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February 2010

Olympics Closing Ceremonies tonight 2/28 at 7:30 CST

6:09pm 28 Feb 2010

@modernishfather .wmv file upload to YouTube // I feel your pain. Missing codecs and format conversions be damned

5:55pm 28 Feb 2010

RT @TAMU_IT: The IT Site Scavenger Hunt ends at midnight! Go to for a chance to win an iPod Touch.

4:37pm 26 Feb 2010

guess i'm not buzzerific because i don't see what all the Google Buzz is about

10:53am 25 Feb 2010

Texas A&M University will open tomorrow Wed, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. due to hazardous driving conditions. #bcstx #tamu

10:52pm 23 Feb 2010

KBTX MyCapture…EK

3:19pm 23 Feb 2010 – We have white stuff (again) Bryan TX #bcssnow #snopocalypse #snOMGwithaSideOfRibs

2:41pm 23 Feb 2010

We have white stuff (again) Bryan TX #bcstx #snopocalypse #snOMGwithasideofribs

2:05pm 23 Feb 2010

RT @KBTXWeather: Sleet is starting to accumulate on our cars outside the station. Roads could be getting slick out there. Slow down an …

1:48pm 23 Feb 2010

m t

10:30am 23 Feb 2010

@doogleng those that make it work dont document, those that document made it work, those that do both get paid

10:15am 23 Feb 2010

IHOP National Pancake Day – February 23, 2010

10:09am 23 Feb 2010

RT @jdwcornell: I lol'ed at today's DailyWTF

11:14am 22 Feb 2010

@jdwcornell doesn't dunning-kruger preclude self-diagnosis LOL you have to be told your wacked

11:13am 22 Feb 2010

testing a hack to read my twitter rss

6:15pm 20 Feb 2010

The #tamu Google Search Appliance must be easy to fix. It was fixed before too many realized it was broken @tamuops

5:12pm 19 Feb 2010

This iBlackHole keeps me from un-iNstalling iTunes Updater, QuickTime Updater, iPod Updater #holyiblackhole Stop the iNsanity iWant out.

5:05pm 19 Feb 2010

@nocover there are fires-a-plenty when you are out

2:37pm 19 Feb 2010

Follow Friday @expertchess @BeulahRussell @doogleng @apetersen @alynnmyers @LoriPA @crevier @dgoldentyer @modernishfather

2:31pm 19 Feb 2010

RT @fastcompany: A recently revealed patent suggests Apple has exciting plans

11:26am 19 Feb 2010

Performance Rights Act and Radio Freedom Act: I heard about this today. From the …

11:00am 19 Feb 2010

@twfeed love the service, but OpenID login failure is not an option (Missing argument: token_url)

10:35am 19 Feb 2010

@ColB social media means you show a friend Twitter using their account so we can @ reply to them

10:27am 19 Feb 2010

RT @TUAW: Check out the picture added to this update. Awesome: …

9:48am 19 Feb 2010

IRS building in Austin Texas hit by a small plane

1:20pm 18 Feb 2010

Shaun Whites Awesomeness Olympics 2010 Gold VIDEO via @sharethis

10:49am 18 Feb 2010

@mherzber rofl “wheres the beef” and “html stripper” #beefyHTMLporn FTW

10:36am 18 Feb 2010

@mherzber or u could regex the RSS of the WP site – good times

10:27am 18 Feb 2010

@mherzber I used HTML-Kit (freeware version) to strip HTML once, but it was one file at a time. Dreamweaver does it. lynx does it ugly.

10:23am 18 Feb 2010

Obama Seeks CTO: Chief Tweet Officer via @AddToAny Heard on @1047themix

9:19am 18 Feb 2010

Did you get a PossibilITies newsletter #tamu? @tamu_it mailed them out this week and they're also online

9:15am 18 Feb 2010

Average Social Gamer Is a 43-Year-Old Woman Object from @gigaom

9:05am 18 Feb 2010

First nuclear plant in 30 years: This is great news. I?m glad we finally got a power plant. I?ve been out of the n…

12:13pm 17 Feb 2010

OH: Wife to child playing Dante's Inferno video game, “Stupid is not a defense!”

