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June 2010

Twice the tweets tweets… Thanks @sleary and @stop and others.

3:32pm 30 Jun 2010

@nod @inaggieland @stevefullhart KBTX reported opening by January (If all goes well) #bcstx

3:27pm 30 Jun 2010

Social Media Day: Mashable?s Founder and CEO Pete Cashmore declare?s today, June 30, is international social media…

11:43am 30 Jun 2010

RT @mashable: Happy Social Media Day! – #smday

11:33am 30 Jun 2010

@HighEdWeb Thanks for the #heweb10 schedule

11:06am 30 Jun 2010

RT @sleary: RT @bretterlich: Twilight's like soccer. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just do …

8:18am 30 Jun 2010

RT @sleary: I have a complete Twitter backup at last! // Good article. Search appears disconnected: no results

8:17am 30 Jun 2010

RT @stevefullhart: Ziegfried and Roi Ladies Nite Preview, Episode 1 // OH MY!

3:18pm 29 Jun 2010

And a away we go // 'flying car' gets go-ahead from US air authorities –

11:08am 29 Jun 2010

@chriscoyier Firefox 3.6.4 was the only browser that did what you expect; IE8, Opera 10.5, Safari 5.0, Chrome 5.0 all do not

9:10am 29 Jun 2010

@doogleng I put Puppy Linux on a thumb drive last week. It works well on a Netbook with XP and no CD drive.

8:38am 28 Jun 2010

One of the last places in #bcstx for crawfish. Check out their video Shipwreck BCS Deadliest Catch Spoof

8:13am 26 Jun 2010

jQuery + code = quode as in “I think I'm in a quode coma because I've been looking at jQuery code all day”

4:06pm 25 Jun 2010

@ColB “what's for lunch?” Something BBQ and a Shiner. Cheers. Thanks for your blog post

11:21am 24 Jun 2010

11:14am 24 Jun 2010

@HighEdWeb Thanks, thats cool

11:13am 24 Jun 2010

Holy-bat-bridge, Batman, #heweb11 in Austin! When, Where is this announced? @HighEdWeb

11:07am 24 Jun 2010

RT @modernishfather: #heweb11 in Austin? Well, boo for no travel, but maybe that means I'll actually be able to go despite budget cuts.

11:01am 24 Jun 2010


10:49am 23 Jun 2010

RT @DroidLanding: Reports coming in from all check points. How many Droid X units have escaped? Some say more than a dozen…

9:31am 23 Jun 2010

@stevefullhart forget MTV. Are you making MDA mad money yet?

9:29am 23 Jun 2010

RT @stevefullhart: Come to Texas Roadhouse tomorrow afternoon as @KBTXShel & I try to raise money for MDA during the annual Lock-Up http …

8:17am 23 Jun 2010

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to phish and he tries to steal your identity.

8:36am 22 Jun 2010

@jeffswain What does it mean to be beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – considering the social media era we are in now; clever

8:19am 22 Jun 2010

Blue Baker WiFi youtu.b…Wka2GigNYA

1:00pm 21 Jun 2010

Star Trek: Tik Tok yout…e/7ZWaWrvJ7nA

11:52am 21 Jun 2010

I gt an AR Father's Day card – too cool!

7:52am 21 Jun 2010

RT @ColB: Happy summer solstice! It's the longest day of the year — get out there, drink some honey mead, and welcome the sun.

7:47am 21 Jun 2010

I think I know now what it means to be “in the Loop” #wordpress #hack Trying to transpose content to mobile version.

11:03am 19 Jun 2010

The shift into WordPress 3.0 was smooth – don't tell my isp.

