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April 2011

Vincent and Meghan going to prom April 30, 2011.

9:10pm 30 Apr 2011

For BCHS prom (@ Best Western)

8:06pm 30 Apr 2011

I’m at Walgreens (2350 Boonville Rd, Austins Colony Pkwy, Bryan)

8:06pm 30 Apr 2011

I’m at Must Be Heaven (1136 E Villa Maria, Briarcrest, Bryan)

1:56pm 30 Apr 2011

I’m at Nolen’s <a href="…nJ0″ rel=”nofollow”>

12:49pm 30 Apr 2011

I’m at Dickey’s BBQ <a href="4sq…m/jtcyCu” rel=”nofollow”>

7:30pm 29 Apr 2011

I’m at Hobby Lobby (1903 Texas Ave S, Holleman, College Station)

6:27pm 29 Apr 2011

I’m at Lenny’s Sub Shop (3700 S Texas Ave Suite 550, Bryan)

12:29pm 29 Apr 2011

New post: Prince William and Princess Kate marry and kiss…twice

9:15am 29 Apr 2011

One #RoyalWedding down, one (last) shuttle launch to go 3:47 EDT #NASATweetup

8:45am 29 Apr 2011

Blink and you would have missed the Kiss after the #RoyalWedding

8:12am 29 Apr 2011

No fear! top 7th 10-5 ¢ards #stlcards at #astros

9:19pm 28 Apr 2011

Not so fast ?-4 Cards bot 6th #stlcardinals at #astros on @FSHouston krep it coming!

8:59pm 28 Apr 2011

Ok I was ready to leave. Thanks Berkman 5-4 Cards bot 6th #stlcards at #astros on @fshouston

8:40pm 28 Apr 2011

Craptastic 0-3 Lastros in bot 3rd wtf #stlcards at #astros on @fox_sports_mw

7:46pm 28 Apr 2011

I’m at PetSmart (1505 University Dr East, College Station)

5:32pm 28 Apr 2011

I’m at Krogers Gas Station (Texas Ave, Southwest Parkway, College Station)

12:29pm 28 Apr 2011

I’m at Kroger Gas Station

12:28pm 28 Apr 2011

I’m at Mcdonald’s (Texas & Southwest Pkwy)

12:27pm 28 Apr 2011

We’re on track to watch LIVE #stlcards at #astros in September (gotta be 0.500+) via @teamsiems

10:35pm 27 Apr 2011

@1800flowers I followed you. Twitter says I cant DM if you don’t follow me.

10:28pm 27 Apr 2011

Booya 6-5 final! #stlcards at #astros on @fshouston via @teamsiems

10:24pm 27 Apr 2011

Berkman? This was your home, you know this field. #stlcards at #astros #omg

10:19pm 27 Apr 2011

Now you can worry! #stlcards at #astros on @fshouston Rookie pitcher burn. #notgood 4 unanswered in 1 inning.

10:13pm 27 Apr 2011

5 DP on #stlcards at #astros going bot 9th on @fshouston record is 7 DP

10:03pm 27 Apr 2011

@1800flowers i submitted an order via android mobile app. I didn’t get email for 1 hr.+ and I don’t have account to check, now what?

10:01pm 27 Apr 2011

No fear #stlcards at #astros on @fshouston La Russa has been here before. #havefaith

9:54pm 27 Apr 2011

7:47pm 27 Apr 2011

I’m at Feed Barn (Bryan)

12:27pm 27 Apr 2011

I’m at Souper Salad (1727 Texas Ave S, Harvey Rd, College Station)

12:12pm 26 Apr 2011

Four Horsemen by The Clash // Songs // Rock Band®

4:55pm 25 Apr 2011

Bursts, Shear, Go Arounds At Kdfw RT @AmericanAir: #ALERT Stormy #weather in #DFW Check flight

1:39pm 25 Apr 2011

Like every bubble RT @Pres_Bartlet: …then we pay $5 a gallon for gas because we have refused to give ourselves any other options.

