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November 2009

Blue Beanie Day: November 30 is Blue Beanie Day. Fight bad code. Use Web Standards.

6:05pm 30 Nov 2009

Fight bad code. Use web standards. Be A Blue Beanie

4:54pm 30 Nov 2009

37-10 Gators Rule!

7:08pm 28 Nov 2009

@CBSsports Go Gators! 24-0 halftime

5:07pm 28 Nov 2009

t- 90 minutes to game time. @CBSsports Go Gators!

2:06pm 28 Nov 2009

OMG Go #Aggies

11:34pm 26 Nov 2009


11:00pm 26 Nov 2009

I see BIRDIES but Iz gotz a touch down!

10:59pm 26 Nov 2009

Gig Em #Aggies on #iamthanfulfor @espn hd

10:05pm 26 Nov 2009

Holy Crap! #aggies

9:26pm 26 Nov 2009

Wrecking Crew?! #aggies

9:21pm 26 Nov 2009

Longhorns at Aggies on @espn hd RAWKin' BTHO tu Ags!

8:51pm 26 Nov 2009

turkey…bagged ham…bagged fixin's…boxed…Thanksgiving Done! Game time y'all!

8:04pm 26 Nov 2009

Thanksgiving coming together turkey ham green beans yams Yum! Go Aggies!

2:11pm 26 Nov 2009

To Taylor: When I see three cats and three kids I do not see coincidence I see providence. #fb #matrixthanksgiving

10:36am 26 Nov 2009

Taylor our cat on FB: Don't tell my momma, but I have plans for stealing some turkey and ham! Yummy!!!! #fb #matrixthanksgiving

10:34am 26 Nov 2009

@stebert I bet #HTML5 <harsh> and <hash> aren't there 'cause they'd get confused with twitter back channel conversations

9:54am 26 Nov 2009

@baddriverdave Rough day? LOL Go Ags!

9:48am 26 Nov 2009

#iamthankfulfor being alive, my beautiful wife and my new family

7:22pm 25 Nov 2009

RT @fienen: This is a thing of beauty, and will forever be in my “response bank.”

12:23pm 25 Nov 2009

RT @@Frommelt @bdhvb @Robin2go @mherzber Our dept might use twitter ribbons for an IT campaign in spring. Thanks for info.

3:54pm 24 Nov 2009

@Frommelt @bdhvb @Robin2go Thanks @mherzber had the answer

3:49pm 24 Nov 2009

RT @michelle_olivia: “I decided to Twitter because everything that pops into my head is fascinating.” -Dilbert (

12:39pm 24 Nov 2009

RT @Robin2go: ROFLMAO This is seriously funny. RT @kevinoshea: RT @johnnemz: What would Star Wars be like if Facebook existed? http://ow …

12:38pm 24 Nov 2009

Less than a year away and the dance has begun for Texas governor: This isn’t the Texas two-step, more lik..

11:12am 24 Nov 2009

RT @fienen: Internet communication interpreted as vices

10:37am 24 Nov 2009

@mherzber thanks

9:06am 24 Nov 2009

Where did we get the twitter ribbon from for #heweb09?

9:03am 24 Nov 2009

I iz rdy 2 rawk on 1.5 hr sleep. It waz like Scrooge visited by snore-saw at 2, singing kittykat at 3, and a waking sasquatch at 4AM

7:23am 23 Nov 2009 – janga kids katie, vincent and jake

11:49pm 21 Nov 2009

@Robin2go enjoy some hot tots

5:54pm 19 Nov 2009

RT @w3c: Last Call: XMLHttpRequest

2:23pm 19 Nov 2009

RT @html5doctor: something pretty special this week, a #html5 glossary – many thanks to @j …

11:14am 19 Nov 2009

@rachelreuben Dell Mini had a better display at the store so I got it before heweb09. It was useful.

9:19am 19 Nov 2009

10 Years After Bonfire Collapse: Today, on the 10th anniversary of the Bonfire collapse at Texas A&M Univer..

6:41pm 18 Nov 2009

Dr. Marchbanks, Executive Director of CIS, talking about server virtualization services, microsoft exchange and color printing #tamuitforum

4:59pm 18 Nov 2009

IT Forum will be posted on #tamuitforum @tamu_it

4:58pm 18 Nov 2009

Ethel Vaught, communication specialist, continuing walk through of Texas A&M IT services #tamuitforum @tamu_it

4:55pm 18 Nov 2009

@mherzber Of course, @nocover started the CMS and was the first occupant of ver 2.

4:53pm 18 Nov 2009

Our homemade CMS got mentioned at #tamuitforum w00t! @tamu_it

4:50pm 18 Nov 2009

We would be at #tamuitforum if we had more parking passes :( @tamu_it

4:48pm 18 Nov 2009

Ironic that the web programmers of (@teamsiems & @nocover) aren't at the presentation #tamuitforum @tamu_it

4:44pm 18 Nov 2009

@chellabug is doing walk through of #tamuitforum @tamu_it

4:40pm 18 Nov 2009

@aoslund given a pres about TAMU IT and our websites start at the flagship @tamu_it #tamuitforum

4:38pm 18 Nov 2009

@tamu_it listening to IT Forum on TTVN #tamuitforum

4:33pm 18 Nov 2009

@KBTXNews Where Were You When Bonfire Fell? #bcstx

10:41am 18 Nov 2009

RT @KBTXNews: Where were you when Aggie Bonfire fell. And what do you remember most? We would like to hear from you!

