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March 2010

RT @KBTXWeather: Bluebonnets and wild flowers are starting to pop up! // It's springtime in Texas

10:09am 31 Mar 2010

Hey #bcstx #tamu gammers! is coming. Check the FB too.

9:24am 31 Mar 2010

Dont you hate when 15 year old pictures of you surface on facebook j/k. I didnt do anything wrong. I just had a different “brand” back then.

9:12am 31 Mar 2010

now getting used to win 7

3:01pm 25 Mar 2010

RT @omniupdate: OU Campus Version 9.0 will utilize XSLT 2.0. Will be backwards compatible. #OmniUpdate10.

3:14pm 22 Mar 2010

@rachelreuben are you following @omniupdate

3:09pm 22 Mar 2010

@jeffswain but spend enough time with her (Pandora) and you either get each other or accept one another

9:22am 22 Mar 2010

@fienen move to hdd isn't exactly the point. we weren't given a choice to move from vhs to dvd. we wont have a choice to move off dvd

12:06am 21 Mar 2010

@tonydunn @fienen Watch the price of game console HDD go up 'cause we're all downloading the movies…dvd what's that, the 5 year old said.

12:03am 21 Mar 2010

@madd25 what AAirwaves? no that is the real american airlines twitter

11:57pm 20 Mar 2010

I'm thinking @AAirwaves is going to cancel EGF3351 KDFW-KCLL today; heavy rains all the way from departure to landing.

9:47am 20 Mar 2010

@rachelreuben Hi #ucda crowd from Bryan, TX

10:40am 18 Mar 2010

Visit @zoneperfect's #livecreate lounge at #SxSW for free bars and giveaways. Learn more

4:11pm 16 Mar 2010

So was @ev hoisted by his own petard @twitter at @sxsw #irony

8:54am 16 Mar 2010

Hey @nocover, sounds like there was a roast of @ev at @sxsw keynote yesterday. #backchannel #sxsw

8:44am 16 Mar 2010

Twitter CEO Evan Williams @ SXSW: This is old news, but Evan Williams announced @anywhere ? a new Twitter service …

8:43am 16 Mar 2010

Bet you don't hear this every day “I got up at 6:30am to finish framing a Dalek” – my kid's project, Done!

10:17am 13 Mar 2010

Where's the video @nocover? If you find him ask him to “Flip” you off! @chunlum @edorr

12:20am 13 Mar 2010

@baddriverdave i turn on FF once a month and each time is update first (Chrome FTW)

12:08am 13 Mar 2010

RT @foursquare: the elusive super swarm badge has finally been unlocked! the microsoft party at speakeasy in austin is blowing up! http: …

10:49pm 12 Mar 2010

@Robin2go LOL Long Island Tea?

10:44pm 12 Mar 2010

@baddriverdave Firefox Add-on downloads (overloads) too Oh My

10:42pm 12 Mar 2010

time to put away the work toys and enjoy spring break (for students) #tamu

5:56pm 12 Mar 2010

Listening to #sxsw radio on @pandora_radio

5:51pm 12 Mar 2010

AT&T Versus 15,000 Data-Crazed Velociraptors: Source: The Real War At SXSW: AT&T Versus 15,000 Data-Crazed Velocir…

5:31pm 12 Mar 2010

RT @gowalla: If you're in Austin for SXSW, be sure to tap the lovely SXSW banner in Nearby Spots on the iPhone to see the events near you.

5:13pm 12 Mar 2010

Is @wacom Cintiq 21UX @sxsw ? It should be. thax @engadget

4:10pm 12 Mar 2010

RT @mager: Real-life Foursquare game in the front of the Austin Convention Center at 5pm today @nocover

3:59pm 12 Mar 2010

#followfriday @foursquare @gowalla @okgo @sxsw #FF

10:16am 12 Mar 2010

Will @okgo be at SXSW? They need to be. It's a marketing and social media gold mine.

10:01am 12 Mar 2010

RT @Brainzooming: @AlexisCeule For those of us not going to #SXSW, I always say we're going to #NWXNW – Nowhere by Nowhere!

9:29am 12 Mar 2010

Buzzwords for SXSWi 2010: Geolocation, Check In: I wont be at SXSW this year, but I?ll be able to find my tweeple…

12:32pm 11 Mar 2010

@modernishfather 'URLs in the text' – avoid deep bookmarks and don't use shorteners

11:47am 11 Mar 2010

@Steven_Friedman Dont you mean for Cathay Pacific Virtual Airways

9:28am 11 Mar 2010

15-fantastic-higher-education-values #tamu is on the list

9:33am 10 Mar 2010

hope @jeffswain rawks the PhD with “Why do you tweet?” thx for RT

11:34pm 9 Mar 2010

LOL @Robin2go “Most OutRAGEous Video” … FIRE! (squirrel?)

