!

10:30am 26 Oct 2017

RT @llcoolj: Rest in paradise to Fats Domino. He paved the way for so many. I remember listening to his music as a little boy. #Fatsdomino

10:54pm 25 Oct 2017

Ransomware Bad Rabbit poses as an Adobe update before locking down computers and demanding money from people to get their files back.

8:55am 25 Oct 2017

Hope they play PSY GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) at the Winter Olympics 5 years old and almost 3 billion views!

12:33am 24 Oct 2017

8:17pm 23 Oct 2017

Five Presidents Visit Aggieland…

10:03am 21 Oct 2017

Spencer Speaks at University of Florida…

3:31pm 19 Oct 2017

Great idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

11:48am 19 Oct 2017

RT @HighEdWeb: WOOO! #heweb18 will be in Sacramento, California!

11:23am 18 Oct 2017

Happy 9th #Twitterversary

11:19am 17 Oct 2017

It’s my #Twitterversary! I have been on Twitter for 9 years (since 17 Oct 2008).
And you?

11:19am 17 Oct 2017

Time is running out #tamu #CyberAware

10:34am 16 Oct 2017

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Keep Tradition Secure #tamu

4:16pm 10 Oct 2017

It surprised many (not La. Gov.)… #HurricaneNate2017

2:32am 8 Oct 2017

LSU at UF #GoGators 🏈

3:43pm 7 Oct 2017

Tropical Storm Nate…

9:39am 5 Oct 2017

We upgraded to “The Ocho!” @hannon_hill

9:02am 5 Oct 2017

I forgot almost forgot #11in11 In 2011 the Cards won their 11th World Series!

8:39pm 3 Oct 2017

Cardinals Win 2011 #WorldSeries #TMobileTuesdays #Contest Game 6 was the game of the century!

8:36pm 3 Oct 2017

Tom Petty dead at age 66 #TooSoon #RIPTomPetty

3:17pm 2 Oct 2017