9:34pm 16 Feb 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday feast before the famine #obamanomics is hitting home this year. Mardi Gras my beads! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

7:17pm 16 Feb 2010

on the other hand. like the Beatles song I Need Money. I'm broke as a joke w/o a spoke. #obamanomics is real.

7:13pm 16 Feb 2010

@Robin2go good you need some good times. have fun. (did my last msg go thru)

7:06pm 16 Feb 2010

Social Media Bursting Bubbles: From Business Insider, an online news site, an article titled ?This Guy Represents …

3:32pm 16 Feb 2010

2010 Election Information for Central Texas: Since today, February 15, is the start of early voting in the Texas P…

7:00pm 15 Feb 2010

@hollyrae Good info. Buzz is scaring a lot of people. Privacy in social media is an after thought. It caught a lot of people by surprise.

12:31pm 12 Feb 2010

@hollyrae Wave in the classroom would be cool too. I think more so for HighEd or research.

12:04pm 12 Feb 2010

@sleary Chronicle of Higher Education I think backchannel is the same anywhere it can pull people in or distract

12:01pm 12 Feb 2010

@sleary Have you Googled Twitter Backchannel in the classroom? I found this light read that way

11:55am 12 Feb 2010 – Snow in south central Texas last night #snowmg

10:50am 12 Feb 2010

Snow In Texas 2010: Originally uploaded by teamsiems
It snowed in Texas tonight, February 11, 2010.

10:20pm 11 Feb 2010

Smoke but no throat. (YouTube

10:36pm 10 Feb 2010

I rated a YouTube video (4 out of 5 stars) — 2010 Camaro SS Birthday Surprise

10:29pm 10 Feb 2010

I wish – 2010 Camaro SS Birthday Surprise

10:17pm 10 Feb 2010

@rachelreuben freelance is usually paid per job $500 – $2000

10:29am 8 Feb 2010

Check this video out –VW PunchDub Commercial–

8:36pm 7 Feb 2010

Red One SLAP Super Bowl ad

8:34pm 7 Feb 2010

The Who sound like they're in a padded room, can't hear the rock. Super Bowl

8:06pm 7 Feb 2010 tagline: I don?t write about myself or this site too often, but I had a small epiphany about the tag…

7:09am 7 Feb 2010

Memphis Ribs in Winter?: In my defense I offer two arguments: 1) it has been about 8 months since I made brisket, …

10:57pm 6 Feb 2010

7:48pm 6 Feb 2010

Halo vs. COD. Now that would rawk. (YouTube

11:52pm 5 Feb 2010

Give a discussion a hashtag #psuitcnx and away it goes, spreading faster than a herd of cats or a barrel of squirrels

9:43am 5 Feb 2010

@Robin2go clever – herd cats and wheel squirrels – bring the IT Connects discussion to the world

9:33am 5 Feb 2010

@Robin2go WTH, why not (I have have no clue what this woman is talking about – back up, BACK UP!)

12:43am 5 Feb 2010

@shelleyKeith 'Sick' is not an option on my text-er/morse-code-machine. Hope you feel better though.

12:41am 5 Feb 2010

@equalman not really liking FB new look on a netbook. It is better than before, but still not quite there.

12:38am 5 Feb 2010

“I love it when a plan comes together!” (A-Team) @tamu_it site is rawkin' 3000+ players Thax for all the comments. #tamu

4:59pm 4 Feb 2010

No great surprise: Twitter and Facebook rule the social networking activities of An Event Apart fans

4:09pm 3 Feb 2010

In the “good idea, bad idea” category, there's a lecture-crashing ninja on #tamu campus. He's not @TAMUCodeMaroon worthy.

1:37pm 2 Feb 2010

Happy Groundhog Day. Texas has Bee Cave Bob. He's 98% accurate. Happy Armadillo Day

12:12pm 2 Feb 2010

With @tamu_it launch of Texas A&M Information Technology campaign today #tamu peeps collect IT icons and win at our new

10:31pm 1 Feb 2010

Girl Scout cookies are like crack – you can't get enough. All your money are belong to GSA.

11:34am 1 Feb 2010