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March 2011

Egyptian-American, Aggie, faces spying claim in Syria. #tamu

12:52pm 31 Mar 2011

Having cubical by the lunch room has it pros and cons. Today, holy broccoli Batman! Going to be sick..must..escape….

11:59am 31 Mar 2011

I'm at Teague Complex (Texas A&M University, College Station)

9:46am 31 Mar 2011

Happy birthday Robert Bunsen! You look smoking for 200!

8:55am 31 Mar 2011

#NATO reins in Operation Unified Protector (OUP) – better if initials were OPP, like the rap song, but Operation Petroleum Protection

8:47am 31 Mar 2011

Why do I hear “We Didn't Start the Fire” when I see #NATO commands Operation Unified Protector (OUP) /cc @cnnbrk

8:44am 31 Mar 2011

RT @TAMU_IT: RT @NationalCCDC: @TAMU_IT Congrats! We are looking fwd to seeing you at #NCCDC! #tamu

6:42am 31 Mar 2011

I just ousted @kcessna as the mayor of Feed Barn on @foursquare!

12:04pm 30 Mar 2011

me likey, slide in captions

8:42am 30 Mar 2011

Texas A&M recognized by Education Advisory Board as engaging with @foursquare /cc @DianeCMcDonald

8:36am 30 Mar 2011

Last tweet, blame it on the rain…'I love it when….

10:01pm 29 Mar 2011

I live it when a cheese comes together. I sliced a chunk of Jack that exactly covered my @ritz

9:59pm 29 Mar 2011

Toolbox theme CSS issues with everyone but Chrome on my website, oy I need rsss real simple style sheet

12:58pm 29 Mar 2011

I say that about tweets RT @ev: “It must have gotten lost in the ether.”

12:49pm 29 Mar 2011

I just ousted Rachel W. as the mayor of Arby's on @foursquare!

12:35pm 29 Mar 2011

I'm at Arby's (1800 Southwest Pkwy, College Station)

12:35pm 29 Mar 2011

I'm at Fatburger (1801 Texas Avenue, Wayside Drive, Bryan)

12:35pm 28 Mar 2011

Firefox 4, Opera Mini present new challenges to mobile developers. Trying to separate mobile user agent from 1920×1200 desktops is not fun.

7:23pm 27 Mar 2011

So Firefox 4 worked great until Sync unexpectedly quit. Now what? Entering a12 character code every time is not an option. #fail

7:18pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @MelissaEzarik: Interesting. Other campus admin's out there using it? RT @SMEbranding 30+ Ways:Use Foursquare in Education http://bit …

7:14pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @web20classroom: Great Comparison Chart Of When To Use Blogs, Wikis, or Google Docs:

7:14pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @alanariley: @teamsiems The Hilton, hosting a web conference, doesn't have wireless in the rooms? Holy stone age. #heweb10

7:14pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @MSUWEB: New post: One Map to Rule Them All – HighEdWeb 2010

7:14pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @patrickjpowers: What I learned from the #heweb10 backchannel, without attending #heweb10

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @billyadams: New Post – heweb10 – Thoughts: #heweb10

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @jeffswain: new blog post: a critique of institutional use of social media #heweb10 #edusocimedia #fb

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @fienen: Video and slides from my #heweb10 presentation are finally up and available. Sorry for the delay!

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @lougan: Watch- yout…e/g4OZluA4GcQRT @MalloryWood RT @crevier: has anyone seen the video we did for an #heweb10 attendee's s …

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @KarlynM: i look as tired as i felt haha RT @sethodell: 11 higher ed all stars share their big takeaways from #heweb10 …

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @fienen: Read dotedu…, The Manifesto and Groundswell. #simtech10

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @nickdenardis: Web Devs: Elephant in the room – Lack of end to end HTTPS for websites (scary stuff!) #extension #w …

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @radiofreegeorgy: @tsand So #MBTeamS could not find their fancypants toilet / For the Benz's sake, let's hope nothing, er, spoils it. …

7:13pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @Robin2go: @shelleyKeith @Frommelt @tsand I can lick that. NO WAIT. Bite me. I MEAN, is it cold in here or are you just happy to see …

7:12pm 27 Mar 2011

RT @MBUSA: The final results of the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race are in! The winning team is…#MBteamS #mbtweetrace

7:12pm 27 Mar 2011

I just became the mayor of Walgreens on @foursquare!

