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December 2009

Finally, 2010, The Year We Make Contact: Is this the year we make contact? With whom, you might ask. Well, if y..

6:23pm 31 Dec 2009

Is it time for black-eyed peas and cabbage yet? yummm Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010: The Year We Make Contact

6:02pm 31 Dec 2009

#10yearsago I was headed to Ybor City, FL to ring in 2000 w/ now ex-wife. Y2K was soon to become a joke.

5:47pm 31 Dec 2009

2009 A year in the life of Twitter: I think 2009 will go down as the year Twitter became a household name. I kn..

10:24am 28 Dec 2009

German Sauerbraten – Patience Is Key To Perfection: Sauerbraten or “sour roast meat” is a dis..

7:21am 28 Dec 2009

Webster TX @HGI_INNsider hot water is hit and miss. We'll try another place next visit. #searchforbesthotel On the way home today.

12:20pm 26 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas! Bedded down in Webster TX at @HGI_INNsider Nice and cozy.

1:36am 25 Dec 2009

2009 in review #3 – What I'm greatful for – A loving wife, her 3 kids, their 3 cats, our home, our jobs, our friends and family #myyearyahoo

2:01am 24 Dec 2009

2009 in review #2 – Some personal trending topics – #michaeljackson, #iranelection, #heweb09, #sxsw, #gators, #cardinals #myyearyahoo

2:01am 23 Dec 2009

Year in review #1 – Things I never thought I would do – got remarried, bought a house, flew to Milwaukee #myyearyahoo

1:17am 22 Dec 2009

New IHOP parking fail at 11am #bcstx had to settle for the totally uncrowded Kettle

3:46pm 20 Dec 2009

One day of holiday break done. 13 more to go. Then have to hit the ground running. 2 projects in 2 weeks. JOY TO THE WORLD!

2:29am 20 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE Thanks for the lock up at 11pm CDT CYA

12:02am 19 Dec 2009

U need to be schooled Chris. Twitter is faster than email. Stop spreading the lie.

10:56pm 18 Dec 2009

I want to see the most Ones leave the quickest on @1vs100XboxLIVE

10:50pm 18 Dec 2009

@baddriverdave two words Blu Ray (when did Blu become a word)

10:38pm 18 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE waiting for a worthy advisory

10:30pm 18 Dec 2009

Follow Friday @WicksonWireless high-speed internet provider #bcstx

5:28pm 18 Dec 2009

more than #oneofmyfollowers creeps me out, makes me LOL, is useless, knows more than me, must be smoking crack

5:27pm 18 Dec 2009

gotta…get…one…more…CSS…done…before…break. All I want for Xmas is a Snap-Fingers-Gets-It-Done plug-in.

4:31pm 18 Dec 2009

Support Santa Hat, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –

1:11pm 16 Dec 2009

RT @fienen: vote Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009 for most influential higher ed blog post! // Vote early vote often

9:58am 16 Dec 2009

RT @shelleyKeith: RT @fienen: Last day to vote #heweb09 Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009 for most influential higher ed blog post! http:// …

9:56am 16 Dec 2009

It should be a crime to let the smell of fried chicken escape the break room at work.

9:55am 16 Dec 2009

It's Time for Texas A&M…to go mobile #bcstx

9:50am 16 Dec 2009

How widespread is this in the “wild?” Acrobat Security Advisory

9:39am 16 Dec 2009

Best philly cheese steak in #bcstx at yum

2:25pm 15 Dec 2009

out to lunch…not the state of mind, the state of being

12:50pm 15 Dec 2009

@WicksonWireless even cooler when you remember you are on twitter

12:18pm 15 Dec 2009

…so not only do you have to unfollow twits you have to unlist them too. @twitter #fail

12:06pm 15 Dec 2009

schedule cotweet with cotag ^CS

12:06pm 15 Dec 2009

I just noticed there are two types of twitter following. You can add someone to your Lists whom you do not follow personally #odd

12:03pm 15 Dec 2009

First tweet from CoTweet

11:42am 15 Dec 2009

God shall smite this tweet – it's #666

9:04pm 14 Dec 2009

@mherzber What's crazy is that Dexter is probably filmed a few miles away from you.