10:40am 18 Nov 2009

Oxford Word of the Year 2009: Unfriend : OUPblog

4:43pm 17 Nov 2009

You aren’t in a political race until you have a web site: It seems like a truism these days: “You a..

12:53pm 17 Nov 2009

New blog posting, You aren't in a political race until you have a web site –

12:01pm 17 Nov 2009

Texas RenFest anyone? I feel like Dragon Slayer or King Arthur FTW tonight (morning)

1:26am 14 Nov 2009

@Robin2go Bacardi + Coke + re-installing my website = not pleasant but relaxing

1:16am 14 Nov 2009

@fooby order me and @baddriverdave too (2 kids & work from home) every night dishes R callin

7:20pm 13 Nov 2009

RT @fooby: Really wish I had a haus frau right about now.

7:15pm 13 Nov 2009

RT SonicOfBCS: Anyone coming out to Worldfest on Saturday? Bring the kids & have fun learning about & celebrating different cultures! #bcstx

11:38am 13 Nov 2009

Follow Friday the 13th re-follows @ColB, @mherzber, @jdwcornell

9:32am 13 Nov 2009

RT @jcarouth: Dear CS Residents: A bicycle lane does not double as a “get ahead of traffic so I can turn right” lane! #fb…Yeah! #bstx

9:31am 13 Nov 2009

Follow Friday the 13th new follows @tonydunn, @bpanulla, @klout, @CityofBryan

9:26am 13 Nov 2009

RT @mherzber: Conference Tweet censorship? RT @BarbaraNixon: Tweeting during sessions #NCA09…Not at #heweb09 ;)

9:21am 13 Nov 2009

@villagecafe Actually you might attract facebookers if your twitter URL went to the right site

3:04pm 12 Nov 2009

@villagecafe You might attract more facebookers if was working

2:57pm 12 Nov 2009

@Robin2go I went Chrome to avoid grinding Gears. Now I sit on my surfboard awaiting the next Wave.

2:49pm 12 Nov 2009

@ColB still wondering what highed does with iphone?

12:39pm 12 Nov 2009

RT @TAMU_IT: RT @DianeCMcDonald: #TAMU Spring 2010 courses now available via TAMUmobile, a free iPhone app

12:38pm 12 Nov 2009

@shelleyKeith @mherzber our goal as web programmers is to write the app to prevent the problem and the ticket

9:19am 12 Nov 2009

@ValveNews L4D2 rotting in stores Nov. 17 (USA) It's a @Zombieland “Kill of the Week” pre-ordered my copy.

10:25am 10 Nov 2009

First iPhone worm spreading in the wild, Sophos reports

12:30pm 9 Nov 2009

Gators over Vandy 27-3 They are 9-0 Go Gators!!

10:27pm 7 Nov 2009

Correction “Aftr furthr review chikin iz yummy” and “Make chikin yer personal fowl”

8:34pm 7 Nov 2009

Best commercial in a while: #ChicFilA chicken…your personal fowl

8:29pm 7 Nov 2009

Sound like a broken record (I LUV IT) watching Gators command Vandy on @espn 2HD

8:21pm 7 Nov 2009

This has to be solved somewhere: how do I apply my XSL file to your RSS w/o script programming?

1:17pm 7 Nov 2009

Now back to work on the @zfwartcc Policies #StopSmurfingAround

10:07am 7 Nov 2009

Actually you want bit.l…ta4i to save $10 over @gamespot (sorry GS u got Steamed)

10:45pm 6 Nov 2009

Pre-Order L4D2 @gamespot and knock one outa the park! ($10 off 2) Can't beat that with a bat, or can you?

10:44pm 6 Nov 2009

I have a Google Apps sandbox. Anyone want to play? (Sorry no Wave by order of the lifeguard)

10:25pm 6 Nov 2009

RT @Robin2go: I <3 @beep's current status updates. They make me LAWL….take your pick

4:47pm 6 Nov 2009

Jason Rodriguez, 40 years old, suspect in Orlando shooting at Reynolds, Smith and Hill

2:24pm 6 Nov 2009

Follow Friday @hope2forget30 Fort Hood, Sgt. Kimberly Munley: A Real American Hero!

2:22pm 6 Nov 2009

Fort Hood shooter was shot by police Sgt. Kimberly Munley: A Real American Hero!

12:44pm 6 Nov 2009

Its First Friday #bcstx

12:02pm 6 Nov 2009

Follow Friday @StoverBoyCMac #WorldsBestBaconDoubleCheeseburger, @HRMHenryVIII Texas RenFest, @aneventapart

11:56am 6 Nov 2009

I wish I could go to Seattle @aneventapart but by my estimate it takes $2500. Not in our FY2010 budget. #tamu

12:20am 6 Nov 2009

RT @aneventapart: New AEA News post: “Registration is now open for 2010” (

6:53pm 5 Nov 2009

@aoslund IBM announces cloud computing program @educause #educause09

9:18am 5 Nov 2009

@shelleyKeith ahh yeah pain meds and rusty wireframes…memories

12:06am 4 Nov 2009

Halloween Dinner 2009 after “Scariest House on the block” trick-or-tweeters

11:42pm 3 Nov 2009