1:29pm 25 Apr 2011

rain rain come this way, don’t wait another day /cc @KBTXShel

1:18pm 25 Apr 2011

I like @chilis in Tyler TX. They use @foursquare right – free chips and salsa for check-in

1:11pm 25 Apr 2011

but a smart llama is horse of dif color RT @SharePointLlama: RT @sjungling: @SharePointLlama everyone. /Just FYI, no one likes a smart ass.

1:07pm 25 Apr 2011

How about mayor gets e-coupon. I don’t want spam. RT @ArbysFoursquare: Want a #free Roast Beef Sandwich? Join @Arbys Extras today

12:46pm 25 Apr 2011

Pastel Monday RT @modernishfather: It’s the most wonderful day of the year – Cadbury Creme Egg clearance sale day.

12:34pm 25 Apr 2011

I’m at Arby’s (1800 Southwest Pkwy, College Station)

12:12pm 25 Apr 2011

This could get interesting “Nook Color gets [Android 2.2] Froyo update and app store”

10:43am 25 Apr 2011

Yadier is #winning 3-0 final #reds at #stlcards on @espn via @teamsiems

10:05pm 24 Apr 2011

whoop Yadier 3-0 rbi bot 6th #reds at #stlcards on @espn via @teamsiems

9:14pm 24 Apr 2011

Scoreless 5th inning #goodgame #reds at #stlcards on @espn via @teamsiems

8:43pm 24 Apr 2011

8:10pm 24 Apr 2011

Rib Masters Whitehouse Texas…ribs, sauced-thumb up…service, thumb down

6:40pm 24 Apr 2011

I’m at Dairy Queen (Centerville)

2:49pm 24 Apr 2011

I’m at Chili’s Grill & Bar (531 W SW Loop 323, Tyler)

8:44pm 23 Apr 2011

I’m at Residence Inn in Tyler, TX

3:50pm 23 Apr 2011

I’m at Caldwell Zoo (2203 W Martin Luther King Jr, Tyler)

11:01am 23 Apr 2011

I’m at McDonald’s (2034 E SE Loop 323, Tyler)

11:06pm 22 Apr 2011

I’m at Fire Mountain in Tyler, TX

9:15pm 22 Apr 2011

I’m at Fish City Grill in Tyler, TX

7:35pm 22 Apr 2011

I’m at Residence Inn Tyler (3303 Troup Hwy, Tyler)

3:55pm 22 Apr 2011

I’m at Brookshire’s (rice road, Tyler)

3:32pm 22 Apr 2011

I’m at Jucys in Tyler, TX

2:15pm 22 Apr 2011

Here’s a pic I took @ Lookout Mountain

1:10pm 22 Apr 2011

I’m at Sam’s Club in College Station, TX

5:09pm 21 Apr 2011

I’m at Ozona Bar & Grill (520 Harvey Rd, College Station)

4:16pm 21 Apr 2011

well one good thing, @Gowalla is not on the same cloud as @foursquare

1:34pm 21 Apr 2011

I’m at Wings ‘N More in Bryan, TX

12:53pm 21 Apr 2011

We’re going to Tyler Texas and there aint nothing you (or my cardiologist) can do about it! Muhahaha (BBQ joints plotted, check)

8:06pm 20 Apr 2011

the April forum is about to begin Watch via TTVN Ch. 20 /cc @TAMU_IT

2:59pm 20 Apr 2011

I’m at John J. Koldus Building (Texas A&M University, Joe routt boulrvard, College Station) w/ 2 others

2:53pm 20 Apr 2011

I’m at Rudder Tower (Texas A&M University, College Station)

2:52pm 20 Apr 2011

do you trust intranet users with web text forms?

