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July 2010

@modernishfather LOL that sounds like a solar powered flashlight

6:36pm 31 Jul 2010 caliente!

5:35pm 31 Jul 2010

@StoverBoyCMac Wait ur white LOL What place is it?

3:44pm 31 Jul 2010

I'm at Hullabaloo Diner (15045 FM 2154 Rd, Wellborn).

12:22pm 31 Jul 2010

I just unlocked the “Super User” badge on @foursquare!

12:22pm 31 Jul 2010

@madd25 It's Sizzle time in Texas: Dallas 103 Sat., 108 Sun.

7:58am 31 Jul 2010

RT @intruth: ? and on the 3rd day God finished creating the Earth, and it looked fantastic and worked really well. And then he checked i …

7:56am 31 Jul 2010

@madd25 “That is Judy nasty ” Android won't help your spelling huh?

9:02pm 30 Jul 2010

@madd25 no i posted their address to twitter and facebook and sent the pic to their contest

8:49pm 30 Jul 2010

@newrepublicbeer have him taste the product. loosen him up first. duh.

8:36pm 30 Jul 2010

I just uploaded twitpic…m/2a6gqn of my Domino's pizza to and could win $500 if my photo is selected

8:33pm 30 Jul 2010

Get flys in your pizza from Dominos 2211 East William Joe Bryan Parkway, Bryan, TX 77802-1715 (979) 774-5567

8:29pm 30 Jul 2010


8:04pm 30 Jul 2010

I'm at Chicken Oil Company (3600 South College Ave, Bryan).

1:13pm 30 Jul 2010

I wish @StoverBoyCMac and @SpoonsYogurt were closer together: Death Fries and Lemonade Sorbet (hot and cold get it) yummm

9:06am 30 Jul 2010

Pepsi no Coke. They switched vendors at work

8:06am 30 Jul 2010

I just became the mayor of teamsiems palace on @foursquare!

11:20pm 29 Jul 2010

I'm at Whataburger (Dominic Dr., College Station).

12:35pm 29 Jul 2010

I'm at teamsiems palace (2901 Sweet Gum Dr., Chinaberry Dr., Bryan).

10:56pm 28 Jul 2010

@baddriverdave terriers are awesome but they need room to run

10:47pm 28 Jul 2010

Wifey doesn't like phone tweeting during movies; turning off

10:11pm 28 Jul 2010

@fooby lets see if my RT catches feedback

10:06pm 28 Jul 2010

RT @fooby: Exhausted! Zumba is actually really fun though. :)

10:04pm 28 Jul 2010

@daaranda I think she mentions this on

10:03pm 28 Jul 2010

@sleary btw your site is nice on mobiles

10:00pm 28 Jul 2010

@sleary ;) twitter on mobile is a challenge

9:59pm 28 Jul 2010

@daaranda btw I got an Android phone. Like it so far.

9:43pm 28 Jul 2010

9:40pm 28 Jul 2010

@daaranda @sleary wrote the book on wp3 literally

9:20pm 28 Jul 2010

@sleary @daaranda: Need some help with WordPress search. How can you exclude certain pages? #wordpress3

9:18pm 28 Jul 2010

Watching Warlords movie…

9:08pm 28 Jul 2010

I cant watch cardinals at mets. This is getting ugly.

6:52pm 28 Jul 2010

Watching IT Forum from GSC-2605 via TTVN. It's also on @TAMU_IT

3:05pm 28 Jul 2010

RT @StoverBoyCMac: OK.. The FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO RETWEET this & it shows up on your profile and mine(thanks TweetDeck) gets a FREE STOVER B …

2:52pm 28 Jul 2010

I'm at McDonalds (700 S Texas Ave, Bryan).

1:23pm 28 Jul 2010

loving QR codes as visual links to install all manner of nuttiness

10:52am 28 Jul 2010

RT @AggieResearch: Boeing visits Aggieland to tell the next generation of engineers about its proposed next generation tanker. http://y …

10:39am 28 Jul 2010

@rstackhouse …although your site is a fantasitic web time capsule that will live on the net forever

10:15am 28 Jul 2010

@rstackhouse if you ever want to edit read for how

10:14am 28 Jul 2010

RT @sleary: obeys the three laws.

10:11am 28 Jul 2010

@rstackhouse we revised access rules have changed

9:44am 28 Jul 2010

@StoverBoyCMac a flaming car is no laughing matter. what happened? did you try to cook the Death Fries on the engine block?

8:52am 28 Jul 2010

Outlook 2010 Social Connector: I?m putting this in the journal just in case a year from now this works out. I coul…

8:30am 28 Jul 2010

@tonydunn @fienen @robin2go Yay flaming balls!

10:57pm 27 Jul 2010

@shelleyKeith My coworker @chellabug is going 4 edu 'business'

10:10pm 27 Jul 2010

@madd25 Trip on Flickr .ly/bDyWOY

9:20pm 27 Jul 2010

.@shelleyKeith @chellabug “leave the husband alone for 4 days while I go to Vegas” I smell a rat. Something's going on in vegas this week.

8:58pm 27 Jul 2010

RT @teamsiems Clearwater High School 20 Year Class Reunion

8:32pm 27 Jul 2010

RT @tamuops: Alert: Howdy servers unavailable – The Howdy servers are currently experiencing difficulties and …

6:42pm 27 Jul 2010

I just published our department's FY11 training budget: looks like I'm going to Cincinnati in October #heweb10 sqeee!

