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February 2011

I'm at Ashley Furniture

5:32pm 27 Feb 2011

I'm at Furniture Row (281 n earl rudder, College Station)

5:17pm 27 Feb 2011

@littlecaesars how can i find when my LC is open without calling them

10:39pm 26 Feb 2011

I'm at Cotton Patch Cafe (940 N Earl Rudder Fwy, Boonville Rd, Bryan) w/ 2 others

7:13pm 26 Feb 2011

Just gave my tax refund to @bestbuy

6:26pm 26 Feb 2011

did i mention i love the @pandora_radio Windows 7 gadget

4:02pm 25 Feb 2011

meetings done…waiting for second wind to lift my sails – doldrums – @pandora_radio take me away

4:00pm 25 Feb 2011

I'm at Raising Canes Chicken Fingers (1045 Texas Ave S, College Station)

1:14pm 25 Feb 2011

meetings from 9 to 2 – let's do this TGIF

9:11am 25 Feb 2011

With #sxswi coming a must #ff @renetto, @scobleizer, @jeff, @longsview, @davemcclure Stalk them! They know more than you.

9:00am 25 Feb 2011

I'm at Sam Rayburn Middle School

8:40am 25 Feb 2011

RT @KBTXNews: Shuttle Discovery has lifted off for the final time on a mission to the International Space Station.

5:01pm 24 Feb 2011

With an iPhone and Twitter you are a press type too. RT @modernishfather: Press types, setting up shop

11:21am 24 Feb 2011

They light the fuse at 4:50 ET #STS133 #Discovery RT @modernishfather: It's launch day!

10:57am 24 Feb 2011

RT @stoverbroscafe: Good morning! We're having our mesquite smoked chicken lasagna, with a garlic parmasaen cream sauce and regular las …

10:45am 24 Feb 2011

Hello G. ? at General Services Complex

9:11am 24 Feb 2011

Of course I'm adding things so why not retweet – love you @tarinytx “Happy 6th Blogoversary”

11:37pm 23 Feb 2011

He might be slower than #MBteamS, but Mike is on a mission from God. #bike4god

9:09pm 23 Feb 2011

BIKE 4 GOD…prey for you Kevin and I prey social media helps you testify. #bike4god

9:05pm 23 Feb 2011

Prey 4 Kevin Woolley on his BIKE 4 GOD I prey for you Kevin and I prey social media helps you testify.

9:02pm 23 Feb 2011

imma go thar: What do OG think of youngies like Soulja Boy and Bow Wow? They ok and all, but represent like shorties. Gimme Dr.Dre, IceCube

8:00pm 23 Feb 2011

“I Duddits!” I own u now cascade

6:41pm 23 Feb 2011

Oh good #educause11 bit…/fkMQYm is before #heweb11 @robin2go shouldn't be robin2gone this year

3:31pm 23 Feb 2011

NOW we try Toolbox 1.1 @iandstewart RT @OMG finally WordPress 3.1!

12:13pm 23 Feb 2011

OMG finally! RT @markbao: Welcome, WordPress 3.1!

12:09pm 23 Feb 2011

Hey @jasonsdeli PLEASE keep selling pastrami. Blue Baker stopped selling it.

9:53am 23 Feb 2011

Blue Baker dropped Cobalt from the menu? Sacrebleu! That and free wifi was reasons I went there. C'est la vie! #bcstx

9:45am 23 Feb 2011

So when does the world revolt against piracy at sea or Somali pirates. We've let them exist far too long.

9:30am 23 Feb 2011

…See, it came from Cali!

9:15am 23 Feb 2011

It's not our fault! It came from Cali! “storm forecast to form over Texas could initiate severe weather”

9:10am 23 Feb 2011

I'm sure #mbteams can do better @sethodell: I'm at the Pizza Hut. I'm at the Taco Bell. I'm at the combination …

11:41pm 22 Feb 2011

From a armchair pundit about 1200 miles south: This is not how gov works. You voted them in. Let them do their job.

