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April 2010

@tarinytx twitter is conversation. no conversation means no tweets like clapping with one hand. :)

4:13pm 29 Apr 2010

RT @tarinytx: Hmm 10 months since I posted something – guess I'm not a twitter addict :p

4:11pm 29 Apr 2010

@JakeSiems those pics don't represent you LOL

4:10pm 29 Apr 2010

Good ideas from #NACUA webinar. Most issues should be covered by existing policies and/or worked into electronic communication policy.

1:33pm 29 Apr 2010

Blogger FTP: Unless you hid under a rock ? like me ? then you probably know Blogger is discontinuing FTP support o…

12:27am 28 Apr 2010

OK WDW no 800 number, WTF?!? Join the social media generation (or the twenty-first century) and talk to your customers/fans/…$ wasted imho

12:08am 21 Apr 2010

RT @bryanjbusch: This is great, fun, horrifying, depressing, hilarious and a perfect explanation of why I don't listen to the radio: htt …

4:41pm 20 Apr 2010

RT @plesko: You should have to have a license to operate Photoshop.

4:36pm 20 Apr 2010

RE: @16831113 Thanks for the insight, Robert.

My personal irony is that my dad was PR Director at the DOT and Coast G?

4:29pm 20 Apr 2010

@rachelreuben good job. wordpress woot

4:19pm 20 Apr 2010

RT @mashable Twitter COO: ?Promoted Tweets Are Not Ads? #dick-costolo #twitter

3:52pm 20 Apr 2010

Looping Obama! Play bit…/cS2PO4 #pandora then loop “Hold on a
second” and “Here we go” from #yahoo

2:27pm 20 Apr 2010

@rachelreuben thats funny, our departmental group is trying to move away from the name Communications & Marketing.

9:46am 20 Apr 2010

Princeton and GWU Ban iPads Is anyone else having problems? #TAMU seems OK. There are a few floating around.

9:21am 20 Apr 2010

Nice…Dave's 1,000HP Camaro & 700HP Corvette

6:49pm 19 Apr 2010

#ff @JakeSiems minimeme

10:32pm 17 Apr 2010

@fienen true on hs reunions, but I'm still flying 1300 miles for my 20th in a few months. I just get to hear from people before I go.

10:20pm 17 Apr 2010

@modernishfather Me and the kids thought Crank 2 RAWKD – huge Stanton fan though. To each their own.

10:17pm 17 Apr 2010

Social Media Effects On Student Writing: In September I wrote a blog about Twitter?s influence on writing. In Marc…

5:43pm 17 Apr 2010

#ff @raywj if you don't laugh you aren't human

10:19pm 16 Apr 2010

the .edu machine loves happytalk. PC was probably invented at a college.

9:21pm 16 Apr 2010

2 good not 2 share: @cluetrain 'most companies ignore [a person's] ability to deliver genuine knowledge, opting…to crank out happytalk'

9:11pm 16 Apr 2010

@Robin2go Sign of the Times: we have a commercial for a women's clinic talking about pregnancy, the hook, “they don't have an app for that”

8:57pm 16 Apr 2010

@Robin2go Our first attempt at a SM Policy wasn't well received; reduced to Guidelines. We don't Do SM. We politely (politically) converse.

4:56pm 16 Apr 2010

RT @Robin2go: @teamsiems Exactly. You're either in or your out. On the fence can do more harm than good when it comes to Social Media an …

4:43pm 16 Apr 2010

think i'mma gonna try the @wendys spicey nuggets today #whynot

11:59am 16 Apr 2010

@sleary thanks. @fooby found it and the jQuery lightBox plugin too (good for screen shot gallery)

11:54am 16 Apr 2010

RT @nod: OH “Ugly is ok, pretty is my job” (@baddriverdave said it) // Putting (@fooby) “pretty” on the web is my job

11:50am 16 Apr 2010

New site…done. itss.t….edu/

11:13am 16 Apr 2010

@Robin2go so it's “Doing Social Media” not “Participating in” or “Dabbling in”? #justsaying Bet it'll be a fun talk.

9:37am 16 Apr 2010

Even more reason to watch what you say – @gizmodo Past and Future Tweets Will Be Archived At the Library of Congress

4:40pm 14 Apr 2010

Attention to detail or just anal — Why 9:41 Is the Official Time of Apple Product Photos Fast Company

10:24am 9 Apr 2010

@equalman Even using airline, hotel, cruise, restaurant, etc. Lists would be nice to forecast quantities to goods

10:13am 9 Apr 2010

@equalman It's certainly not out of reach @AAirwaves @UnitedAirlines @JetBlue @BritishAirways @SQ_USA @cathaypacific @continental

10:10am 9 Apr 2010

#ff @hannonhill (CMS) @omniupdate (CMS) @vataware (VATSIM) @nabeels (phpVMS)

9:45am 9 Apr 2010

RT @Robin2go Stubborn. — It was 40 F this morning in Central Texas 80 last week

9:31am 9 Apr 2010

CoveritLive Event – Apple Announcement: April 8, 2010:

12:34pm 8 Apr 2010

RT @daaranda: Multitasking coming to the iPhone 4

12:34pm 8 Apr 2010

RT @googlefiber: If voters are experiencing some Service unavailability problems,that's because of huge voting(traffic load) for cities …

12:19pm 8 Apr 2010

RT @googlefiber Fiber Optics vote now for the chosen cities

12:17pm 8 Apr 2010

RT @mashable Twitpics from Space Show Geomagnetic Aurora. Cool twitpics from space! @Astro_Soichi

10:49am 6 Apr 2010

Eureka IT is the answer 42! aka 10-10-10 the #heweb10 @HighEdWeb

10:09am 6 Apr 2010

Twitter is faster than natural disasters: The comic strip,  xkcd: Seismic Waves, echoes what was buzzing around Tw…

9:32am 5 Apr 2010

@jdwcornell OW!

9:00am 5 Apr 2010

RT @JeffreyFeldman: “IF YOU VOTED FOR #OBAMA…SEEK CARE ELSEWHERE”: dr posts sign refusing Dem voters #Hippocrates

9:16am 2 Apr 2010