3:24pm 18 Jun 2010

@rstackhouse très geek chic fnord ftw

11:25am 18 Jun 2010

@fienen and scored 55 in eduRank

3:42pm 17 Jun 2010

Too bad tangible marketing mashups aren't as fluid as tech mashups: personal wine labels off your fav social site. #texasreds #bcstx

3:39pm 17 Jun 2010

I'm overflowing with ideas for Texas Reds #bcstx

3:35pm 17 Jun 2010

RT @bpanulla: If developers ran college sports, they never would have named conferences based on the number of teams. They must all be W …

3:01pm 17 Jun 2010

RT @wordpress: Introducing WordPress 3.0, Thelonious. What are you waiting for?

11:49am 17 Jun 2010

RT @sleary: Introducing WordPress 3.0 What are you waiting for? The book :)

11:48am 17 Jun 2010

RT @rstackhouse: Blogged: Investing in the Future: #bcstx @ChrisWPeterson

11:03am 17 Jun 2010

RT @inaggieland: Save the Queen: #bcstx

10:14am 17 Jun 2010

Visualization Industry + the University = the way all education should work

9:41am 17 Jun 2010

@fienen badge lanyards and swag go on the cubical wall of s/fame

9:34am 16 Jun 2010

@dmolsen “Location-based augmented reality isn?t quite there yet.” Augmented Reality for Your Campus

9:13am 16 Jun 2010

RT @mashable Twitter Errors and Downtime Likely to Continue #fail-while #twitter

8:15am 16 Jun 2010

Twitter Errors and Downtime Likely to Continue

8:14am 16 Jun 2010

Flock is a weird “social” browser

8:12am 16 Jun 2010

LOL BP Spills Coffee yo….be/2AAa0gd7ClM

11:58am 11 Jun 2010

@twitter #worldcup and Twitter are the ultimate international combination

11:35am 11 Jun 2010

RT @BillGates: A net is our goal too! Celebrate the #WorldCup with @UAMalaria. Buy a net – Save a life. #endmalaria

11:33am 11 Jun 2010

Who's been to the Lemon Wedge #bcstx #tamu

11:26am 11 Jun 2010

@dmolsen thanks. i'll bookmark layar and look for the blog monday.

10:39am 11 Jun 2010

Watching the World Cup unfold on Twitter at

9:50am 11 Jun 2010

Augmented Reality, like 3D TV, has limited audience but huge wow factor. Anyone using AR?

9:48am 11 Jun 2010

@baddriverdave Pho Phodder To Go? Phodder Phish?

9:45am 11 Jun 2010

@bradjward Where did you see this, “Facebook Page Administrator can now be removed”

8:47am 11 Jun 2010

@espn How is ESPN 3D going? Is anyone watching it?

8:22am 11 Jun 2010

Good example of neo-corporate, customer support @XboxSupport Found via

11:47am 8 Jun 2010

chatroulette + iphone 4 FaceTime = iRouletTime … new app of multithreaded, conference-calling, porn (Copyright teamsiems 2010)

2:29pm 7 Jun 2010

wwdc iphone 4 preorders start June 15

1:43pm 7 Jun 2010

@baddriverdave @nod pirate live blogs of #wwdc10 showed some cool stuff. Looks like @phodder has more room to roam

1:32pm 7 Jun 2010

Lots of good IT info from conferences today – #wwdc #psuweb10 #howconf

10:55am 7 Jun 2010

Tech and baseball swinging for the fences: iPhone HD #wwdc and champions @aggie_baseball #tamu

9:57am 7 Jun 2010

Make this a Trend #TreatItFwd See Frosty Facebook

9:59am 6 Jun 2010

Just stumbled upon these guys – Beatallica is awwwsome

11:02am 4 Jun 2010

RT @tonydunn: i hate stuff that doesn't work. Particularly when it's stuff I wrote.

10:40am 4 Jun 2010

This is a comment from teamsiems.

11:35am 2 Jun 2010

Why can't ATT and others pro-rate data like cellular minutes on a per kilobyte basis or per minute. iWireless does it.

8:54am 2 Jun 2010 – AT&T Moves Away From Unlimited-Data Pricing

8:49am 2 Jun 2010