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December 2010

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11:57pm 31 Dec 2010

New Post: Adventures In Flying: Racine, Wisconsin

5:04pm 31 Dec 2010

I'm at La Botana (2210 East William J Bryan, Bryan)

2:01pm 30 Dec 2010

Christmas 2010 – a set on Flickr

12:34pm 30 Dec 2010

@HamptonFYI Wont stay here again. Hampton Inn & Suites, League City, Texas

12:18pm 30 Dec 2010

New post: Hampton Inn & Suites, League City, Texas

12:15pm 30 Dec 2010

Thanks 4 TAMU Facebook @tamutalk @patrickjpowers: Social media and higher ed 2010: My favorite things

2:37pm 29 Dec 2010

I'm at Gander Mountain (2301 Earl Rudder Fwy S, College Station)

3:32pm 27 Dec 2010

I'm at Best Buy (Texas, College station)

3:05pm 27 Dec 2010

sudo ./…p>

1:25pm 27 Dec 2010

blippr is using my account to spam

1:17pm 27 Dec 2010

I'm at Petsmart (2750 Gulf Freeway, FM 646, League City)

3:18pm 26 Dec 2010

I'm at The Arms Room (3270 Gulf Freeway, League city) w/ 3 others

3:08pm 26 Dec 2010

I'm at Starbucks (2810 Gulf Freeway South, A, League City) w/ 3 others

12:11pm 26 Dec 2010

Drill & saw for Chritmas. Is that a hint honey?

11:49am 25 Dec 2010

I'm at Hampton Inn & Suites (2320 gulf freeway south, League City)

12:54am 25 Dec 2010

I'm at Waller County Line BBQ / Shell (20727 FM 362 Rd, US Highway 290, Waller)

12:33pm 24 Dec 2010

I'm at Radio Shack (3203 Freedom Blvd Ste 200, Bryan)

7:57pm 23 Dec 2010

I'm at C&J Barbeque (1010 S. Texas Ave., Bryan)

2:24pm 23 Dec 2010

Here's your cookie, now tweetup! @cyndef @JamieOber @LoriPA @dolanatpsu

12:50pm 23 Dec 2010

Granted it's probably OpEd but today that's all there is. They lure you in with juicy headlines and there's no content.

10:21am 23 Dec 2010

The first comment echoes what I've said for years – online “journalism” isn't – it's opinion, it's fluff, it lacks facts, it lacks sources.

10:19am 23 Dec 2010

I'm gonna be that guy! I have something to say about this “Why I Don't Want an iPad for Christmas”

10:18am 23 Dec 2010

I don't need a manzier – its a Festivus Miracle RT @modernishfather: Blogged: The Airing of Grievances

9:22am 23 Dec 2010

The first post was 'Hello World' Keep it up! RT @jeffswain: I started a new writing blog. Here is the first post

9:13am 23 Dec 2010

Yeah! XML/JSON to MySQL conversions in 3..2..1 The gift that keeps on frustrating me.

9:04am 23 Dec 2010

Anyone made a PHP REST web services client that connects to LDAP?

4:58pm 22 Dec 2010

I'm at Must Be Heaven (1136 E Villa Maria, Briarcrest, Bryan)

2:15pm 22 Dec 2010

RT @TAMUtalk: Texas A&M one of only 20 universities awarded the Foursquare Collegiate Badge program! #TAMU

12:38pm 22 Dec 2010

It's an Action(-less) Figure! RT @tsand: Guess my son was playing with my Favre doll this morning…

9:30am 21 Dec 2010

70 degrees outside. Happy Winter from Tx, y'all.

8:40am 21 Dec 2010

@cyndef :hand: and thursday

8:30am 21 Dec 2010

I just ousted Darren B. as the mayor of Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse on @foursquare!

6:48pm 18 Dec 2010

I just ousted @nonconformisto as the mayor of Kroger Co Store 383 on @foursquare!

6:46pm 17 Dec 2010

Texas House Republican Supermajority [UPDATED] via @teamsiems

9:47am 17 Dec 2010

New post: Hi! I like that you're the kind of person who scans codes on people's shirts

9:10am 17 Dec 2010

I'm at Los Cucos (920 Earl Rudder Fwy, Brayn).

6:07pm 16 Dec 2010

We call that cube etiquette. shhhh RT @jdwcornell: I'm in ur office, IRCing the guy sitting next to me.

