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October 2010

This is the table that I built for halloween prop. This is going to be good.

9:11am 31 Oct 2010

I'm at Best Buy (805 Texas Avenue South, College Station).

5:30pm 29 Oct 2010

That's what I say. Drive over bridges, don't burn them. RT @jamesrunkle: I love driving over bridges.

2:22pm 29 Oct 2010

I'm at Wendy's (891 Earl Rudder Freeway, Bryan).

12:40pm 29 Oct 2010

Hey, you might be on to something @mikeeats RT @radiofreegeorgy: @mikepetroff It looks like you're about to eat Comic Sans. #fontnoms

10:21am 29 Oct 2010

Thats like fighting gravity – no win. RT @shelleyKeith: So is @mikefights gonna take on Comic Sans now @mikepetroff @kylejames

10:16am 29 Oct 2010

@nickdenardis you haVe Vendetta?

10:11am 29 Oct 2010

I love the smell of panic on Friday. Still making changes to a site going live Monday. Smells like victory.

9:31am 29 Oct 2010

@marleysmom in our defense I didn't make it and it's not used anymore

9:26am 29 Oct 2010

@mikepetroff @marleysmom…the future of the web. “OoOoOhH YeAh” I got better OUR student site

8:54am 29 Oct 2010

Mu kitty…4

10:54pm 28 Oct 2010

@CityofBryan Sweet Gum still waiting for water; no warning

10:50pm 28 Oct 2010

RT @KBTXNews: Code Maroon : All Clear. Person with replica weapon identified. No danger. Resume normal activity #codemaroon

5:42pm 28 Oct 2010

@stevefullhart affirm heard it on villa real's live feed

4:58pm 28 Oct 2010

RT @KBTXNews: RT aggiespiritbus?: Buses not currently bringing passengers to campus. Service will resume when situtation is resolved.

4:54pm 28 Oct 2010

Nice plug Steve RT @stevefullhart: CNN..cover 1 of the 10 biggest schools..having a gunman sighting. KBTX remains your most updated source

4:50pm 28 Oct 2010

My money is on costumes, #hvz, or something non-dangerous #codemaroon

4:45pm 28 Oct 2010

RT @stevefullhart: There is no word yet on whether the Bush 41/Barbara/Laura event is still on. Set to start at the Bush Library at 5.

4:39pm 28 Oct 2010

RT @stevefullhart: E-mail from roomie of A&M student says students have been locked in classroom and told to be quiet. *UNVERIFIED* #cod …

4:39pm 28 Oct 2010

RT @KBTXNews: We'll be talking to a student lock down in the Academic Building shortly on @kbtxnews #codemaroon

4:30pm 28 Oct 2010

RT @KBTXNews: Gunman Reported On Texas A&M Campus. Bus driver reported seeing man with AK-47.

4:28pm 28 Oct 2010

@lanejoplin I think #heweb11 is that date cause it's in a town that has a good football team. In Texas football is a religion. @goodwitch

3:58pm 28 Oct 2010

@michelle_olivia innotech? No. I'm still shackled to my desk in GSC. They'll pry a browser out of my cold dead hand.

2:29pm 28 Oct 2010

Happy birthday? RT @michelle_olivia: did I mention it's my birthday? #innotech

2:23pm 28 Oct 2010

@gowalla A Samsung SGH-T959 Android 2.1+update Happens about 1 in 4 times usually backing up from a Spots' page.

11:46am 28 Oct 2010

Nope. Detail forgotten next year. RT @nickdenardis: If you run a campaign but didn't track it, did it even happen at all?

11:28am 28 Oct 2010

my @gowalla android app crashes 25% of the time (go back button). any one else see this?

11:27am 28 Oct 2010

@MalloryWood not my department, but @tamutalk could add one to the U collection #tamu

11:22am 28 Oct 2010

We don't have cool vid. We have a virtual booth at RT @MalloryWood: My latest vid, #heweb10

11:14am 28 Oct 2010

Testify Radio – check. Rawkin' the code may now commence.