10:17am 14 Dec 2009

@shelleyKeith please share

10:00am 14 Dec 2009

RT @eduguru: The Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009 most influential highed blog post

9:55am 14 Dec 2009

I've been waiting for this from these guys forever

9:48am 14 Dec 2009

@sleary good deal. I had to search for those.

6:31pm 13 Dec 2009

@sleary are you including something about AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL and WP_POST_REVISIONS to save db space?

6:26pm 13 Dec 2009

German Rouladen – A Warm Dish On A Cold Night: Rouladen or most precisely Rinderrouladen is a German dish..

5:09pm 12 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE tonight SUCKED at least 1st half

11:08pm 11 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE Yeah! Back?

11:05pm 11 Dec 2009

@dmentd82 “pits” is correct aka versus.

10:47pm 11 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE MicroLost thumbsdown network FAIL. XboxLive can't connect. You are loosing BIG money #Sprint #Progressive

10:35pm 11 Dec 2009

RT @ustream Check out Fireside Chat with Gary Vaynerchuk, Loic Le Meur WOW

11:52am 11 Dec 2009

How Will Social Media Change In 2010: Surfing this morning and found this. I guess it’s not too early &#8..

11:10am 11 Dec 2009

Follow Friday @rww @fastcompany

10:47am 11 Dec 2009

More predictions for 2010 the term “social media” dissolves

10:22am 11 Dec 2009

Predictions are popping up around the web. AR “see it” in 2010

10:20am 11 Dec 2009

Wife comes thru to help with @1vs100XboxLIVE

11:31pm 10 Dec 2009

Not so good with Lyrics on @1vs100XboxLive

9:52pm 10 Dec 2009

@baddriverdave the crime is their website and lack of twitter

10:05am 8 Dec 2009

@fienen Do you have the beta version? I'm 99% Chrome and it's beta is pretty stable; some resource-hog issues.

10:03am 8 Dec 2009

@rachelreuben The irony is that kids that use social media use the worst grammar.

10:01am 8 Dec 2009

@rachelreuben We take it for granted that spelling is a prerequisite for social media.

9:59am 8 Dec 2009

Second verse same as the first: Back before Thanksgiving I said Texas gubernatorial race is like musical chairs..

4:51pm 5 Dec 2009

Watching the best game of the year – SEC Championship. Alabama #2 and Florida Gators #1. Go Gators!

4:25pm 5 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE no accomplishment for dancing…thanx…showboat is a joke!!!

11:54pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE lag is at about 3 seconds

11:31pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE holy crap 6? means 6 people sux

11:12pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE number 6? geez

10:59pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE showboat is a hoax we hit the ceiling 20x and nothing

10:47pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE blah blah TELA blah number four … nexty

10:24pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE 2 strike outs ….next !

10:19pm 4 Dec 2009

@1vs100XboxLIVE Waiting for Live! Holding our ownage…

9:52pm 4 Dec 2009

@rachelreuben Buble or @jdwcornell or bubbles LOL

9:17pm 4 Dec 2009

Waiting for LIVE on @1vs100XboxLIVE

9:13pm 4 Dec 2009

Follow Friday @1vs100XboxLIVE and @ev

9:07pm 4 Dec 2009

@TFLN Kids today…20 years after the Berlin Wall…how soon we forget

9:02pm 4 Dec 2009

@Robin2go you on the RAWX = dirty

7:39pm 4 Dec 2009

Careful Google Apps install on ISP = email MX record switch to Google? HeAdAcHe!

7:38pm 4 Dec 2009

Forcast is light snow in #bcstx my granma's Navy bean soup is on the menu tonight

4:11pm 4 Dec 2009

RT @TAMUCodeMaroon: Code Maroon:
Prison escapee suspected in CS area, exercise caution, monitor local media, report sightings to local p …

12:00pm 1 Dec 2009

@rachelreuben twitter is less chatty, but we don't feed twitter. our student gets some responses.

11:58am 1 Dec 2009

@rachelreuben interesting. we feed FB and followers are almost oblivious; convo starters maybe – they post what they want.

11:55am 1 Dec 2009

@rachelreuben Dept sites aren't interactive (should they be?) hence slap a face on your Dept and interact on facebook

11:45am 1 Dec 2009