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Texas |

April 2017

Gl√ľckliches Walpurgisnacht! “Die Hexen zu dem Brocken ziehn…” #blackphillip

5:00pm 30 Apr 2017

The End of This Series | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #KeepYouTubeCreepy @YouTube has hurt creators in favor of advertisers

11:02pm 25 Apr 2017

Yay! I’m down with #Lipitor!

2:29pm 25 Apr 2017

I Planted a @Treecycler Tree for Free from @TMobile. #GetThanked! Exclusive for T-Mobile customers.

8:43pm 18 Apr 2017

Texas Voter ID Law: Federal Judge Says Law Intentionally Discriminates…

11:24pm 12 Apr 2017

#RIP Dorothy Mengering #DavesMom @Letterman

8:17am 12 Apr 2017

9:48am 8 Apr 2017

Even worse @Hostess_Snacks ignored their own product. It’s also #NationalTwinkieDay

10:03am 6 Apr 2017

Is someone asleep at the social media wheel at @tacobell ? It’s #nationalburritoday

9:59am 6 Apr 2017

Rogue One > The Force Awakens but I’m not getting attached to characters or side stories. #RedFiveStandingBy #EpisodeSeparationSyndrome

10:44pm 4 Apr 2017

RT @akaIntensity: @BurgerKing @BurgerKing fries < @McDonalds fries dont @ me

6:56pm 3 Apr 2017