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May 2010

Just used to put my Twitter followers on my Twitter background. Check it out!

6:15am 31 May 2010

Memorial Day Memphis Style the video and the blog

7:06pm 30 May 2010

Off to shop for ingredients for this weekend's Magical Mystery Memorial Day Memphis-style Ribs

2:26pm 29 May 2010

I'm making baby back ribs this Memorial Day weekend. See the recipe at Does anyone else have a favorite they can share?

1:10pm 29 May 2010

Memorial Day Memphis Style: This is going to be a social media experiment. I want to share my experience as I make…

12:18pm 29 May 2010

@nod what you talkin about! RIP Gary Coleman

4:27pm 28 May 2010

@daaranda…d you shop for equipment protection plans?

4:25pm 28 May 2010

@Robin2go LHU? I'm at Texas A&M, but tweets/blogs/video of the conference would be appreciated.

3:39pm 28 May 2010

RE: @reyjunco Dr. Rankin's video inspired my question/interest: what is the state of Twitter's use in Distance Educati?

3:36pm 28 May 2010

@Robin2go @jeffswain (other PSU tweeps) are you attending @reyjunco is keynoting education's use of Twitter

3:29pm 28 May 2010

What you doing this Memorial Weekend? Ribs? Do'em right @ribguy

1:42pm 28 May 2010

@tonydunn @jdwcornell 10 #heweb10 folk on Twitter get nothing done

11:34am 28 May 2010

RT @collegewebguy: An amendment to my job description gives me the right to punch anybody in the face…// for Save As HTML from MS Office

11:22am 28 May 2010

@reyjunco Do you have a URL of the NACTA 2010 Conference? It wasn't on your blog and Google is treating it like a needle in a haystack.

11:17am 28 May 2010

Big Design Conference 2010 hash is #BigD10 @bigdesign Dallas Texas @SMU

8:25am 28 May 2010

@bigdesign Big Design Conference 2010 @plesko

8:22am 28 May 2010

Things you never thought you'd hear: “I vote for the Kettle” #bcstx #lunch #wherenottogo

11:47am 27 May 2010

First In-N-Out Burger in Dallas is Approved for Garland Texas!! | SideDish

11:27am 27 May 2010

Placing odds? RT @KBTXWeather: 2010 Hurricane Forecast: 14-23 named storms, 8-14 hurricane (74mph wind or higher) 3-7 Major (Cat 3, 4 or 5).

11:16am 27 May 2010

@tamuwww an idea for #tamu GIS RT @fienen: why you need an interactive map from @nucloud! RT @jesskry: Virtual tours

10:25am 27 May 2010

RT @modernishfather: Holy crap. William Shatner is going to do a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. This should be epic.

10:08am 27 May 2010

RT @fienen: Phew, good thing we're running out of “IP addresses,” not actual IP addresses // IPv4 apocalypse

9:16am 27 May 2010

@blippr is pretty cool. @twitter sized reviews of everything.

9:05am 27 May 2010

Social Media In the Classroom: Schools should educate kids about the world around them even if the kids get there …

9:01am 27 May 2010

IT Forum is today on TTVN Ch. 20 @tamu_it #tamu

2:45pm 26 May 2010

Check this video out — teamsiems's McWebcam

12:58pm 26 May 2010

tweeting from @McDonalds 17309 Free wifi is nice. Eating a Big Mac and typing not so nice.

12:42pm 26 May 2010

RT @TAMU_IT: Howdy #TAMU NSC students! Got mobile? See for maps, calendar, bus routes, more @tamuwww #newaggies ~< …

12:32pm 26 May 2010

Gap Between Mainstream Media and the Social Web: Although blogs cover many of the same topics, the study found tha…

9:41am 25 May 2010

@JakeSiems You are getting sleeeeepy

8:33am 24 May 2010

History Repeats Itself: An intriguing glimpse into the past of an obscure philosopher: Like so many times before a…

1:40pm 22 May 2010

Google Doodle Celebrates Pac-Man 30th Anniversary: The Google Doodle for today is a fully functional Pac-Man game …

4:45pm 21 May 2010

RT @willsmith: I wonder how many hours of lost productivity Google's Pac-Man homepage is costing today?

