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August 2010

@modernishfather north to I10 or west to I45

9:49pm 31 Aug 2010

@newrepublicbeer yay #bcstx beer!

9:49pm 31 Aug 2010

Ends 0-3 @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

9:29pm 31 Aug 2010

@ev sell @twitter to @Google or @Facebook or @BillGates and harpoon the #fail whale!!

9:26pm 31 Aug 2010

@modernishfather you're breaking up thanks @twitter

9:19pm 31 Aug 2010

@twitter sell your stuff to @Google or @Facebook or @BillGates and harpoon the #fail whale!!

9:17pm 31 Aug 2010

@modernishfather Pujols has looked anemic against Astros all year. @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

9:14pm 31 Aug 2010

@daveelledge 9th inning come back suck dont they @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

9:07pm 31 Aug 2010

The @astros do pitcher change in top 8th (finally) @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

9:03pm 31 Aug 2010

Top 8th 0-3 September starting bad! @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:54pm 31 Aug 2010

@modernishfather Are the bats corked? They sound like it on TV! @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:46pm 31 Aug 2010

Finally a hit on error in top 7th @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:42pm 31 Aug 2010

Top 7th 0-3 (broken record player) @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:39pm 31 Aug 2010

Top 6th 0-3 @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:27pm 31 Aug 2010

Double play bot 5th! Finally @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:25pm 31 Aug 2010

You heard it here (i.e. copyrighted so pay up like Microsoft or Apple): featuring top hash tags

8:19pm 31 Aug 2010

Are we going to stop this train wreck? Top 5th 0-3 @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:11pm 31 Aug 2010

Going to H in a hurry in both 4th for Cardinals @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:07pm 31 Aug 2010

Wake up call for Rasmus! @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

8:05pm 31 Aug 2010

Go @Brewers!

7:59pm 31 Aug 2010

Top 4th 0-0 @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

7:47pm 31 Aug 2010

Top 3rd 0-0 @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

7:33pm 31 Aug 2010

Is it #astrostweetup in the dugout? @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

7:26pm 31 Aug 2010

Top 2nd 0-0 @stlcardinals at @astros on @fshouston hd

7:22pm 31 Aug 2010

I nominate @modernishfather to represent #bcstx #TAMU at #astrostweetup

7:22pm 31 Aug 2010

OK who was not online yesterday?! @fshouston I swear they did a double switch

7:08pm 31 Aug 2010

@modernishfather who's jealous …<— this guy… watching stlcardinals at astros on @fsnsouthwest hd

7:05pm 31 Aug 2010

RT @alynnmyers: RT @rww TweetDeck Warns Of Fake Update, Trojan #tweetdeck

2:00pm 31 Aug 2010

RT @Astro_Wheels: Hurricane Earl is gathering some serious strength. It is incredible what a difference a day makes when you?re deal htt …

1:44pm 31 Aug 2010

#FixOurSchools @CNNStudentNews …and you must have training/education to work

1:38pm 31 Aug 2010

To #FixOurSchools @CNNStudentNews End the welfare state: you must work and pay taxes – no more handouts…

1:37pm 31 Aug 2010

I'm at Feed Barn (Bryan).

12:42pm 31 Aug 2010

Thanks for the FREE one! @StoverBoyCMac you need to teach your guys to take names when people claim they got a free RETWEET meal. #justsayin

9:14pm 30 Aug 2010

Show some love for the mayor of Stover Boys and @StoverBoyCMac #bcstx

9:10pm 30 Aug 2010

RT @StoverBoyCMac: RETWEET!! First 5 to Retweet this “3-SOME at Stover Boys $5.99”! If you break the 9 second RETWEET record, you get $50

9:02pm 30 Aug 2010

@modernishfather I'll stop calling them Lastros 'cause they aren't where the Pirates are and the Cards can't beat them this year

8:57pm 30 Aug 2010

OK they changed now its @FSSouthwest what ever its still HD

8:50pm 30 Aug 2010

BooYa! 4-6-3 double stlcardinals at astros on @fsn hd bot 7th….wait for it wait for it

8:47pm 30 Aug 2010

I'm at T. JIN China Diner II (2305 Boonville Rd, Bryan).