10:49am 28 Oct 2010

RT @TAMUtalk: Future Aggies, parents to meet with A&M reps in cyberspace at CollegeWeekLive Fall Nov. 3-4. #TAMU

10:41am 28 Oct 2010

RT @Candy95: So u want another chance to win RenFest tickets on Hot Ticket Thursday, eh?! RT this tweet and we'll randomly select someon …

10:36am 28 Oct 2010

K.I.S.S. i.e. keep making good burgers. RT @StoverBoyCMac: Stover Boys Rebuilding Stage: Day 1- Clean. Suggestions? #bcstx #tamu #gigem

9:42am 28 Oct 2010

You look like 90's James Hetfield RT @cgrymala: animated Twitter avatars creep me out…I should work on a Halloween-themed one for myself

9:08am 28 Oct 2010

@chellabug IT Forum went well with @ChetWisniewski. Now I want to unplug from the interwebs and only use cash. #sophos #hackers #TAMU

9:02am 28 Oct 2010

@chellabug Trust your #SIGUCCS presentation went well and you had fun.

8:56am 28 Oct 2010

I get more valuable info from conf takeaways/interviews than actually attending. Thanks @goodwitch @karinejoly: Exclusive Interview

8:24am 28 Oct 2010

I'm at Post Oak Mall in College Station, TX

5:59pm 27 Oct 2010

I'm at Rugged Outdoors (@ Post Oak Mall, College Station).

5:46pm 27 Oct 2010

I'm at Halloween Store Post Oak Mall (1500 Harvey Road, College Station).

5:33pm 27 Oct 2010

anyone roll your own EMS – event management system for social events? dm me

5:02pm 27 Oct 2010

ZOMG! is their favorite word. RT @nickdenardis: I love this @scvngr error. #zomg

2:38pm 27 Oct 2010

I'm at Burger Boy Cafe.

12:42pm 27 Oct 2010

Microsoft is a dying consumer brand via @CNNMoney

10:50am 27 Oct 2010

Yes We Can…make a lame-duck session and keep everything as is – a mess

9:23am 27 Oct 2010

New post: Bill Flores Holds Double Digit Lead Over Chet Edwards

9:17am 27 Oct 2010

I just became the mayor of Bryan Collegiate High School on @foursquare!

7:47am 27 Oct 2010

@MalloryWood I'm Am McLovin aka @teamsiems on @grooveshark

10:23pm 26 Oct 2010

@cgrymala high of 90 in #bcstx on 10-25-10 WTF?!

10:18pm 26 Oct 2010

RT @cgrymala: Seriously? It's the end of October. I'm tired of it being 75-80 degrees at night. Bring on fall, already.

10:17pm 26 Oct 2010

@eastofwabansia you know what they say (Tom) Give it away, give it away, give it away now #rimshot

10:14pm 26 Oct 2010

@Robin2go PSU gets $500k hehe – dont spend it all in one department.

4:39pm 26 Oct 2010

@TXBarbaraAnn What is margin tax in 140 characters? I read and I don't understand.

4:31pm 26 Oct 2010

2010 (Mid-Term) Election in Central Texas: The mid-term election is drawing near ? one week to go ? and the field …

4:11pm 26 Oct 2010

New post: 2010 (Mid-Term) Election in Central Texas

4:10pm 26 Oct 2010

@robin2go RT @TAMUtalk: This is BIG! A&M, UT, PSU share $8M grant to study dark energy that is 70% of the universe

3:47pm 26 Oct 2010

I know it was sooo 2 weeks ago but @mikepetroff @kylejames is a keeper

2:28pm 26 Oct 2010

@stamats is your web site turned off?

2:12pm 26 Oct 2010

@Robin2go looks like #EDUCAUSE11 is in your state next October

2:11pm 26 Oct 2010

I just became the mayor of Schlotzsky's on @foursquare!

12:42pm 26 Oct 2010

I'm at T-Mobile (819 Texas Ave., Lincoln, College Station).

12:37pm 26 Oct 2010

You should ask yourself is your “steering” committee like a tank or an apple cart? @eduScream

8:48am 26 Oct 2010

a test of wordpress app for android. it works RT @Fake: Content with a link.

11:42pm 25 Oct 2010

Fake: Content with a link.

11:34pm 25 Oct 2010

Play SCVNGR! It's a game about going places, doing challenges and earning points. Check it out at

9:06pm 25 Oct 2010

I just ousted @brentumstead as the mayor of Rattlers #8 on @foursquare!