1:31pm 21 May 2010

@dmolsen I was looking for highed privacy policies and found your WCMS pres – still good stuff

11:05am 21 May 2010

@rachelreuben Holy Google PacMan Try the volume up in your office..I scared 5 people.

10:52am 21 May 2010

RT @rachelreuben: Holy Google & PacMan! Scared the crap out of me!

10:49am 21 May 2010

@madd25 Just take out thru TSA RT @@AAirwaves question: can I carry on a 19in comp monitor? it fits in my bag and the overhead

10:07am 21 May 2010

@tamuwww @tamu_it The UWEB post about Google's font API is cool. I wish #TAMU had a font API like this Brand guide?

9:49am 21 May 2010

Game Break Is A Bust: Well, it looks like Texas Game Break is a bust. Their Facebook was last updated on March 1 a…

3:29am 21 May 2010

@AAirwaves question: can I carry on a 19in comp monitor? it fits in my bag and the overhead

8:59pm 20 May 2010

Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival 2010: It seems like each year about this time my mouth starts watering for ste…

10:28pm 18 May 2010

@TAMU_IT testing new twitter features to improve communications

11:41am 18 May 2010

This is it. Bottom 9th 9-5. 4 to Go! @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

9:53pm 12 May 2010

Looking at tickets for @stlcardinals at @astros July 10.

9:38pm 12 May 2010

@country07girl not yet 9-5 astros in 8th @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

9:30pm 12 May 2010

rbi double by Pujois in 6th, too little too late, @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

9:04pm 12 May 2010

Sac fly from Wandy in top 5th makes 7-1 @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

8:31pm 12 May 2010

6-1 #astros in bottom 4th? @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

8:15pm 12 May 2010

Now really interesting loaded… Wandy makes it 1-1 @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

7:51pm 12 May 2010

3rd inning getting interesting, runners on 2nd and 3rd. Go Lohse vs Berkman @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

7:50pm 12 May 2010

why chat on when we can tweet unlimited Watching @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

7:43pm 12 May 2010…ikkiNibs nose bleed?

7:33pm 12 May 2010

@thomog cards 1 astros 0 start 2nd

7:29pm 12 May 2010

First of many RBI Cardinals tonight! @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD

7:28pm 12 May 2010

Watching round 2 @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD. Go Cards!

7:09pm 12 May 2010

Meaning of Malamanteau: If enough people use a fake word does that make it real? Today, this comic create…

3:05pm 12 May 2010

This is a video malamanteau “Facebook In Real Life”

1:54pm 12 May 2010

Watching @astrosblast at @stlcardinals on @FSHouston HD. Go Cards!

7:04pm 11 May 2010

@shelleyKeith (re: twit….com/vdkko) Long walk off a short pier? Like web content, context is important.

4:36pm 11 May 2010

@jeffswain College Station TX + Sam's Club are also doing a Shred Event this weekend #bcstx #tamu

8:49am 11 May 2010

RT @arizonacandi: Bring On the Plain Writing Act!: via @addthis

8:24am 11 May 2010

RT @jdwcornell: a lesson for us all: RT @tonydunn: New TFRL – A Job Too Well Done:

11:37am 10 May 2010

joomla feed test

6:47pm 8 May 2010

to all you cell-phone-toting graphic designers

8:11am 5 May 2010

@modernishfather I don't watch them either. I want 1vs100 back on Xbox.

9:21pm 4 May 2010

@veryjr cool video of your DC3 flight on youtube

8:57pm 4 May 2010

RT @TelegraphNews Star Wars Day: 'may the fourth be with you', say fans in tribute to cult films

12:31pm 4 May 2010

OH:You don't have to understand it. It's Policy.

12:27pm 4 May 2010

Students Sans (Social) Media: According to a new ICMPA study, most college students  are not just unwilling, but f…

9:11pm 3 May 2010

@modernishfather if the LAstros shoe fits…#justsayin (a Cards fan since '96)

7:20pm 3 May 2010

RT @klout: Are you a social media addict? — Study finds social media may lead to addiction: via @JoyceSolano

7:10pm 3 May 2010

@LoriPA Tennant's Hamlet was pretty good. I give it 4/5 stars. Modern take with original dialog. Hope you find it.

12:45pm 2 May 2010