5:43pm 30 Aug 2010

I think I got @Robin2go's bad @pandora_radio search: Johnny Cash on the Violent Femmes station? The Ring of Fire does not Add It Up!

4:35pm 30 Aug 2010

I just ousted @leftofaggieland as the mayor of McDonalds on @foursquare!

12:56pm 30 Aug 2010

Welcome back #TAMU students on first class day. (@ General Services Complex (GSC))

9:35am 30 Aug 2010

RT @HighEdWeb: #heweb10 early bird registration ends TOMORROW, 8/31! Sure, you'll still be able to register after that, but why not do i …

8:50am 30 Aug 2010

I'm at Aggieland Premiere Cinema 16 & Cafe Bistro? (950 N Earl Rudder Fwy, btw FM 158 & Old Reliance Rd, Bryan).

11:12am 29 Aug 2010

@jdwcornell Keep doin it and doin it and doin it well Re:skills

9:25am 29 Aug 2010

@shelleyKeith no slides required to play

2:45pm 27 Aug 2010

howz about this, a new game for #heweb10 @foursquare or @gowalla or @facebook places hide and seek in Cincinnati …

2:44pm 27 Aug 2010

dancing avatar on @Piadas_Fail keeps good time with @davidguetta “Sexy Chick” listening to @pandora_radio

2:36pm 27 Aug 2010

@bing is supposed to work? @facebook places is using it as a location search which is #fail ing

2:29pm 27 Aug 2010

RT @sleary: RT @HighEdWeb: Take heed: early bird registration for #heweb10 closes on Tuesday, Aug. 31. Don't miss that worm! http://bit. …

1:36pm 27 Aug 2010

one failure in social media is good user interaction with the application e.g. absence of tips on @foursquare. tips are useful things ppl!

1:12pm 27 Aug 2010

@jeffswain sorry dont see any tips on for PSU Eisenhower Parking Deck

1:07pm 27 Aug 2010

I just ousted @therealjonlee as the mayor of Stover Boys Burgers on @foursquare!

12:27pm 27 Aug 2010

@StoverBoyCMac collecting my meal yummm! (@ Stover Boys Burgers)

12:27pm 27 Aug 2010

Can @facebook or @google or somebody with big pockets and bigger servers buy @twitter and harpoon the #fail whale grrr

11:04am 27 Aug 2010

RT: @fienen Periodic Table of the (HTML5) Elements – Josh Duck // thats cool idea

10:26am 27 Aug 2010

uuuu caannn dooo it! @shelleyKeith @Robin2go #heweb10

9:19am 27 Aug 2010

When @Robin2go turns #byebyewave into #rawkasaurus at #heweb10 that's pressure.

9:17am 27 Aug 2010

@shelleyKeith pressure? you want pressure? @Robin2go #byebyewave #heweb10

9:11am 27 Aug 2010

@Robin2go yes, it's Friday, the end of the week in the US and … it's only 44 days 'til #heweb10 !!

9:08am 27 Aug 2010

Iz luvs the @pandora_radio Windows gadget RT @inaggieland: #lmao RT @NinjaTexan: Pandora is rocking my socks rite now…

8:50am 27 Aug 2010

@inaggieland cool idea (free for you) : send events to @eventsinaggieland with #bcstx or #event or #whatevertag and they resent to followers

8:41am 27 Aug 2010

@inaggieland roger that. good idea. i'm sure i'm not the only one reading your event tweets on a phone – i had to zoom in is all

8:37am 27 Aug 2010

@inaggieland if you use wordpress alex king has a nice plugin for mobile otherwise CSS @ media handheld works

8:34am 27 Aug 2010

RT @inaggieland: Happy LBJ Day: /cc @SmithCassie / Yet another day #TAMU employees have to work.

8:14am 27 Aug 2010

RT @inaggieland: @teamsiems don't say crap like that out loud. the love bugs might hear you. o_0 #ssh #DontWannaWashyTheCarAgain

8:12am 27 Aug 2010 – The beast with 2 backs?