6:27pm 27 Mar 2011

I'm at Walgreens (3312 E 29th St, Bryan)

6:25pm 27 Mar 2011

I'm at Shipley Donuts (3200-3242 Briarcrest Dr, wildflower, Bryan)

5:35pm 27 Mar 2011

Hey, Gators got a mention from CNN though!/cnnbrk/status/51784590037233665

6:23pm 26 Mar 2011

.@nocover Gators got out played; maybe 'cause I was only half watching. Good game though.

6:22pm 26 Mar 2011

Watching Gators v. Butler on CBS (sounding like a broken record)

4:41pm 26 Mar 2011

I'm at Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (Lake St., Bryan)

3:26pm 26 Mar 2011

Let the adventure begin #cajun (@ College Station Seafood)

7:01pm 25 Mar 2011

@tsand you know they have an app for that

6:11pm 25 Mar 2011

OMG it's Friday! How'd that happen. So much to do and no week left to do it in.

6:53am 25 Mar 2011

@StoverBoyCMac good different. Lasagna stands by itself; corn & potato salad sides bizarre

9:12pm 24 Mar 2011

@StoverBoyCMac chicken lasagna today was different! Keep #winning

9:07pm 24 Mar 2011

@stoverbroscafe I think u need more hashtags in that last tweet #holytagsbatman

9:01pm 24 Mar 2011

Bring it @tsand! Here's to #Gators v. #Badgers.

8:55pm 24 Mar 2011

Can you say Elite 8 for Gators v. BYU on TBS HD

8:45pm 24 Mar 2011

It was Magic! @MagicJohnson I've been riding the Jimmer express so I'm taking BYU over Florida tonight. #MenCare

8:44pm 24 Mar 2011

This is March Madness! Gators v. BYU at 68 in OT Go Gators!

8:34pm 24 Mar 2011

I smell high score 12-8 only 5min in @Gators v. BYU on @TBS HD

6:33pm 24 Mar 2011

Watching Sweet 16 @Gators v. BYU on @TBS HD

6:27pm 24 Mar 2011

For @stoverbros chicken lasagna (@ Village Foods)

12:24pm 24 Mar 2011

@cyndef @onepinktee @TwBirthday that's cool

8:31am 24 Mar 2011

Late-ish last night we joined the @AtkinsonToyota family by leasing a 2011 Camry

8:13am 24 Mar 2011

I'm at Atkinson Toyota (728 N. Earl Rudder Freeway, Between Briarcrest & William J. Bryan, Bryan)

8:31pm 23 Mar 2011

RT @TAMUtalk: World-famous physicist Stephen Hawking to deliver public lecture at Texas A&M on April 3. #TAMU #science

3:57pm 23 Mar 2011

when I think @pandora_radio I think #pandastyle #justsaying

1:55pm 23 Mar 2011

I'm at Jimmy John's (200 University Drive East, btw Texas Ave & Eisenhower St, College Station)

12:25pm 23 Mar 2011

happy belated 5th birthday @twitter and @jack – looks like Twitter is here to stay – see what happens when “inviting coworkers”

8:57am 23 Mar 2011

RT @cnnbrk: Actress #ElizabethTaylor has died, her publicist tells CNN. She was 79.

8:16am 23 Mar 2011

hey @chrissiems does this tweet go to tweetdeck

4:26pm 22 Mar 2011

my tweets on not showing up on tweetdeck?

