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May 2011

At @stoverbroscafe for my guilty pleasure burger mmmm

12:37pm 31 May 2011

I just bought 5 shares in @raywj on Empire Avenue at

10:24am 31 May 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Recommended! #1 Achievement on

10:21am 31 May 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Listed! #1 Achievement on

10:21am 31 May 2011

* “I don’t know where I went wrong, but parts of my SLC came out like well done steak other parts came out chew…”

10:26pm 29 May 2011

I just bought 5 shares in @google on Empire Avenue at

7:08pm 29 May 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Facebook Posts 4’ Achievement on

7:06pm 29 May 2011

I just unlocked the ‘User Experience #4 (Greenhorn)’ Achievement on

7:06pm 29 May 2011

@tsand great minds think alike. we had watermelon and ribs too.

6:40pm 29 May 2011

New post: St. Louis Spare Ribs

6:38pm 29 May 2011

Check this video out — St. Louis style ribs on Memorial Day 2011 via @youtube

3:42pm 29 May 2011

@tsand Dude dont say that – my ribs are 3 hours in – I can’t loose them now.

3:38pm 29 May 2011

Bryan High School Class of 2011 Graduation (1/5)

5:10pm 28 May 2011

Congrats Meg! <a href="…” rel=”nofollow”>

9:16am 28 May 2011

@nightspry try clicking on your twitter profile link – Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]:

8:17pm 27 May 2011

@nightspry it looks ok now someone must have fixed it

8:15pm 27 May 2011

@nightspry Down at the bottom of your twitter profile page I sent you. 2 php warnings

7:47pm 27 May 2011

@fienen lol This Presidente is for you

6:49pm 27 May 2011

@nightspry <a href="staff.washin…” rel=”nofollow”> (from twitter)

4:49pm 27 May 2011

@nightspry fyi your php warnings are showing on your profile page

4:40pm 27 May 2011

New post: Phish Warning! Police Dept #225

2:37pm 27 May 2011

I got 9 lbs of St. Louis cut spare ribs from Readfields! #memorialdaystlouisstyle Can you say #yumm Using @ribguy recipe

1:45pm 27 May 2011

Summer is still 27 days away

5:34pm 25 May 2011

@stevefullhart @KBTXShel think u have it rough. What about @TVsMichaelOder

12:31pm 25 May 2011

RT @tamuops: Alert: Power Outage – Utilities has confirmed that there is a major power outage on campus #tamu

11:11am 25 May 2011

Don’t panic! May 25th is #towelday honoring Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy @towelday

11:10am 25 May 2011

/cc @TAMUTalk RT @dmolsen: i also updated my “Tracking foursquare Usage on Your Campus” post to reflect the new code:

1:30pm 24 May 2011

Oh snap! #<a href="″ class=”aktt_hashtag”>heweb11 folk The world will (now) end 10.21.11 just before heweb11.

1:09pm 24 May 2011

I’m at Double Dave’s Pizzaworks (1410 Texas Ave S, College Station)

12:17pm 24 May 2011

RT @mStonerblog: Pls help me identify college/univ presidents who do a great job on Facebook. /cc @TAMUtalk

8:21am 24 May 2011

Radio @Candy95 and TV @KBTXNews in Bryan Texas are filling a truck headed to #Joplin Help is on the way.

8:16am 24 May 2011

veintitrés de mayo sounds like a good day for margaritas

5:02pm 23 May 2011

23 de mayo sounds like a good day for margaritas

5:01pm 23 May 2011

@youtube yes i used STIL on purpose – the message is not getting across – it negatively affects STIHL when you use the same ad for 2 weeks

9:28pm 22 May 2011

@youtube how many times per hour do i have to watch STIL saw ads before I go postal and use one! forced ads suck! welcome to broadcast TV!

9:25pm 22 May 2011

New post: It’s 5-22-11, the world didn’t end

10:54am 22 May 2011

@tsand glad to see you’re cooking bacon & tweeting on apocalypse t+1

10:29am 22 May 2011

I’m at Best Buy (805 Texas Avenue South, College Station)

7:43pm 20 May 2011

I’m at MSC Forsyth Center Galleries (110 North Main Street, Bryan)

7:03pm 20 May 2011

I’m at Murphy’s Law (Bryan)

6:06pm 20 May 2011

Hotel booked #heweb2011 Now we let it age 5 months and it should be nice and ripe

5:32pm 20 May 2011

Support HighEdWeb 2011 #heweb11 add a #twibbon now! – – Create one here –

4:15pm 20 May 2011

New post: Sorry for the late news, but the world ends tomorrow

9:01am 20 May 2011

So if the apocalypse happens and no one is there to witness, does it actually happen? Tweet me tomorrow and let me know.

9:01am 20 May 2011

We have 12 sites live as of 5/11 RT @hannon_hill: We’re excited to have Texas A&M ramping up the use of Cascade!

3:47pm 18 May 2011

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a WYSIWYG editor

3:43pm 18 May 2011

Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles” via @youtube

2:55pm 18 May 2011

I’m at Good Times Charley’s Grille & Pub (Downtown Bryan, Bryan)

12:21pm 18 May 2011

New post: Extra $1.2B found for Texas budget

8:57am 18 May 2011

I just ousted Alisha H. as the mayor of Bryan Collegiate High School on @foursquare!