1:30pm 20 Apr 2011

.@NakedFishBCS @TAMU_IT @maroonweekly Keep rollin’ #whatgoodis

12:46pm 20 Apr 2011

I’m at Naked Fish Sushi (1808 Texas Ave, College Station)

12:19pm 20 Apr 2011

Where’s Waldo? #happy420

10:01am 20 Apr 2011

#TAMU Help Desk Repair rescued the files off this blazed laptop & saved the day! @TAMU_IT

9:01am 20 Apr 2011

BaconDouble @Whataburger @farktal: Ship me some? (re: Whataburger man, I miss them.) /cc @tsand

12:47pm 19 Apr 2011

I’m at Whataburger (3109 S Texas Ave, btw E Villa Maria Rd and Meadow Ln, Bryan)

12:37pm 19 Apr 2011

I just ousted Melissa M. as the mayor of C&J Barbeque on @foursquare!

12:23pm 19 Apr 2011

I’m at C&J Barbeque (1010 S. Texas Ave., Bryan)

12:04pm 18 Apr 2011

I’m at Taco Bell <a href="…CPzMW” rel=”nofollow”>

12:04pm 18 Apr 2011

@modernishfather i hear that. i’ve been chipping away at one for a week.

9:30am 18 Apr 2011

@modernishfather website in maintenance mode?

9:28am 18 Apr 2011

can someone put #heweb11 on @edutweetups?

9:15am 18 Apr 2011

@zazzle hope u r working on the website cause I can’t sign in – “error”

9:09am 18 Apr 2011

agree in principle;implementing is hard RT @markgr: A must read => Web navigation must face forwards, not backwards

8:27am 18 Apr 2011

New post: Rubix Cube Solution

6:56pm 16 Apr 2011

1:30pm 16 Apr 2011

Check out the Foursixteen pin I just got with @gowalla

8:16am 16 Apr 2011

I just unlocked the “#4sqDay 2011” badge on @foursquare!

8:15am 16 Apr 2011

I’m at Kroger in Bryan, TX

8:15am 16 Apr 2011

New post: Foursquare Day 4/16/2011

8:06am 16 Apr 2011

“Be an eHugger!” happening 4/11 – 4/22 via @youtube @TAMU_IT

4:58pm 15 Apr 2011

Just got the email. “Support for Flock browsers will be discontinued as of April 26th, 2011.”

4:23pm 15 Apr 2011

Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) is for sale on the world’s only social media exchange, Empire Avenue via @empireave

3:17pm 15 Apr 2011

Shared via (e)TEAMSIEMS : Hi Todd Sanders, I just bought 10 shares in you. (e)TEAMSIEMS /cc @tsand

3:16pm 15 Apr 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Twitter Followers 3’ Achievement on

3:08pm 15 Apr 2011

Isn’t it ‘line up and wait’ #justsaying RT @AmericanAir: LOVE IT! RT @wolfman7e7: @americanair Position & Hold Rwy 09

1:05pm 15 Apr 2011

Is it possible for a radio station to get Rickrolled? #candy95 just did

12:25pm 15 Apr 2011

#4sqday (@ Burger King)

12:23pm 15 Apr 2011

I’m at Rattlers #8 (2411 E 29th St, Bryan)

12:22pm 15 Apr 2011

I’m at Downtown Bryan (213 S.Main Street, Bryan)

12:17pm 15 Apr 2011

is #4sqday only local time or should we celebrate globally like the Internet.

12:02pm 15 Apr 2011

correction: 4/16 started in Christmas Islands about 7 hours ago. RT @MalloryWood: @teamsiems @foursquare day is tomorrow :)

11:59am 15 Apr 2011

4/16 started in Christmas Islands about 5 hours ago. RT @MalloryWood: @teamsiems @foursquare day is tomorrow :)

11:58am 15 Apr 2011

I just bought 1 shares in @mashable on Empire Avenue at

11:55am 15 Apr 2011

I just unlocked the ‘Flickr of Promise’ Achievement on

11:41am 15 Apr 2011