5:23pm 25 Oct 2010

@ekorz I guess so. I d/l Android app Friday.

4:52pm 25 Oct 2010

@nickdenardis maybe @scvngr needs to know about end-to-end HTTPS too

4:41pm 25 Oct 2010

@nickdenardis i told @scvngr about OAuth on their web. In case users want to change Twitter accounts – they can't do it on the site.

4:39pm 25 Oct 2010

@nickdenardis I'm dreaming of a better UI for @SCVNGR ; maybe a better UX

4:29pm 25 Oct 2010

@cgrymala I wonder what that does for @zune on @xbox. Their pricing is already going up next month. #gatesneedsthemoney

3:51pm 25 Oct 2010

What would @hater_hounddog say, I hate That! RT @MalloryWood: I'm getting a little #haterthehounddog on

3:43pm 25 Oct 2010

I just earned the I Voted Pin on @gowalla!

3:35pm 25 Oct 2010

Voted early ? at Texas A&M University

3:34pm 25 Oct 2010

@nickdenardis i think they fixed @twitter I see it fine in chrome and firefox

2:56pm 25 Oct 2010

RT @AndroidDev: One hundred thousand apps in Android Market.

1:54pm 25 Oct 2010

RT @foursquare: .@Astro_Wheels, we read your check-in loud and clear.

1:26pm 25 Oct 2010

I'm at Wendy's (2050 Holleman Dr W, College Station).

12:47pm 25 Oct 2010

a follow up tweet… Social media and beyond: remember, you represent your business' identity/brand both on- and off-line.

9:46am 25 Oct 2010

Social media policies range from subjective to rigid. Bottomline, be professional, engage your audience and use common sense.

9:44am 25 Oct 2010

FOX 4 Social Media Spoof an Unexpected Internet Hit via @AddThis

8:56am 25 Oct 2010

@CTres and I only get email or facebook login if i logout out of scvngr

11:00pm 23 Oct 2010

@CTres sorry, I didnt understand what you ment with logout instruction

10:55pm 23 Oct 2010

@LoriPA thanks

10:51pm 23 Oct 2010

@baddriverdave why in the world Budapest?

4:35pm 22 Oct 2010

Like social games? How about #hvz with @scvngr?

4:09pm 22 Oct 2010

@CTres and what if I want to change the twitter/facebook account I'm linked to?

3:58pm 22 Oct 2010

checked-in @ General Services Complex on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.

3:48pm 22 Oct 2010

@SCVNGR not on every popup

3:45pm 22 Oct 2010

@CTres I can to w/ desktop and link twitter. scvngr doesn't do that; OAuth done on the phone is bad ux imho.

3:44pm 22 Oct 2010

RT @KBTXNews: BREAKING: Sam Houston on lockdown. News 3 LIVE with details.

3:21pm 22 Oct 2010

@NinjaTexan I think I went to and linked twitter. scvngr doesn't do that; it's done on the phone. bad ux imho.

3:20pm 22 Oct 2010

checked-in @ Texas A&M on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.

3:15pm 22 Oct 2010

Can't Android apps use other apps on the phone? @scvngr wants to use browser to tweet? @foursquare doesn't have that problem.

3:14pm 22 Oct 2010

@modernishfather #burn actually i just turned in a corrected version. I work too.

2:51pm 22 Oct 2010

@modernishfather slow poke, old man. My request went in yesterday.

2:45pm 22 Oct 2010

Dear @SCVNGR, u req a first and last name? and no twitter or facebook OAuth? and stop with the ZOMG! that is so Aug. 2010. kthanx

2:40pm 22 Oct 2010

@ThisSquirrel Sorta @gowalla #fail that “Rankings Updated Nightly” It's a check-in challenge. Should be realtime.

2:10pm 22 Oct 2010

@ThisSquirrel we have more than u! RT @TAMU_IT: check in around campus to win points for #TAMU. ~Blaze

2:06pm 22 Oct 2010

@modernishfather #whoop I was engaged virtually with the SIMTech2010 Social Media Policy discussion. I love Ustream

1:54pm 22 Oct 2010