4:24pm 22 Mar 2011

Candid answer @sroucheray nuclear fuel is even hotter than its waste – flashes coolant to steam if not pressurized #japan #nuclear

4:20pm 22 Mar 2011

I'm at Tom Light Chevrolet (Hwy 6, Bryan)

12:20pm 22 Mar 2011

RT @firefox: Mozilla Launches Firefox 4: Fast, Sleek and Customizable

9:50am 22 Mar 2011

I'm at Red Lobster

12:35pm 21 Mar 2011

@Oracle when the search don't work I'm not going to buy support for what was free.

9:51am 20 Mar 2011

I wish @Oracle would fix the MySQL documentation search. They're trying to turn a profit on OpenSource, but still…

9:50am 20 Mar 2011

RT @TAMUtalk: RT @AggieMensHoops: Khris Middleton hits a 3 as time expires in 1st half. Aggies lead Seminoles 26-23 at half. #gigem #tamu

4:32pm 18 Mar 2011

RT @TAMUtalk: No. 20 Texas A&M opens NCAA Men's Tournament action at approx. 3pm. BTHO Florida State! #TAMU #gigem

11:17am 18 Mar 2011 – It was a wee meal for the wee people.

11:16am 18 Mar 2011

New post: More time off the clock

8:30am 18 Mar 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

7:21pm 17 Mar 2011

@tsand I got it and #TBSHD 247 Go Gators!

7:18pm 17 Mar 2011

Wifey @tarinytx made St. Patrick's Day dinner: soda bread, corned beef, potatos, cabbage mmmm

7:13pm 17 Mar 2011

This is why I got @DIRECTV Watching @gators on #TBSHD 247

7:06pm 17 Mar 2011

You're Evil! Now I have 4 battling balls on my screen RT @fienen: I just ruined your productivity. #Katamari Hack

3:20pm 17 Mar 2011

New post: A 7.0 earthquake hits Haiti

2:16pm 17 Mar 2011

New post: Japan Crisis Continues

1:56pm 17 Mar 2011

@DIRECTV Thanks for this Yesterday, it was frustrating trying to plan what to record

10:50am 17 Mar 2011

RT @DIRECTV: Today's NCAA Tournament games can be seen on CBS, TBS, TNT & truTV. More info on where to find games here:

10:44am 17 Mar 2011

Chrome 11, Opera 11, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Firefox 4. Oy, my aching IDE.

9:51am 17 Mar 2011

@josegrande dr. didn't think it was gout – it's better this morning

7:56am 17 Mar 2011

friends through thick and thin via @ICHCheezburger

1:31pm 16 Mar 2011

mystery trauma to my wrist – no idea how it happened, not a sprain, nothing broken, just tendons hurt and its swollen

11:18am 16 Mar 2011

@cyndef u r racking up the freq fly miles coming here to Texas 3x this year

8:21am 16 Mar 2011

Who's attending eduWeb in San Antonio August 1, 2011? Better, worse, same as #heweb11 ?

8:09am 16 Mar 2011

I'm at Arbys in College Station, TX

12:56pm 15 Mar 2011

RT @pandora_radio: I'm in the live music capital of the world for #sxsw. Any of your stations based on Austin musicians? …

10:07am 15 Mar 2011

Check out the Playground pin I just got with @gowalla

8:10am 15 Mar 2011

Check out the Put a Bird On It pin I just got with @gowalla

8:10am 15 Mar 2011

Japan nuclear disaster risk seen receding fast | Reuters via @reuters

2:15pm 14 Mar 2011

RT @twitter: New blog post: #numbers

2:06pm 14 Mar 2011

New post: Twitter by the #numbers

2:06pm 14 Mar 2011

The Matrix has you

9:50am 14 Mar 2011

RT @KarlynM: what are yours? (2/3)

8:38am 14 Mar 2011

RT @KarlynM: what are yours? Dramatic Chipmunk (1/3)

8:37am 14 Mar 2011

RT @brucel: #swsw Got any #html5, css 3, web standards, mobile-friendly Qs? Want to see new Opera Dragonfly? Find me under big red O, nr …

8:28am 14 Mar 2011