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November 2010

Will @Comcast block @Netflix? Tell @FCC to send in the Net Neutrality Ninjas

12:20pm 30 Nov 2010

Couldn't resist geek humor. Credit

9:46am 30 Nov 2010

New post: Happy 4th Annual Blue Beanie Day

9:10am 30 Nov 2010

Support Blue Beanie Day, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –

8:52pm 29 Nov 2010

Life is good. I love my wife. I like my life. And the rest and just deal.

1:23am 26 Nov 2010

@RayWJ Happy T-day though (e-quipmentless and all)

1:22am 26 Nov 2010

@RayWJ you said equipment hehehe

1:21am 26 Nov 2010

I'm at Koppe bridge (Brazos).

1:00pm 24 Nov 2010

I just ousted J D. as the mayor of Academy Sports + Outdoors on @foursquare!

11:33am 24 Nov 2010

I'm at Big Lots (1913 Texas Avenue S., Holleman Dr., College Station).

11:10am 24 Nov 2010

I'm at Pei Wei in College Station, TX

7:26pm 23 Nov 2010

@jcarouth I'm reading about making Flash accessible and ran across PE. Never heard of it.

4:52pm 23 Nov 2010

Anyone into Progressive Enhancement method for web development? Thoughts?

4:05pm 23 Nov 2010

Out of the way of the rat race that is Northgate. (@ Stover Boys Burgers)

1:52pm 23 Nov 2010

New post: Thanksgiving Cold Front

12:12pm 23 Nov 2010

@goodwitch that's different

11:33am 22 Nov 2010

@modernishfather consistent inconsistent; synchronous asynchronous; DC AC; yin yang; all required, you're keeping the balance

11:16am 22 Nov 2010

Wear lead undies! RT @mouselink: TRAVEL MUCH? Concerned about your liberty? WED NOV 24 is NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY.

11:13am 22 Nov 2010

@baddriverdave HTML Kit. pico/nano if I have to command-line it

10:58am 22 Nov 2010

@baddriverdave vim would make me bleed.

10:52am 22 Nov 2010

Former Aggies @theglif designed what I was going to hack together for my Galaxy S – phone tripod mount, kickstand

10:15am 22 Nov 2010

HighEdWeb folks heads up this is probably headed your way (think or

9:38am 22 Nov 2010

@robin2go This has our dept scrambling. Penn State Accused of Discriminating Against Blind Students

9:23am 22 Nov 2010

@cgrymala zune is microsoft so…repair reboot reinstall

10:15am 21 Nov 2010

did @facebook go poof

11:16am 20 Nov 2010

I just became the mayor of Burger House on @foursquare!

1:28pm 19 Nov 2010

#zing! RT @modernishfather: What we really need is someone to put baseball in a basketball arena…OH WAIT. #MinuteMaidPark

11:35am 19 Nov 2010

@brundage so your the bandwidth hog. don't be that guy. lol

11:34am 19 Nov 2010

RT @TAMU_IT: 20 Things I Learned About Browsers & The Web I like “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Appiness”

10:16am 19 Nov 2010

Dear @TSAgov, For @NationalOptOut I'm wearing my lead undies. Sorry if your FBS blows a fuse. You can't see my junk. kthx

6:30pm 18 Nov 2010

I'm just going to put this out there. I nominate @zeldman for keynote #heweb11 That is all. @highedweb

4:21pm 18 Nov 2010

Trying @HootSuite It's different.

3:50pm 18 Nov 2010

RT @hacool: RT @lizstrauss: Disturbing social media trend. via @mikemyatt / would you do this?