10:59pm 22 Feb 2011

My Quora profile: @teamsiems

10:49pm 22 Feb 2011

is there trending info on @pandora_radio stations/songs?

4:17pm 22 Feb 2011

@jackbox bacon double cheeseburger all gone #sadpanda

1:31pm 22 Feb 2011

Beware, Google can expend you CPU limit on SG RT @SiteGround: prevent your web site from being indexed by Google?

11:46am 22 Feb 2011

Simply awesome! HTML5 spec for web developers @benschwarz

11:39am 22 Feb 2011

Roku Rawks #Roku1Mfans

8:09pm 21 Feb 2011

I'm at 2818 Subway

1:28pm 21 Feb 2011


3:07am 20 Feb 2011

A Win-Win: #MBteamS and Green Bay Packers [UPDATE] via @teamsiems

2:38am 20 Feb 2011

I'm at the palace (Sweet Gum, Chinaberry, Bryan)

9:02pm 19 Feb 2011

Gas up late at night (@ Kroger Fuel)

9:01pm 19 Feb 2011

Beware solar flares (@ Kroger Co Store 383)

9:00pm 19 Feb 2011

I'm at Farm Patch (3519 South College Avenue, at Old College, Bryan)

3:05pm 19 Feb 2011

Noms ftw (@ Sbisa Dining Hall) [pic]:

1:15pm 19 Feb 2011

I'm at Zachry Engineering Building (Texas A&M University, University & Spence, College Station)

1:12pm 19 Feb 2011

I'm at Glasscock Building (Texas A&M University, Spence, College Station)

12:42pm 19 Feb 2011

I'm at Evans Library (Texas A&M University, College Station)

12:30pm 19 Feb 2011

@lanejoplin…gqny – Kroger syrup FTW @krogerdeals

10:08am 19 Feb 2011

Oh, OK, so this is an opportunity for me to learn SVN to get 1.0 #justsaying #nowarning RT @iandstewart: It requires WordPress 3.1

10:02am 19 Feb 2011

There's merlot in the glass, promise #wineday Goodnight y'all

12:56am 19 Feb 2011

#Heweb jello shots beat swamp snatch any day @shelleyKeith @robin2go There will be an official #heweb11 shot and of course more #tattooparty

12:51am 19 Feb 2011

@ilikephysics pretty much. It's a @foursquare major battle, or as my wife says a pissing contest.

9:11pm 18 Feb 2011

@iandstewart where is support info for Toolbox 1.1? Got get_post_format() undefined function error line 24.

9:09pm 18 Feb 2011

I'm at Great Wall (409 Jane St, College Station)

6:56pm 18 Feb 2011

I'm up for #NASAtweetRace Fuel shuttle w/ tweets! @NASA #FRR a poll was taken… and all participants are ?go? to proceed toward launch.

4:45pm 18 Feb 2011

Twitter suspends UberTwitter and Twidroyd for 'violating' its policies via @engadget

4:38pm 18 Feb 2011

Who knew it is #WineDay! For all you do this Cab's for you. @cyndef

4:36pm 18 Feb 2011

@tsand That's God's answer to protesting budget cuts #wiwx

4:15pm 18 Feb 2011

@cyndef my cube-mate @nocover is going – we split #sxsw and #heweb #budget

4:12pm 18 Feb 2011

@cyndef but don't bring only skirts – wait 5 minutes and TX weather can change #sxsw

4:11pm 18 Feb 2011

@cyndef March might be a little warm, like 80's #sxsw

4:09pm 18 Feb 2011

@tsand Go Spam Go (and use hash #MBteamS)

4:07pm 18 Feb 2011

It's 80 in Central Texas #noproblemsman #coolrunnings

4:05pm 18 Feb 2011

@Robin2go Did Phil call it or what #earlyspring #notsofast

4:03pm 18 Feb 2011

@RayWJ they'll show up in a Tokyo vending machine. you put =3 on them didn't you.

