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June 2011

So many “fires” to extenguish, so little time. Calgon take me away! @TakeMeAwaycom

10:36am 30 Jun 2011

Happy Social Media Day #smday BTW

10:30am 30 Jun 2011

New post: Social Media Day #smday

10:30am 30 Jun 2011

Is Google+ another Wave? RT @fienen: @Robin2go But would you ditch Facebook for it?

10:26am 30 Jun 2011

What the wha? According to @klout, I’m influential to: @SharePointLlama

8:39am 30 Jun 2011

Yippie! My @Klout score is 28. I improved it by 2 points over the past day!

8:36am 30 Jun 2011

If @lavarburton and Reading Rainbow taught you anything, you should show your support #readingrainbowflashmob

12:36pm 29 Jun 2011

$0.25 upcharge for app orders?! RT @LennysSubs: @b_pendergrass: Just tried out my new @LennysSubs iPhone app :) #BestAppEver

8:23am 29 Jun 2011

New post: Empire Avenue: Getting Past ‘The Game’

8:20am 29 Jun 2011

Less than 1 day until Social Media Day #smday Don’t forget.

8:07am 29 Jun 2011

New post: Get The Latest Reviews Of The Precor 9.31 Treadmill

8:48am 28 Jun 2011

Since I can’t watch it here, GO GATORS! #CWS

8:38am 28 Jun 2011

See @bpanulla ?! I just bought 50 shares in (e)BWATANA on Empire Avenue

9:21am 27 Jun 2011

Thanks! Me too. Shared via @AMYKRAMER : I’m in for 50 shares to start!

9:16am 27 Jun 2011

Lenntastic! RT @LennysSubs: If you could describe @LennysSubs in one word, what would it be?

9:11am 27 Jun 2011

I follow @AmericanAir and @Continental just in case RT @teamsiems: New post: Twitter helps airline passengers

9:08am 27 Jun 2011

New post: Twitter helps airline passengers

9:06am 27 Jun 2011

So I was checking @youtube, the new Sunday comics, and bam! #fail

10:33am 26 Jun 2011

I liked a @YouTube video SOLAR-POWERED BIKINI —- LÜT #14

10:16am 26 Jun 2011

In addition to @zeldman you can read other Webinistas @ricklevine @equalman @skrug #heweb11

5:00pm 25 Jun 2011

@bpanulla yes i know @EmpireAve is tweeting from my account. I tell it to. It builds social capital.

1:38pm 25 Jun 2011

Looking forward to growth at work. We’re hiring a full-time web developer and a student web developer.

11:28am 25 Jun 2011

I’m debating and interviewing the idea of posting XML and XSLT code on I haven’t found a…

10:57am 25 Jun 2011

Nice! The AtHoc voice timed perfectly to the techno song I was listening to. RT @TAMUCodeMaroon: Code Maroon Test

1:50pm 24 Jun 2011

Hey #heweb #highedweb doesn anyone use Google Search Appliance on your Intranet?

10:46am 24 Jun 2011

I just bought 100 shares in @facebook on Empire Avenue at

8:18am 24 Jun 2011

New post: Rain…qt” rel=”nofollow”>

10:20pm 23 Jun 2011

Watched To Big To Fail. All I can say, #duh not #winning

10:06pm 23 Jun 2011

Watching #stlcardinals burn the #phillies 12-1 in 8th Berkman powers HR for 3 rbi

10:01pm 23 Jun 2011

Sounds like @fienen is headed to #hiball11 instead of #heweb11 #drunkenux

7:19pm 23 Jun 2011

@KBTXNews no fireworks in #bcstx this year. That’d be like legal arson.

7:14pm 23 Jun 2011

South east Texas finally received more than a trace of rain. First time since May.

8:38am 22 Jun 2011

@KBTXWeather Thanks for tweet weather. When was our last significant rain? early May? April?

8:06am 22 Jun 2011

It’s on my screen. RT @skrug: Just want to see if this will show up on the big tweet-screen here at #upa2011 (Sort of pathetic, really.)

3:16pm 21 Jun 2011

…all we need now is a Saffir-Simpson or a Richter to screw things up

3:15pm 21 Jun 2011

2011 is turning into the year of fires, floods, and Fujita-scales

3:13pm 21 Jun 2011

@cyndef next year maybe #heweb12 Party like it’s 2012! or It’s the end of the world and we know I.T.!

8:48am 21 Jun 2011

Every breath you take, Every tweet you make, I’ll be watching you.

8:41am 21 Jun 2011

We only have 548 days left. Let’s party like its t-548 days. #summersolstice2011

8:35am 21 Jun 2011

According to the Mayans we only have 548 days to the end fo days. Let’s give it all we got until then, people. #summersolstice2011

8:34am 21 Jun 2011

No All Star for Pu :( RT @FSMidwest Pujols out 4 to 6 weeks: #STLCards #MLB

12:44pm 20 Jun 2011

Facebook gave me email? Great! That’s one more hole in the security fence.

7:59am 20 Jun 2011

Woke up at 2:30AM. It’s time for coffee and another week. At least July 4th is only 14 days away. Keep on #shufflin

5:19am 20 Jun 2011

I invested 6,922e in Gogo (e)GGO by buying 100 shares at #EAvBuy

9:41am 19 Jun 2011 called, they want their investment returned.