4:41pm 27 Jul 2010

I just unlocked the “Local” badge on @foursquare!

7:58am 27 Jul 2010

@StoverBoyCMac you could also signup with so the 'Boys' could help u tweet. #justsayin (I think @StoverBoys is available too)

4:30pm 26 Jul 2010

@StoverBoyCMac as your Twitter blows up you'll wanna update your Profile…like adding

4:26pm 26 Jul 2010

RT @nod: Hey #bcstx peeps, @StoverBoyCMac is on twitter. They have the best burgers in College Station, so you should follow him. :)

4:22pm 26 Jul 2010

(contd) Freddie kills Cobb before he can plant the idea of The One inside Morpheus' head.

2:36pm 26 Jul 2010

What would happen if Nightmare On Elm Street meets Inception inside the Matrix?

2:31pm 26 Jul 2010

@shelleyKeith that's 1337

2:19pm 26 Jul 2010

I'm at Taco Bell. .com/cnTOO8

12:28pm 26 Jul 2010

This is not good people deplaneing our plane

4:29pm 25 Jul 2010

@madd25 nah I'm good

3:50pm 25 Jul 2010

@madd25 3 cigars are sitting on the tarmac

3:39pm 25 Jul 2010

Waiting out a 2 hour layover with my friend Sam Adams.

3:27pm 25 Jul 2010

I'm at DFW Gate B10 (DFW Airport, , Irving).

3:03pm 25 Jul 2010

I'm at Terminal B Gate 10 (, ).

3:03pm 25 Jul 2010

I'm at DFW Airport Terminal B (3200 E Airfield Dr, , Irving) w/ 2 others.

3:01pm 25 Jul 2010

@madd25 I'm sure. They a web site

2:44pm 25 Jul 2010

I just unlocked the “Swarm” badge on @foursquare!

2:32pm 25 Jul 2010

I'm at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) ? (3200 E Airfield Dr, , DFW Airport) w/ 48 others.

2:24pm 25 Jul 2010

Me at 34,000 feet youtu…/VYlN-grwPIc

1:12pm 25 Jul 2010

@madd25 fine so far fli…

12:26pm 25 Jul 2010

Checking in at 34,000 feet with @gogoinflight wifi on @AAirwaves flight 405

12:11pm 25 Jul 2010

Getting On a plane in Tampa

11:15am 25 Jul 2010

@madd25 beer at 10am? On my way to TPA.

8:54am 25 Jul 2010

Going to bed now. You're welcome Chuck. #chs1990 #chs20reunion

2:58am 25 Jul 2010

7:04pm 24 Jul 2010

RT @davybrion: XAML => what you get when designers go “let's start from XML, then gradually make it even worse”

2:54pm 24 Jul 2010

@madd25 the light cigar was good

8:06am 24 Jul 2010

@Robin2go i just read it out of context…cause there was no context. it's all good.

1:07am 24 Jul 2010

@Robin2go pardon? no growing up in FLA? i was “harvested” from the sunshine state thank you very much! #Tequilatalkin

12:42am 24 Jul 2010

I'm at fairfield inn (3070 gulf to bay blvd, clearwater).

12:00am 24 Jul 2010

Enjoying a late night treat: hand-rolled cigar from Ybor City, thanks @madd25

11:40pm 23 Jul 2010

Wonderfull dinner with @madd25 & wife at Columbia restaurant

7:24pm 23 Jul 2010

I'm at Ybor City (7th ave, , Tampa).

4:42pm 23 Jul 2010

I just unlocked the “Adventurer” badge on @foursquare!

4:41pm 23 Jul 2010

I'm at The Columbia Restaurant (2117 East 7th Avenue, , Tampa).

4:41pm 23 Jul 2010

I'm at Terminal F -TPA (, ) w/ 2 others.

3:25pm 23 Jul 2010

TS Bonnie be damned. We're leaving 31,000 feet direct TPA #chs1990 #chs20reunion

2:28pm 23 Jul 2010…t/AAL1112 Looking at clouds topping FL310 over Pensacola FL

2:10pm 23 Jul 2010

Wifi at 31,000 feet with @gogoinflight on @AAirwaves flight 1112 is pretty cool. It's about time.

1:15pm 23 Jul 2010

I'm at Dfw Checkpoint A21.

11:30am 23 Jul 2010

I'm at Skylink Terminal A (DFW Airport, , Irving).

11:29am 23 Jul 2010

I'm at Easterwood Airport (1 McKenzie Terminal Blvd #112, Raymond Stotzer Pkwy, College Station).

9:26am 23 Jul 2010

Time to pack for #chs1990

9:46pm 22 Jul 2010

9:09pm 22 Jul 2010

Craptastic! TS Bonnie formed in Bahamas and headed to FL Keys then TX/LA. This will be #1hellofareunion #chs20reunion

7:13pm 22 Jul 2010

I'm at Kroger Co Store 383 (2303 Boonville Rd, at N Earl Rudder Fwy, Bryan).

5:47pm 22 Jul 2010

I'm at General Services Complex (GSC) (Texas A&M University, Agronomy Rd, College Station).

5:09pm 22 Jul 2010

@KBTXShel keep us updated in FLA. I fly to Tampa tomorrow. Big wind/clouds go away – come again some other day.

4:52pm 22 Jul 2010

@madd25 hope td#3 doesnt become ts bonnie

4:36pm 22 Jul 2010

I'm at Must Be Heaven (100 South Main St, W 26th St, Bryan).

12:28pm 22 Jul 2010