3:38pm 18 Feb 2011

I'm at Village Cafe (210 W. 26th St., Bryan)

1:53pm 18 Feb 2011

Parent night (@ Bryan Collegiate High School)

7:00pm 17 Feb 2011

Good stuff. Love the webcast with video & slides. We need that here at Texas A&M. #flsm @reyjunco Thanks for link @markgr

4:48pm 17 Feb 2011

RT @kuratowa: An engaged student is a happy student and more likely to reach positive academic outcomes. #flsm

3:42pm 17 Feb 2011

Go Gators #flsm@teamsiems was class of '95

3:38pm 17 Feb 2011

cool beans! watching @reyjunco #flsm

3:37pm 17 Feb 2011

@KBTXNews There is a large fire near College Main or College Ave. large smoke visible from GSC on campus #bcstx

3:18pm 17 Feb 2011

Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA – Yahoo! News

1:14pm 17 Feb 2011

WATSON pnwd! RT @epsteada: @Robin2go In case you haven't seen it yet: (Brilliams!)

12:39pm 17 Feb 2011

@fienen I Can Haz Huh – rejected title

12:36pm 17 Feb 2011

Disagree: SMS RT @markgr: Agree or Disagree? – Why Twitter Must Expand Beyond 140 Characters

9:13am 17 Feb 2011

@foursquare my Android app is stuck in a loop between Places screen and viewing a friend's checkin message; cant go phone Home

7:40am 17 Feb 2011

I lost my twitter feed on facebook – oh no!

5:55pm 16 Feb 2011

Yeah it's me, says the @RealGilbert's doppelganger <— this guy RT @tsand: @teamsiems It's just you. :)

4:09pm 16 Feb 2011

Is it me or is @jakedolan @tsand's avatar doppelganger #justsaying

4:01pm 16 Feb 2011

Any one going to @aggiesaturday ? #bcstx

3:00pm 16 Feb 2011

WWFD RT @Frommelt: @fienen dude… change the avatar if you're going to use terms like “WTF” #justSaying

2:14pm 16 Feb 2011

Interesting example of disaster recovery / business continuity #highedweb #shsu

11:20am 16 Feb 2011

Check your cubes often… Employee Found Dead in Cubicle a Day Later (FYI top ad is for #MBUSA S-class)

11:03am 16 Feb 2011

Happy 6th Blogoversary o/aLhiB4G via @teamsiems

10:56am 16 Feb 2011

New post: The Perfect Little Wedding at 3:21 on March 21

10:55am 16 Feb 2011

fingers-crossed for my Android 2.2 update. better late than never @tmobile

9:19am 16 Feb 2011

RT @karinejoly Lessons learned from Texas A&M University Social Media Scavenger Hunt | collegewebe..

9:16am 16 Feb 2011

I just unlocked the “Century Club” badge on @foursquare!

9:00am 16 Feb 2011

I'm at Whataburger (902 S Texas Ave, at 33rd St, Bryan)

1:19pm 15 Feb 2011

Happy Valentines Day aka Happy Conception Day (for me anyway)

11:18am 14 Feb 2011

@farktal busy, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I'll be as busy as others let me be.

9:28am 14 Feb 2011

123,812,071 views WTF! o/1tpd2eU via @youtube

1:46am 13 Feb 2011

@modernishfather Playing Beatles' White Album…what I expected

1:11am 13 Feb 2011

I just became the mayor of Must Be Heaven on @foursquare!

1:06pm 12 Feb 2011

I'm at Bottom Line Bookkeeping (3501 S Texas Ave., Suite 100, Bryan)

11:47am 12 Feb 2011

RT @ijohnpederson: @serenawilliams @tsand deserves a ff. #MBteamS

4:19pm 11 Feb 2011

What The What? Where'd this come from? #heweb via @youtube

4:13pm 11 Feb 2011