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June 2015

@cheaperthandirt Woohoo

8:43pm 30 Jun 2015

@Robin2go Aww you’re human #uxfail

8:26pm 30 Jun 2015

Do you support open-carry gun laws in restaurants and retail stores? via @msnbc

3:12pm 30 Jun 2015

Happy Social Media Day #SMDAY

7:00am 30 Jun 2015

my #periscope is offline

10:49pm 24 Jun 2015

LIVE on #Periscope: dare you; I will call u online…

10:22pm 24 Jun 2015

Unfortunately @periscopeco doesn’t post when you stop…no means no…I stopped so should you.

9:20pm 23 Jun 2015

LIVE on #Periscope: I call you; give me ur number…

9:12pm 23 Jun 2015

I just got a score of 58 on @barcampomaha Bird Hunt! #bco14 #bcobirdhunt

2:29pm 23 Jun 2015

Happy #OlympicDay Rock on #TeamUSA

10:18am 23 Jun 2015

.@Ornyadams Awesome idea. Live call people and video your/their response on @periscope

11:52pm 22 Jun 2015

Why is @periscope so F’n hard to find? I looked everywhere! Heard about it on @ElvisDuranShow and Google COULDN’T find it. Finally got it.

10:57pm 22 Jun 2015

I’m broadcasting ‘teamsiems’ live on @Ustream. Come watch and chat! – (11:29pm)

10:29pm 22 Jun 2015

Sorry @CraigyFerg this was an obligatory 6 months after The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tweet. If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap! :)

9:29pm 22 Jun 2015

Sometimes, trolling noobs on @youtube is therapeutic. #YourArgumentIsInvalid

9:24pm 22 Jun 2015

8:04pm 22 Jun 2015

My first chip #666

8:00pm 22 Jun 2015

4:02pm 18 Jun 2015

7:14am 18 Jun 2015

The Game of Life; research for work.

7:11pm 17 Jun 2015

CSS Animations – ByPeople

11:47am 17 Jun 2015

8:48am 17 Jun 2015

Oh oh TS Bill! Major Flood Threat For Texas, Oklahoma @weatherchannel

9:17pm 15 Jun 2015

Motherfructose! #KidsCurseWords

9:55am 15 Jun 2015

Gelatohmygoshi! #KidsCurseWords

9:16am 14 Jun 2015

@cgrymala Yeah I heard the gov uses a guy with a photographic memory to store passwords. They can’t be too long, and only [a-z0-9].

7:39am 13 Jun 2015

I took the day off. Don’t take days off kids.

5:19pm 12 Jun 2015

Pizza Hut on #Yelp: Service has gone from mediocre to bad. Crisp crusts used to be crisp, now they are burnt. Delive……

6:37pm 10 Jun 2015

Vincent Turns 21: via @YouTube

9:31am 8 Jun 2015

Terrible cat parents – we didn’t know June 4th was Hug Your Cat Day

8:46am 8 Jun 2015

June 6, 1944, 71 years ago, the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, #DDay #NeverForget

9:43am 6 Jun 2015

Updated copyright slide ;]

8:42am 6 Jun 2015

Updated copyright slide :)

8:35am 6 Jun 2015

9:53pm 4 Jun 2015

Texas Passes Open Carry and Campus Carry Bills…

12:03pm 4 Jun 2015