Chris Siems @teamsiems
Texas |

January 2017


10:48pm 30 Jan 2017

.@HalfOnionInABag looks like your other half nailed it! @TheOnion

4:47pm 30 Jan 2017

Steve’n’Seagulls @SeagullsBand Makes Toe Tapping Music They’re coming to Texas in February #CantWait #Hiltunen #Skol

12:29am 28 Jan 2017

Aggies Map 100 Miles of Campus Fiber via @YouTube

11:48pm 27 Jan 2017

Feeling cocky? Happy #CNY

6:59am 27 Jan 2017

5:58pm 26 Jan 2017

Texas Voter ID Law: SCOTUS Won’t Hear It…

5:30pm 25 Jan 2017

Yeah @seagullsband coming to Texas in Feb. (think “Went through to Texas, yeah Texas, and we had some fun” – “Thunderstruck”, AC/DC)

11:38pm 23 Jan 2017

Texas you need to go see Steve’n’Seagulls February 21, 22, 23…

11:30pm 23 Jan 2017

Now I’ve seen everything…

10:00am 23 Jan 2017

Not even 3 days in and the WH Office of Communications is getting roasted by the press. Spicer is in over his head. #AlternativeFacts

8:32am 23 Jan 2017

Red, grey, tree or ground: let’s get to work making ‘merica even better. Nuts for everyone! #SquirrelAppreciationDay

8:55am 21 Jan 2017

Practicing for #SuperBowl

7:04pm 20 Jan 2017

Newly sworn in 45th President Donald Trump gives a #Gigem thumbs up. #Aggies #Inauguration

12:02pm 20 Jan 2017

12:26pm 19 Jan 2017

Secret Service Agent #1: Mogul going TT
Secret Service Agent #2: Hehe you said tee tee

8:12am 19 Jan 2017

I found’s it. I found my precious.😁

5:03pm 14 Jan 2017

😢 lost my wedding ring tonight

12:12am 11 Jan 2017

My Vine Archive 2017: via @YouTube

9:40am 6 Jan 2017

This just happened ……

6:01pm 5 Jan 2017

I think I started an underground coal fire when I kicked off the @ozh Tweet Archiver plugin. It’s been running for days now.

5:00pm 5 Jan 2017

Another test of auto archive tweets

11:10am 4 Jan 2017

Testing my tweet archive at

6:06pm 3 Jan 2017

Holy blazing New Year Batman! Woke to a thunderstorm. It’s 55 F outside and 78 F inside our office building.

7:51am 2 Jan 2017