9:57am 16 Dec 2010

@KBTXShel…1o – Nice use of @twitter for visualizing a cold front.

9:12am 16 Dec 2010

@foursquare my picture went blank on the Checked In screen. any suggestions?

9:06am 16 Dec 2010

New post: Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment

5:59pm 15 Dec 2010

Sorry to see this. RT @StoverBoyCMac: Stover Boys on Wellborn is closed, permanently.

2:23pm 15 Dec 2010

Quick stop (@ Taco Bell)

1:13pm 15 Dec 2010

New post: Texas House Republican Supermajority

8:14am 15 Dec 2010

Tufts has exam dogs, @radiofreegeorgy srsly?

6:50am 15 Dec 2010

Still no luck with Kies Mini after 2 support chats with @TMobile “unregistered device” or “can't connect to version server” #tech #fail

5:20am 15 Dec 2010

I'm at FedEx Office and Print Center (509 University Dr, College Station).

1:12pm 14 Dec 2010

Hide yo husbands #youtuberewind

11:25pm 13 Dec 2010

New post: Texas Winter Drought 2010-11 from La Niña

1:17pm 13 Dec 2010

@modernishfather sounds like you need a graphical designer (we have 2)

11:55am 13 Dec 2010

@modernishfather …Publisher is bundled with Office 2010

11:48am 13 Dec 2010

HARRY POTTER Like a g6 PARODY (Like It's Quidditch) via @youtube

9:46am 13 Dec 2010

Best and Worst College Web Sites for Blind Students – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education

9:34am 13 Dec 2010

I'm at Dollar General (2711 Boonville Rd, Bryan).

6:53pm 11 Dec 2010

I'm at Wings N' More (2612 Hwy 21 E, HWY 6, Bryan).

6:46pm 10 Dec 2010

I'm at Potbelly (409 University Dr, College Station).

2:13pm 10 Dec 2010

@TMobile If the IMEI wasn't entered correctly at the store then I can't match it when I try to register.

9:06am 10 Dec 2010

I'm at PETCO – College Station (1901 TEXAS AVE STE C, College Station).

8:01pm 9 Dec 2010

@TMobile I flashed my phone in September. I think S/N at purchase doesn't match whats on the back of the phone.

4:38pm 9 Dec 2010

Business User Training (any other name) *but* it's good for administrators to know what users see @hannon_hill

2:48pm 9 Dec 2010

@TMobile Like to install Froyo but Kies wont recognized my Vibrant.

10:04am 9 Dec 2010

@StoverBoyCMac I saw people w/ signs outside the store, wtf?

9:32am 9 Dec 2010

I just ousted @erica_layne as the mayor of Wendy's on @foursquare!

12:56pm 8 Dec 2010

I'm at Horticulture and Forest Science Building (Texas A&M University, Adrience, College Station).

9:30am 7 Dec 2010

New post: Santa's Wonderland

1:56am 5 Dec 2010

Santa's Wonderland, Oh My!

8:33pm 4 Dec 2010

I'm at Santa's Wonderland (18898 Highway 6 South, btw Cherokee Dr & FM 159, College Station).

7:46pm 4 Dec 2010

@modernishfather thanks for reminding me, I need to flush out mine.

10:33am 4 Dec 2010

@kuratowa …plus you need light for video (sans thermal optics) and light and adult beverages don't get along

5:47pm 3 Dec 2010

@kuratowa it's called chatroulette

5:33pm 3 Dec 2010

I'm broadcasting from Android phone, live on Ustream – – 14:08 PM Dec 3

3:09pm 3 Dec 2010

Better than stranded on I90 RT @jdwcornell: mmmmm slippers and house pants!

9:36am 3 Dec 2010

I just ousted @gdeitz as the mayor of Kroger Co Store 383 on @foursquare!

6:32pm 2 Dec 2010

Wait til they make G6; song will mean more. RT @Robin2go: @gowalla THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NEW NIFTIES IN G3.

1:09pm 2 Dec 2010

6:26pm 1 Dec 2010

@baddriverdave that was cool site

5:02pm 1 Dec 2010

Just voted for Samsung Galaxy S for Best Mobile Device #MashableAwards

3:10pm 1 Dec 2010

@fienen It's the Spirit – good thing it's not Splendor – the ship that caught fire and stranded people for days? #fienencruise

11:22am 1 Dec 2010

At #heweb10 I forgot I had @twtbizcard Just looking through my Twitter Connections.

11:11am 1 Dec 2010