2:41pm 18 Nov 2010

It?s Turkey Time: It?s that time of the year when the leaves turn colors, and the wind blows, and the drizzling …

10:51pm 17 Nov 2010

New post: It's Turkey Time

10:51pm 17 Nov 2010

Memorial Day Memphis Style via @teamsiems

10:45pm 17 Nov 2010

WONDER-TONIC – TSA Announces Facebook Integration For Full Body Scanners:

10:51am 17 Nov 2010

@shelleyKeith happy happy joy joy…happy birthday

10:12am 17 Nov 2010

I'm at Kroger in Bryan, TX

6:27pm 16 Nov 2010

@modernishfather less than 30 minute interview

5:59pm 16 Nov 2010

@modernishfather Lucky. I'm straight to web text.

5:35pm 16 Nov 2010

@modernishfather figures. #localceleb enjoy your 1.5 minutes.

5:32pm 16 Nov 2010

@modernishfather but serious, is this for the NASA tweetup

5:30pm 16 Nov 2010

@modernishfather bad idea: exclaim “Look, is that a gunman?!”

5:29pm 16 Nov 2010

@modernishfather that would give new meaning for 'below the fold'

5:27pm 16 Nov 2010

#goodidea RT @modernishfather: Apparently @KBTXNews is coming to interview me at the office! What should I do first? Probably put on pants.

5:25pm 16 Nov 2010

project definition documentation is so much fun. now I remember why I don't like project management. #letmecodealready

5:21pm 16 Nov 2010

service monitoring and recovery? While Facebook or our blog are more focused on story-telling, sales or promotions. 2/2

4:37pm 16 Nov 2010

With Twitter for instance, the real-time nature of the tool tends to lend itself to an operational focus; 1/2

4:37pm 16 Nov 2010

@mikepetroff: Attn door-holders … So you prefer face-to-face over back-to-back

1:22pm 16 Nov 2010

Self-signed HTTPS certs aren't worth the e-paper they're printed on. Just buy a cert. Some things don't work on self signed. (i.e. IE)

9:44am 16 Nov 2010

How long should one go without getting HTTPS certs? After a year I think the service is stable and you should get one.

9:40am 16 Nov 2010

@rachelreuben CoTweet works well with 1 student + 3 full timers

5:48pm 15 Nov 2010

@modernishfather did you get a turkey fryer too at Academy yesterday. it was crazy in there.

9:37am 15 Nov 2010

Thanks to all who wished me hapoy birthday. It was.

10:38pm 14 Nov 2010

My 40th birthday bucket list: I have 365 days until my 40th birthday. I?ve done a lot in 39 years ? some good, s…

1:07pm 14 Nov 2010

New post: My 40th birthday bucket list

1:03pm 14 Nov 2010

RT @Robin2go: RT @indigodragonfly: Pls RT: Show my students how far & wide a twitter message can spread! Retweet this! #HACE2010

2:37pm 13 Nov 2010

I'm at Toyota Center (1510 Polk St, Bell St, Houston) w/ 8 others.

1:27pm 13 Nov 2010

But I might take it down. Just testing. RT @I uploaded a YouTube video — Social Media Presentation

4:46pm 12 Nov 2010

Same. Webmaster didn't exist. RT @dylanw: 20 years ago today… no class I took that semester had any relevance to my career as a web.

4:39pm 12 Nov 2010

I just ousted @kelevey as the mayor of Sonic Drive-In on @foursquare!

1:29pm 12 Nov 2010

RT @Robin2go: I love this. RT @kprentiss: How the world works . . . A life on facebook (RT @Social_Net_Pro)

12:17pm 12 Nov 2010

I'm at Jason's Deli (1460 S. Texas Ave., George Bush Dr., College Station).

1:19pm 11 Nov 2010

commemorating the armistice 11/11 11:11 #veteransday 365 days to 11/11/11 11:11

12:11pm 11 Nov 2010

@stevefullhart any news of BTU power outage in Bryan

5:57pm 10 Nov 2010

It only took 20 years @Flores4Congress RT @crevier: 112th US congress freshman class

3:07pm 10 Nov 2010

RT @crevier: 112th US congress freshman class

3:05pm 10 Nov 2010

RT @TAMUtalk: Have you donated to “Whoop For Troops” yet, or signed a card? A great way to celebrate Veterans Day. #TAMU

2:43pm 10 Nov 2010

On @pandora_radio “Mama Said Knock You Out” by “LL Cool J”

2:27pm 10 Nov 2010

I'm trying tweetym….com – a fast & convenient way to tweet, receive mentions, and use Twitter over email. Try it yourself – free!

