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September 2010

I'm at Domino's Pizza (2211 WM J Bryan Pkwy, Bryan).

5:42pm 30 Sep 2010

I just earned the Wanderer Pin on @gowalla!

1:01pm 30 Sep 2010

Getting better all the time ? at Taco Bell

12:57pm 30 Sep 2010

I just checked in at Taco Bell on #Yelp and earned the Rookie badge!

12:50pm 30 Sep 2010

I'm at Taco Bell (731 University Drive, College Station).

12:41pm 30 Sep 2010

@shelleyKeith @robin2go I cut the ribbon Friday (selfless plug)

7:21pm 29 Sep 2010

@shelleyKeith @robin2go yeah but did you make a website for Cyber Security Month (October)?

7:13pm 29 Sep 2010

RT @ribguy: Anybody I know going to Blogworld in Vegas 10/14 & 10/15? I'm doing a cooking demo and looking for dining companionship.

3:20pm 29 Sep 2010

@twittermobile Is there Fast Follow analytics tools?

1:50pm 29 Sep 2010

Woo Themes: I installed this new theme from Woo Themes, and it appears that they leave off a lot of web elements I…

1:13pm 29 Sep 2010

I'm at Sonic Drive-In (914 S Texas Ave, Bryan).

12:53pm 29 Sep 2010 – OMG double rainbow…wait where'd it go?! #sadpanda It was there I swear.

11:26am 29 Sep 2010

RT @CityofCS: You can't vote in November if you aren't registered. Deadline is Monday! # …

11:24am 29 Sep 2010 – Mac n cheese n BACON! yum

11:09am 29 Sep 2010

Screen shot of new twitter with old TAMU IT background.

11:07am 29 Sep 2010

#tweetup #heweb10 Sushi Night on Oct 11. RSVP @ #heweb10sushi

11:47pm 28 Sep 2010

Worf, the Tribble: Worf, the Tribble Originally uploaded by teamsiems And so it begins, HighEdWeb 2010, Cincinnati…

11:18pm 28 Sep 2010

Got the new @twitter. Thanks.

11:31am 28 Sep 2010

I'm at Chick-fil-A Aggieland (1719 Texas Ave. South, Harvey Rd., College Station).

12:38pm 27 Sep 2010

@tonydunn ripping out chunks sounds like @skrug 'Get rid of half the words on each page, then get rid of half of what's left'

12:14pm 27 Sep 2010

@iaminigomontoya INCONCEIVABLE

10:58am 27 Sep 2010

@modernishfather next year's headline “9/27/2011 (that rhymes) Google Becomes Self Aware”

10:49am 27 Sep 2010

@teamsiems Boss? I was hoping for Thyme 'cause Rosemary isn't me @Robin2go

10:43am 27 Sep 2010

My Twitter Rank is "Boss". What's your Rank? #TwitRank

10:38am 27 Sep 2010

@Robin2go Facebook is Twitter without snark? Inconceivable! There's an app idea there somewhere.

9:58am 27 Sep 2010

And t-9 days to #mlb National League Division playoffs. Cincinnati Reds are on top. Not at home during #heweb10 Oct. 6, 8, 13

8:52am 27 Sep 2010

Happy Birthday Google! Next year, you?ll be a teenage (uh oh)!

8:32am 27 Sep 2010

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month…Don't Be A Victim #tamu

8:14am 27 Sep 2010

…then she (the only one I swear) bursts out laughing and says…”that's what she said, yeah I know”

10:12pm 25 Sep 2010

Me:Let's have pigs in a blanket (picking up cocktail franks) Wife:I don't I've ever made it with weenies that small.

10:09pm 25 Sep 2010

Mac n cheese n BACON. Finally.

7:57pm 25 Sep 2010

I'm at Harbor Freight Tools.

6:02pm 25 Sep 2010

5:56pm 25 Sep 2010

I'm at Lane Bryant.

5:18pm 25 Sep 2010

Just generated a #TweetCloud, my top words are: twitter, texas, college – (

12:45pm 25 Sep 2010

I'm at Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse (3225 Freedom Blvd, Bryan).