9:04am 19 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Personal Community Joined’ Achievement on

4:22pm 18 Jun 2011

Must Be Heaven in Brenham, Texas. Good when it’s 100°F outside.

4:15pm 18 Jun 2011

This echos what @reyjunco finds in #highered – Social Networking Sites and Our Lives – Pew Research Center

9:03am 16 Jun 2011

I’m registration #54 Cascade User Conference 2011 #csuc11 #cascadeserver @hannon_hill Here we come Hotlanta!

2:24pm 15 Jun 2011

The only weiner pics you should send

11:47am 15 Jun 2011

I’ve got the power! Bought this: XSLT at @oreillymedia for #cascadeserver

8:15am 15 Jun 2011

My @Klout score is steady at 27.

8:00am 15 Jun 2011

Still here

8:31am 14 Jun 2011

Are they letting you tweet from #IABC ? How goes it in San Diego?

8:52am 13 Jun 2011

Read my response to “If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be?”:

2:45pm 12 Jun 2011

Read my response to “What’s your favorite drink?”:

2:43pm 12 Jun 2011

Read my response to “If you had to throw away either your TV or your computer, which would you choose?”:

2:43pm 12 Jun 2011

Read my response to “What’s the best thing that has happened to you so far in 2011?”:

2:41pm 12 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Blogger Extraordinaire’ Achievement on

1:54pm 12 Jun 2011

That’s Not a Horse…YwvGd” rel=”nofollow”> Maybe a horse-head moth but funny anyway.

1:00pm 12 Jun 2011

Going to #csuc11 Hit me up if you know good car rental at ATL #cascadeserver

12:14pm 12 Jun 2011

Before 6/13 8pm ET connect your @EmpireAve account to Twitter and participate in the chat using the #MMChat hashtag.

12:08pm 12 Jun 2011

I unlocked Level 6 on Empire Avenue, where I am for sale on the Social Media Exchange!

11:59am 12 Jun 2011

New post: Empire Avenue: Invest In People

11:53am 12 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Expanding Shareholder Base #1 Achievement on

11:39am 12 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Influence Mogul! #1 Achievement on

11:39am 12 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Sell Out’ Achievement on

11:39am 12 Jun 2011


10:25am 11 Jun 2011

Do You Know (What It Takes) – Robyn Quirky, but that was the 90’s.

10:09am 11 Jun 2011

According to @klout, @SharePointLlama is more influential than @teamsiems I am so asshamed

10:13pm 10 Jun 2011

My @Klout score is steady at ??.

10:11pm 10 Jun 2011

I just earned the @Klout OG achievement for hanging with Klout back in the day. Did you earn one?

10:10pm 10 Jun 2011

@hannon_hill speaking of #csuc11 I wanted to ask, is the price for hotel+conf?

3:06pm 9 Jun 2011

Hope she kills La Nina. Texas (SW) is frying @cnnbrk: First hurricane of season, Adrian

8:40pm 8 Jun 2011

@stoverbroscafe I think she needs a Stover Burger #alicebucketlist

8:37pm 8 Jun 2011

New post: World IPv6 Day

10:17am 8 Jun 2011

Happy World IPv6 Day

10:03am 8 Jun 2011

I know I’m late (thank Thor 4 @DIRECTV DVR) but @stlcardinals keep it going against @astros tonight – woohoo

11:35pm 7 Jun 2011

New post: Global Weirding Serves Texas Worst Drought Since Dust Bowl

5:05pm 7 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Join a Community’ Achievement on

8:15am 7 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Interest Community Joined’ Achievement on

8:15am 7 Jun 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Fan-tastic’ Achievement on

7:57am 7 Jun 2011

I just bought 100 shares in (e)LAMYSTIQUE on Empire Avenue

7:52am 7 Jun 2011

Thanks @LaMystique for investing

7:26am 7 Jun 2011

Laura’s belated birthday.

2:39pm 6 Jun 2011

Googling ‘ICM platform’ from @nucloud newsletter via @fienen. Our helpdesk could use one of those.

8:52am 6 Jun 2011

Just found this must have plugin #duh Why And How To Embed Iframe Youtube Videos To WordPress

12:42pm 5 Jun 2011

New post: Fairhope, AL <a href="″ rel=”nofollow”> #07I #5AL #Alabama

12:10pm 5 Jun 2011

New post: Boeing 737 Takeoff #B737

11:54am 5 Jun 2011

Finally got the settings right for widescreen. Boeing 737 Takeoff – Fraps Widescreen Test via @youtube

11:23am 5 Jun 2011

Invest in CHRIS VOSS (@CHRISVOSS) on the world’s only social media exchange, Empire Avenue

10:19am 5 Jun 2011

I just bought 5 shares in @pegfitzpatrick on Empire Avenue at

10:17am 5 Jun 2011

Today is 6+5=11 that is all

7:45am 5 Jun 2011

Check this video out — King Air 350 FSX FRAPS test 06-04-2011 via @youtube

10:45pm 4 Jun 2011

CascadeTest Testing Twitter Connector #ignore

3:12pm 3 Jun 2011

checked-in @ Texas A&M on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.

9:23am 3 Jun 2011