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January 2010

@tonydunn twittering during fire prevention training is a hazard

11:32am 28 Jan 2010

Gotta love tech. Had to DVR the State of the Union to watch Pandorum.

10:52pm 27 Jan 2010

Gonna get sci fried. Watching DVD of Pandormum.

9:23pm 27 Jan 2010

State Of The Union Address is tonight watch online or

1:34pm 27 Jan 2010

@Robin2go try www.engad….com/ iPad #apple

1:27pm 27 Jan 2010

iPad it is #apple

1:12pm 27 Jan 2010

High School Reunions Via Social Media: If it wasn?t for the Internet and the explosion of social media I probably …

9:59am 27 Jan 2010

New blog posting, High School Reunions Via Social Media –

9:51am 27 Jan 2010

IT Forum & @tamu_it giving a Web Accessibility talk today – 18 months after @mherzber. Should be hecka good prez. #tamu

9:36am 27 Jan 2010

Going to first @mobsoc tonight? 7 talks 7 minutes each at 7pm. #bcstx #tamu @refreshbcs

9:32am 26 Jan 2010

Polycom and Juniper Team to Solve Age-Old Telepresence Problem: Communication It's about time, and good luck with that.

11:11am 25 Jan 2010 gets twitter feeds that are marked with #in

12:20pm 23 Jan 2010

@mobsoc Some speakers at are with Refresh BCS I'm posting this on twitter and #fb to collaborate.

11:24am 23 Jan 2010

RT @TAMU_IT: Designers, developers, dreamers & PhDs are welcome to discuss mobile computing & social media @ 7 talks of 7 minutes. http: …

11:08am 23 Jan 2010

@ColB It's not a tweetup if you don't have twitpic proof @rachelreuben #pancaketweetup U make me wanna IHOP!

10:39am 23 Jan 2010

@sleary DM me. I have questions about a Survey I'm making. I will link from one of your sites.

11:15pm 22 Jan 2010

@phodder you guys might appreciate (via @ryancarson)

9:40am 22 Jan 2010

Watching the movie Neverwas It's interesting to say the least.

11:00pm 21 Jan 2010

@Robin2go I'm probably late on this, but kudos on the new blog look.

10:55pm 21 Jan 2010

A nerd-herd, com-oh-dy show named The Big Bang Theory – OMG?

8:07pm 21 Jan 2010

Obama a lame duck in less than a year: Tomorrow, January 21, is Obama?s first anniversary as president. Last night…

10:20am 20 Jan 2010

I'm repeating myself “You know you?re in Texas when…” The Gov tweets Uncle Ted We Salute You!!!

10:14am 20 Jan 2010

New blog posting, Budget cut Texas universities –

9:51am 20 Jan 2010

@1vs100XboxLIVE Doing the monkey dance. Not what I voted for but OK.

10:08pm 19 Jan 2010

@1vs100XboxLIVE I want to B in the Mob. Someone get me pitchfork!

10:00pm 19 Jan 2010

@1vs100XboxLIVE why you keep changing start times. I missed half the Live show.

9:55pm 19 Jan 2010

@shelleyKeith comic sans hella drop shadow – in theory – will never die

5:30pm 19 Jan 2010

District B13 French action film? subtitles FTW

9:49pm 18 Jan 2010

I have a dream that one day American kids will learn how to learn before they are asking China, “wan' fryz wit dat?” #ihaveadream

7:51am 18 Jan 2010

I have a dream too Dr. King: one day government will be _by_ the people not _against_ the people #ihaveadream

7:44am 18 Jan 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. in America and a local school is forcing kids to participate in a “parade” down MLK Blvd. #ihaveadream #mlk #bcstx

7:37am 18 Jan 2010

Follow Friday @shortyawards

11:28am 15 Jan 2010

It's looking like a Fat Burger Friday. Fat Burger – Bryan #fb #bcstx

10:54am 15 Jan 2010

jQuery 1.4 Released – 14 Days of jQuery 1.4

10:34am 15 Jan 2010

i need a break. two conversations going on in our cube. #goingpostal

10:11am 15 Jan 2010

RT @smashingmag: Awesome: .clowns{float:left;} .jokers{float:right}; #me_you{position:fixed;margin:0 auto;width:100%} (via #codepo8)

9:35am 15 Jan 2010

Awesome! TGIF. The power of YouTube. Next viral star #nowplaying Pants On The Ground, Larry Platt

9:25am 15 Jan 2010

RT @Frommelt: I'm slowly realizing that being a webmaster is really just a project manager with 200+ active projects // and PPM loves us

9:51am 13 Jan 2010

Help Hati with Text message State Department set it up

9:17am 13 Jan 2010

RT @mashable M.I.A.?s New Single: ?Down Like Your Internet Connection? // I know the feeling

3:14pm 12 Jan 2010

The Shorty Awards: This is what the social media is for: an award show for people that are online writing about..

10:10am 12 Jan 2010

RT @jenna: You can vote for Barbie's next career!! “Computer Engineer” is on the list! Go and do it!

9:38am 12 Jan 2010

No pics, but the pulled pork sandwiches my wife @tarinytx made Saturday were yum.

11:59am 11 Jan 2010

“CAS 2 service is nearing its end of life and is scheduled to be shut down January 11, 2010” #tamu @tamu_it

1:02pm 8 Jan 2010

“In anticipation of next week?s jQuery 1.4 release we?re revealing the brand new jQuery API site.”

12:57pm 8 Jan 2010

@bpmore @shelleyKeith #heweb09 comic sans + hella drop shadow = hella keynote presentation

2:05pm 6 Jan 2010

RT @sleary: the problem with buying books locally It's the same with their movies and video games – online FTW

1:06pm 6 Jan 2010

Social media as the new crime stopper, “Web Media Blitz for Missing Utah Mom Susan Powell” The Early Show

9:07am 4 Jan 2010

RT @thefounder: RE: This is complete BS … and it needs to be exposed for what it is.

12:30pm 2 Jan 2010

RT @puresight: Insightful. Indeed laziness is a virtue for a programmer

11:42am 2 Jan 2010

Watching last game of the season, Florida and Cincinnati at Sugar Bowl on Fox HD

8:40pm 1 Jan 2010

Florida football is changing forever: Many are asking “Is Friday the last night of the Florida dynasty?&#..

8:11pm 1 Jan 2010

Was it me or was CDT new years early at new york? I didn't see the ball drop. Our clocks all said 11:56 and I heard the countdown WTF.

10:52am 1 Jan 2010

Happy New Year CDT Goodbye 2009 Welcome 2010 #HappyNewYear

1:01am 1 Jan 2010