7:34pm 24 Sep 2010

I'm at IHOP. 4sq.c…cORKRq

6:26pm 24 Sep 2010

Listening 2 RHCP Around The World @pandora_radio. It's almost 5:00pm somewhere – oh yeah it's 5 PM here. phhhhhth

4:52pm 24 Sep 2010

I just ousted Miles H. as the mayor of Jack in the Box No 675 on @foursquare!

1:03pm 24 Sep 2010

#heweb10 #ff… Thanks @LoriPA

12:20pm 24 Sep 2010

RT @modernishfather: Just realized that next Friday is 38, followed relatively shortly thereafter by 42 and 46. #hooraybinary

12:07pm 24 Sep 2010

correction Friday's cube chat: The *Social* Network (the movie)

11:32am 24 Sep 2010

Friday's cube chat: The Network (the movie)

11:25am 24 Sep 2010

when did @google sneak auto-fill into Chrome? thanks though. about time.

11:07am 24 Sep 2010

@HighEdWeb OK. Thanks. That might help.

10:45am 24 Sep 2010

Don't know why there is a #heweb10 @ning. We have our own @twitter, @flickr, blogs, etc. Maybe we're here for the Forum.

10:17am 24 Sep 2010

How twitterized R U? I get upset when a site doesn't have a tweet now button/link. e.g.

8:55am 24 Sep 2010

Happy National Punctuation Day!

8:53am 24 Sep 2010

Americans aint stoopid o/LIHre8a via @youtube “Coalition of the willing?”

8:18am 24 Sep 2010

What?s Trending: Debra Goldentyer asked the following question on the HighEdWeb Ning site: ?What?s the big buzz th…

2:24pm 23 Sep 2010

higher premiums, small biz burden, tax-paid abortions, Medicaid required, IRS refund blackmail Obamacare editorial

10:51am 23 Sep 2010

RT @artg2009: Examiner Editorial: Obamacare is even worse than critics thought | Washington Examiner via @AddThis

10:42am 23 Sep 2010

@markgr UCD sounds like @skrug Don't Make Me Think

12:32pm 22 Sep 2010

#edu #heweb10 ppl, did you survey social media needs of your audiece?

11:58am 22 Sep 2010

@StoverBoyCMac crap #6 that was quick…hungry tweeters

10:59pm 21 Sep 2010

RT @StoverBoyCMac: RETWEET!!! FREE MEALS for the next 5 people to RETWEET this!! Stover Boys $4:20 Special, Our Bacon Double for $4:20! …

10:57pm 21 Sep 2010

I'm doing my #heweb10 homwork and reading @skrug books. #notafanofglee

10:56pm 21 Sep 2010

RT @tonydunn: sorry #glee fans… i'm filtering you out in Tweetdeck. #notafanofglee

10:48pm 21 Sep 2010

RT @delbius: The XSS attack should now be fully patched and no longer exploitable. Thanks, those reporting it.

9:21am 21 Sep 2010

RT @HuffingtonPost: WATCH OUT: Nasty Twitter Bug Spreading Like Wildfire via @HuffPostTech

8:51am 21 Sep 2010

@tonydunn I'm sooo there #heweb10 #tribbleflashmob. Like design 2 on a different color tshirt to see the Propeller. kthnx

10:45am 20 Sep 2010

@tonydunn Why can't we get them from ?

9:11am 20 Sep 2010

@tonydunn Do you have enough t-shirt orders? Room for one more XL? Sorry so late – I just saw the TFRL post.

9:09am 20 Sep 2010

Flying to #heweb10? Check your reservation for required Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) @aairwaves

8:20am 20 Sep 2010

@BryanPolice get some relief to officer on scene Coulter & Villa Maria traffic light out. Jam goes from Welborn to Hwy 6. @candy95

8:07am 20 Sep 2010

@stoverboycmac Just heard your ad on Candy 95.

8:05am 20 Sep 2010

@jdwcornell 1337 and you are a #leetgangsta

10:25pm 19 Sep 2010

@KBTXShel Arrrgh I spy rain in them there clouds. 20% me booty 'tis about to be 100%. #talklikeapirate

4:38pm 19 Sep 2010

Check this video out — 69 Camaro AC DC via @youtube

12:47am 19 Sep 2010 – Working on Saturday sucks but it's productive.