7:55am 18 May 2011

@BurgerBoy1979 I had defend my @foursquare mayorship

1:00pm 17 May 2011

@BurgerBoy1979 dude I was there yesterday w/o phone. The gyro was sloppy but good.

12:46pm 17 May 2011

@SharePointLlama do u need us to raise the debt ceiling so u can meet your goals

12:42pm 17 May 2011

I’m at McDonalds (700 S Texas Ave, Bryan)

12:25pm 17 May 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Truly Linked In!’ Achievement on

9:00pm 15 May 2011

New post: Al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden dead

8:32pm 15 May 2011

New post: University Website Research

8:30pm 15 May 2011

I can haz tbone? <a href="…fxZ” rel=”nofollow”>

6:45pm 15 May 2011

Prepping the barbie for t-bonzz. New grill tops and heat defusers.

5:07pm 15 May 2011

I’m at Lowe’s Home Improvement (3225 Freedom Blvd, Bryan)

12:47pm 15 May 2011

New post: University of Florida

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: University of Central Florida

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: Michigan State University

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: Arizona State University

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: Ohio State <a href="bi…y/l46Hok” rel=”nofollow”>

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: Penn State <a href="bi…y/lguqu9″ rel=”nofollow”>

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: University of Texas

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: State University of New York

9:33am 15 May 2011

New post: The search begins

9:33am 15 May 2011

I just ousted Sarah P. as the mayor of Rattlers on @foursquare!

7:12pm 14 May 2011

I’m at T. JIN China Diner II (2305 Boonville Rd, Bryan)

6:33pm 14 May 2011

Interactive! @AplusK challenges filmmakers and social media to break the bounds of storytelling @YouTube. #ideajam

11:19am 14 May 2011

That’s a fav. RT: @bikecycle Coup de Tate! #TeamTate

11:14am 14 May 2011

11:05am 14 May 2011

#TeamTate duh #winning – story at noon ET – social media to the rescue

10:45am 14 May 2011

@AdorableMe_Toya <a href="www.fa…″ rel=”nofollow”> #TeamTate

10:33am 14 May 2011

Let’s trend this people #TeamTate Let Tate Go To Prom

9:05am 14 May 2011

Lawmakers Press Ahead With Bill to Allow Connecticut Teen to Attend Prom – via @foxnews

8:59am 14 May 2011

Let Tate Go To Prom <a href="t.c…8rSoDf” rel=”nofollow”>

8:59am 14 May 2011

@arizonacandi I just emailed their web manager about I got there from a Google search for ‘n797yx’ (2/2)

11:33pm 13 May 2011

@arizonacandi I know this is out of the blue, but I remembered you used to work at HUD. (1/2)

11:31pm 13 May 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Twitter Mentions 1’ Achievement on

8:31pm 13 May 2011

I’m at Barnhill’s (1701 S Texas Ave, Bryan)

7:00pm 13 May 2011

At TR saying bye to @nocover. Going to Chi-town.

4:43pm 12 May 2011

What’s that stuff? Oh yeah RAIN! #bcstx

8:03pm 11 May 2011

I’m at Blue Baker (201 Dominik Drive, College Station)

12:07pm 11 May 2011

Ode to Joy of Cascade pushing 11 sites to production! Not one of them published without fault. I blame @SharePointLlama

3:40pm 10 May 2011

I’m at Wings N More (1561 W. Villa Maria, Bryan)

1:03pm 10 May 2011

OMG at 2:13 I think “remember you are seducing a potentially interested but possibly reluctant butthole” says it all!

9:53pm 9 May 2011

makes everything easy to catch fire RT @stevefullhart: 98 degrees…really?!

5:00pm 9 May 2011

I’m at Sonic Drive-In (914 S Texas Ave, Bryan)

12:32pm 9 May 2011

Good one RT @bpanulla Ten years I been asking permission to publish Web pages. I can’t squeeze a drop of HTML without say-so. – Red

10:57am 9 May 2011

I uploaded a @YouTube video Happy Mother’s Day

6:52pm 8 May 2011

I’m at Wings N’ More (2612 Hwy 21 E, HWY 6, Bryan)

6:22pm 8 May 2011

I’m at U.S. Post Office – Bryan West (210 W. Wm J. Bryan Pkwy, Bryan)

5:50pm 8 May 2011

@DockersKhakis does Dockers sell an “infinite length” Never-Iron pleated Khaki? I can’t find the right size combo on or others.

12:23pm 8 May 2011

I’m at Rattlers <a href="…ugYK” rel=”nofollow”>

9:13pm 7 May 2011

I’m at Ken Martin’s Safari Grille (3231 E 29th St, Bryan)

6:30pm 7 May 2011

Went to see a few homes in Parade of Homes today. Best one was Golden Homes, Inc. Indian Lakes 17192 Pawnee Crossing

5:49pm 7 May 2011

OH: Cascade fries your fish #zing (you had to be there)

11:40pm 6 May 2011