11:30pm 9 Mar 2010

Basic Food Sold Additive After Salmonella Found, FDA Says –

2:44pm 9 Mar 2010

Why do you tweet?: I saw a tweet from @Robin2go which had a hashtag, #psutlt. I looked up the hashtag, trying to f…

12:12pm 9 Mar 2010

@jeffswain Why do you tweet? No cap? No problem. Record it anyway. @Robin2go #psult

11:09am 9 Mar 2010

@youtube “We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool – we'll be back 100% in a bit.” more than 1 hour? srly #fail

12:08am 9 Mar 2010

Candid Kitty…she's about 15 years old and still kickin (butt)

2:43pm 7 Mar 2010

As @Robin2go might say, Squeeee!, I just thought up and idea for online gaming 2.0

11:41pm 5 Mar 2010

fried fish friday es fantastico – not Chilean sea bass though might get the shakes – #badjoke

5:58pm 5 Mar 2010

Watched the movie Triangle yesterday. It's Groundhog's Day meets Ghost Ship. 2.5 star out of 5

5:29pm 5 Mar 2010

navigation flyout humor…me:”About Us” swings left now her:Wha? LOL

5:16pm 5 Mar 2010

Vote early, vote often #bcstx

5:02pm 5 Mar 2010

@sleary good stuff

5:01pm 5 Mar 2010

@modernishfather wheres the footnote #asterisk #fail Heck the whole world can vote. No ID required.

4:50pm 5 Mar 2010

RT @modernishfather: I'm sensing tonight would be a good night for “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” / Indeed. Throw the Holy Hand Granade!

4:14pm 5 Mar 2010

RT @fienen: Friday @eduGuru CMS Survey update: @OmniUpdate has the lead, @dotCMS is #2. PHP and Java make up 55% of platforms. 83% self- …

3:45pm 5 Mar 2010

@Robin2go I've been reinventing the web-apps wheel since 1994. I've become quite good at it. #jobsecurity

3:18pm 5 Mar 2010

RT @fienen: Okay, this is just clever. Neat thing to keep in the toolbox for… something… Unicode Characters for Class Names http://o …

3:14pm 5 Mar 2010

RT @doogleng: Microsoft sends flowers to Internet Explorer 6 funeral

3:10pm 5 Mar 2010

Holy frickin followfriday! @Robin2go @shelleyKeith my twitter inbox is overflowing. What was that about distracted. #goodtimes

12:31pm 5 Mar 2010

If you Follow Friday #heweb10 or @HighEdWeb you should follow @uwebd and Bing their Ning #FF

12:24pm 5 Mar 2010

Follow Friday @omniupdate to slurp tweets about OU Campus

12:14pm 5 Mar 2010

@Robin2go irony “ChatRoulette hits mainstream media”

12:11pm 5 Mar 2010

RT @w3c: Augmented reality workshop at WWW2010: Paper deadline extended to March 15 #ar #mobileweb

11:30am 5 Mar 2010

RT @shelleyKeith: I'm with him. RT @simplebits: Not going to get distracted this morn…Squirrel!

9:50am 5 Mar 2010

Don't forget to check out @shortyawards Winners in 26 categories announced yesterday.

12:27pm 4 Mar 2010

@rachelreuben if you dont mind me asking, how many users or accounts? do you use their SaaS or your onsite?

12:23pm 4 Mar 2010

Who's running OmniUpdate OU Campus? What are the pluses minuses? We get a demo today. Questions to ask?

11:15am 4 Mar 2010

Viral Video or Google Ad: I think this video was really an ad for Google ? maybe one of the long, lost tapes.

It …

4:07pm 3 Mar 2010

RT @mobsoc: We've put up more details about the next mobsoc, and it is going to be GREAT. Check it out at

11:33am 3 Mar 2010

Earthquakes shorten our days: Wow. I never realized that this happened.
The Feb. 27 magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Ch…

1:56pm 2 Mar 2010

RT @NASA: Our scientists have been crunching the numbers and it seems the Chilean quake may have shortened the length of a day — http:/ …

12:39pm 2 Mar 2010

@puresight We do. We (@tamu_it) treat error pages like another navigation category.

12:37pm 2 Mar 2010

@apetersen Search is a good idea. Sadly, domain has many lorem ipsum production pages. @tamuwww

12:17pm 2 Mar 2010

RT @apetersen: Something less amusing: search for lorem ipsum and see how many unfinished sites are live.

12:13pm 2 Mar 2010

brain picking commence: web job ladders

10:59am 2 Mar 2010

RT @ColB: The new “This Too Shall Pass” @OKgo video is … amazing. Mesmerizing. Fun. Bizarre. Go look! Seriously, OK? Go. …

10:56am 2 Mar 2010

RT @shortyawards: Be sure to check in at the Shorty Awards tomorrow We've worked with @foursquare to make something s …

10:52am 2 Mar 2010

@equalman did you see @fastcompany Infographic of the Day From JESS3 The State of The Internet

10:01am 2 Mar 2010

Browser Wars: Google Chrome Wins a Round, at Everyone Else's Expense | Technomix | Fast Company

9:41am 2 Mar 2010

@rachelreuben Wow the big O! You know he's looking for a “Chief Twitter Officer”

9:37am 2 Mar 2010

@crevier good deal for Disneyland…befriend a crew member

11:06pm 1 Mar 2010

@baddriverdave is that an iPain

11:05pm 1 Mar 2010

@crevier i gotta feeling your right and your students probably couldn't do in 2 hours B-

11:04pm 1 Mar 2010

RT @w3c: W3C releases b…ly/dzsnO9 an updated markup validator

10:56pm 1 Mar 2010

cas-dev … as stable as a Chilean fault #scream #headONdesk #tamu

5:54pm 1 Mar 2010

@baddriverdave a pot-o-gold fo sho

5:47pm 1 Mar 2010

@nod webalizer / awstats/ analog if you didn't plug in to google analytics from the start

9:48am 1 Mar 2010