2:18pm 10 Nov 2010

Thanks? @gowalla RT @I just won an iTunes gift card in the AP Top 25 Gowalla Check-In Challenge

2:15pm 10 Nov 2010

I just won an iTunes gift card in the AP Top 25 Gowalla Check-In Challenge

2:13pm 10 Nov 2010

RT @TAMU_IT: Congrats to our Information Security Awareness Month winner! Andrew took home an iPad. See all the winners @ http://mystery …

2:11pm 10 Nov 2010

This is new…n8cp Caliente! @TacoBell

1:44pm 10 Nov 2010

engaging means listening and talking to the person on the other end of keyboard #kengage @klout

12:53pm 10 Nov 2010

Mark my words kidos COD will pail in comparison to the epicness that is Halo

12:38am 10 Nov 2010

I just unlocked the “Overshare” badge on @foursquare!

5:43pm 9 Nov 2010

I'm at Academy Sports + Outdoors (2351 S Earl Rudder Fw, at Horse Haven Ln, College Station).

5:33pm 9 Nov 2010

I'm at Gander Mountain.

4:43pm 9 Nov 2010

I'm at Brazos Physicians Group (2210 E 29th St, Bryan).

2:49pm 9 Nov 2010

I'm at Kroger Fuel.

2:37pm 9 Nov 2010

I need an Exchange expert to answer a few questions. Any takers?

11:50am 9 Nov 2010

Filed under things you missed. RT @Robin2go: @Frommelt Wait. There's a @HighEdWeb magazine??

11:46am 9 Nov 2010

@GenerationSUNY Thanks. Looking for CIO info at and found out IT is distributed. @ TAMUS the distribution is a little more defined.

11:24am 9 Nov 2010

Amazing, thanks RT @stebert: @teamsiems @jdwcornell IT is distributed at SUNY

10:28am 9 Nov 2010

@jdwcornell Does SUNY w… a central IT website? or is it left to campuses. I got lost trying to find one.

10:14am 9 Nov 2010

Does SUNY have a central IT dept website? I got lost trying to find it.

10:06am 9 Nov 2010

@shelleyKeith or they might go infinite

12:20am 9 Nov 2010

@shelleyKeith don't get ur asymptotes near my hyperbola

12:17am 9 Nov 2010

Brother and sister Moo & Runt

8:33pm 8 Nov 2010

I wont lick those! RT @modernishfather: The new pine cone stamps at the post office = RIVETING. #ThisIsWhyNoOneCollectsStampsAnymore

5:43pm 8 Nov 2010

FYI @goodwitch #heweb11 There's a conf for conf failure? #whoknew 5 ways to plan a successful conference via @eventbrite

5:40pm 8 Nov 2010

RT @gigaom: Android Gingerbread Out of the Oven This Week

4:51pm 8 Nov 2010

U.S. Mobile Data Traffic to Top 1 Exabyte via @gigaom

4:50pm 8 Nov 2010

@nickdenardis re:garden there's doc retention issues in public sector (edu) to consider

2:36pm 8 Nov 2010

I was going to say that. I never use my flock. RT @teleject: @Rockmelt reminds me of the Flock browser –

2:31pm 8 Nov 2010

I'm at Subway (2305 Boonville Rd, N Earl Rudder Fwy, Bryan).

6:15pm 7 Nov 2010

RT @TAMUtalk: RT @aggiefootball: Aggies pull off the upset over No. 8 Oklahoma, winning 33-19 tonight at Kyle Field! Whoop!! #gigem #TAMU

10:15pm 6 Nov 2010

Half time OU at Texas A&M on @FSHouston 0 – 12

7:47pm 6 Nov 2010