12:40am 19 Sep 2010

Wife text message: Hello Chris, God here, how are you? Me: U funny. Just wait. When He calls I'm gonna answer.

12:24am 19 Sep 2010

Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP SP3: I put this here for future reference. I had to dig the interwebs to find t…

12:06am 19 Sep 2010

Congrats to the Aggies over FIU #whoop and to the GATORS over Vols (go gators) #itsgreattobeafloridagator

10:50pm 18 Sep 2010

I'm at Wal-Mart #1150 (1815 Brothers Boulevard, Harvey Mitchel Parkway, College station).

7:41pm 18 Sep 2010

I'm at Pei Wei (980 University Drive East, College Station).

6:57pm 18 Sep 2010

@shelleyKeith just dont feed the tribbles

12:45pm 18 Sep 2010

If @shelleyKeith serves cinnamon rolls & bacon-crusted mac n cheese during breaks – I'm soo going to that prez even if it is WP3

12:44pm 18 Sep 2010

@shelleyKeith @Robin2go @LoriPA @marleysmom you forgot procrastination humiliation BACONation

12:28pm 18 Sep 2010

OMFG @jdwcornell @Robin2go #heweb10 #monkeyballs

10:39am 18 Sep 2010

@shelleyKeith Tribble flash mob is brilliant @Robin2go “they're born pregnant” so they could multiple at #heweb10

10:25am 18 Sep 2010

@madd25 how was friday night ops? the lobby was full at 7 so I left to read a book.

10:19am 18 Sep 2010

@shelleyKeith best. shirt. evar.

10:10am 18 Sep 2010

Two words OCTOBERFEST ZINZINNATI RT @jamesrunkle: It will be unbelievable. RT @kuratowa: Will we be drinking uncola? #heweb10

8:23am 18 Sep 2010

You should be incredible – at least for today. RT @LoriPA: Eggs. (@ Highland Park Diner)

7:53am 18 Sep 2010

Is anyone at #heweb10 going to ?

7:25am 18 Sep 2010

Working on Saturday, again. Web dev is last in the project stream – like New Orleans.

7:23am 18 Sep 2010

Cool RT @TAMUtalk: Tiny Aggie Band – “tilt shift” photography technique at Kyle Field captures the action. #TAMU

2:48pm 17 Sep 2010

@Robin2go Slippers? check the

1:43pm 17 Sep 2010

I'm at Layne's Chicken Tenders (Wellborn Rd., Southwest Pkwy., College Station).

11:55am 17 Sep 2010

Must Be Heaven on #Yelp: Best soup and sandwich shop in #bcstx. 4 star because menu is a little confusing. (1 star w…

9:12am 17 Sep 2010

I'm at 2818 Subway.

12:10pm 16 Sep 2010

And avoid guys named van der Sloot RT @Robin2go: @radiofreegeorgy @kuratowa please raise enough money to bring us all with you. #heweb10

4:35pm 15 Sep 2010

I encoded my transaction so I can track it like a UPS truck #doh RT @Robin2go: don't go to Aruba on our $ @kuratowa #heweb10

4:31pm 15 Sep 2010

@tonydunn I'd rename it and see who comes back to download their stuff (or stiff)

4:26pm 15 Sep 2010

@modernishfather soooo t- 4 weeks til your birthday means #heweb10 paddling line (things you shouldn't reveal on social media sites)

4:24pm 15 Sep 2010

And @bpanulla @tonydunn I'm not liking this SilverLight requirement for all things Microsoft. #ie9 Smells like another vehicle for hackers.

3:57pm 15 Sep 2010

I'll ChipIn to get a fellow Gator to #heweb10 RT @Robin2go: Now, help him get there. Fund a bus ticket to Ohio:

3:50pm 15 Sep 2010

RT @Focus WTF Is The Semantic Web? (Infographic)

2:51pm 15 Sep 2010

@FritoOnCandy Piano Bar + Disney sing-along = King Louie's Theme ?

2:17pm 15 Sep 2010

…ironic, no? Juan Carlos (King of Spain) crashing into Mexico on their Bicentennial

2:08pm 15 Sep 2010