8:08am 27 Aug 2010

“You ever been sexed on the hood of a car baby?” Wasp love FTW.

8:07am 27 Aug 2010

Thanks! RT @StoverBoyCMac: @teamsiems FREE MEAL!!

6:28am 27 Aug 2010

Um @google just hit me with an ominous warning “What if you lost access to your account?…update your recovery options”

6:25am 27 Aug 2010

ahhh bugger 4sq & twitter aren't archiving correctly @StoverBoyCMac – but I swear I'm there more than 1 time in August (against Dr. advice)

10:12pm 26 Aug 2010

@StoverBoyCMac search twitter for '4sq stover' you'll see i'm a loyal customer

10:08pm 26 Aug 2010


10:02pm 26 Aug 2010

@inaggieland nice putting events on your site, but make it mobile friendly

10:00pm 26 Aug 2010

Urgent Neo (email) server maintenance #TAMU 5-7 PM today intermittent loss of client connectivity possible

4:57pm 26 Aug 2010

I'm at Jack in the Box No 675 (2906 South Texas Avenue, Villae Maria, Bryan).

12:53pm 26 Aug 2010

Yay! @xmarks bookmark sync: Android coming soon

4:53pm 25 Aug 2010

If you have a Twitter API, like Twitter Tools now they must be registered

3:50pm 25 Aug 2010

I'm at advance auto parts (Y at oak hill, Austin).

12:19pm 24 Aug 2010

@brucel thanks for the link to your #html5 @wordpress theme and bonus link to the mobile web optimization guide

10:53am 24 Aug 2010

@Robin2go Jurassic Park, Land of the Lost, Ice Age? For your prez? zomgasaurus @shellyKeith @LoriPa #heweb10

10:32am 24 Aug 2010

RT @StoverBoyCMac: RETWEET! Wake the hell UP!! First 3 to retweet win a FREE meal at Stover Boys!! #bcstx #inaggieland #tamu #Restaurants

8:35am 24 Aug 2010

Hey, Lazyweb. Help me define Rural Sourcing #unsuckit

8:13am 24 Aug 2010

Expect long line at Student Business Services in GSC #tamu (@ General Services Complex (GSC))

1:10pm 23 Aug 2010

RT @jdross: In case you missed yesterday, Foursquare and Gowalla send your password unsecured in plaintext over WiFi –

12:46pm 23 Aug 2010

I'm at Burger King (401 South Texas Avenue, E 29th Street, Bryan).

12:35pm 23 Aug 2010

RT @tonydunn: New TFRL – You Have Workflow!:

10:02am 23 Aug 2010

twitter bookmarklet t.c…dH02Jn

9:47am 23 Aug 2010 GPS is cool, GPS on a phone even cooler. Makes me think of the have and have nots. The haves know GPS, have nots don't.

8:35am 23 Aug 2010

@madd25 Remember when you finish work for the day, Webb is at the top of the ZFW stats. We should place on Iron Mic this week/month

8:28am 23 Aug 2010

Summer vaca is over. 2 in high school 1 starting middle school today. You can dooo it!

8:22am 23 Aug 2010

@madd25 yep. it says. “Getting ready to check in. Hopefully it will be quick. (@ South Florida Baptist Hospital)”

8:17am 23 Aug 2010

Sprouts even (Gore's disease)

9:01pm 22 Aug 2010

Ribeye, potato, brussel sprots, yummm

8:59pm 22 Aug 2010

I just ousted @ekesqueaky as the mayor of Kroger Co Store 383 on @foursquare!

5:00pm 22 Aug 2010

I'm at Walgreens (2350 Boonville Rd, Austins Colony Pkwy, Bryan).

4:38pm 22 Aug 2010

It's 110 F outside and the locus…I mean students are back in #bcstx for #TAMU move-in. Avoid stores if you value your sanity.

4:17pm 22 Aug 2010

I'm at Casa Ole (Post Oak Mall, College Station).

5:47pm 21 Aug 2010

I'm at EyeMasters – Post Oak Mall (College Station).

4:46pm 21 Aug 2010

Cleaned my computer's fan and applied new thermal compound. I'm up and running again.

12:55pm 21 Aug 2010