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October 2009 – Scariest house. I win.

10:39pm 31 Oct 2009 – “You have the scariest house” they said muwahahah.

10:30pm 31 Oct 2009

@shelleyKeith Nothing could be finer than an ice cold Shiner

9:31pm 30 Oct 2009

@ValveNews Smart timing on “Batter Up”. Zombie wearing Jeter jersey would be epic! #l4d2

2:23pm 30 Oct 2009

@GameStopCorp sweet timing on L4D2 commercial; sweeter if zombie was wearing Jeter jersey.

2:11pm 30 Oct 2009

RT @baddriverdave: it.t….edu hey look at that slick site! Using #jquery galleryview! @TAMU_IT

11:38am 30 Oct 2009

@baddriverdave good luck, now go make the uber app that we can't live without and make a boat load

10:04am 30 Oct 2009

Newspaper circulation drop accelerates: It’s the largest drop recorded so far during the past decade&#821..

3:53pm 29 Oct 2009

@twitter is it my browser or something wrong server side with Sign Out? I can't do it.

3:30pm 29 Oct 2009

Commented on Amazing Video On Social Media From Socialnomics / Something Burning

10:05am 29 Oct 2009

RT @SouthwestAir: 72 Hour Sale! Fares as low as $25 select cities! (taxes, fees, & exclusions apply) #southwest

11:02am 28 Oct 2009

RT @puresight: tweets about social media & web technology at the Monty Dickerson page.…A blank page how chic

8:51am 28 Oct 2009

I'm a PC but iGet It iDon't Care

8:21am 28 Oct 2009

@danahboyd…ving and Learning with Social Media YouTube at

1:09pm 27 Oct 2009

@jasoncastro better have your webmaster check its not loading content from #fail

8:31am 27 Oct 2009

@fooby @baddriverdave Ding-bats, “needs garlic” (Crocodile Dundee)

4:20pm 26 Oct 2009

@JackKetchum is one twisted writer. Offspring is sick. I'm ordering a copy today. It should be better than the movie version.

9:16am 26 Oct 2009

Watched Offspring Saturday part of Xbox Spooktober – Gore, sex, modern B movie – I give it 2 stars

9:05am 26 Oct 2009

Watched The Children last night – part of Xbox Spooktober – I give it 4 stars

8:59am 26 Oct 2009

Get tricky Florida. Trick or Treat. Come on Gators, get up and Go! on @espn hd

7:46pm 24 Oct 2009

CHOMP! Blocked punt on 6 yardline. Go Gators! on @espn hd

7:43pm 24 Oct 2009

It's time to pull a trick play from the Spurrier's playbook. Stuffed in red zone. Go Gators! on @espn hd

7:31pm 24 Oct 2009

RT MAUDJACK: is Orange & Blue! Go Gators!

7:19pm 24 Oct 2009

Go big boy Tebow! Gators at Miss St. on @espn hd

7:12pm 24 Oct 2009

Gators at Miss St. on @espn hd GO GATORS!!!

6:51pm 24 Oct 2009

Follow Friday @phodder I followed @chrisbrogan then unfollowed – too many tweets

9:17am 23 Oct 2009

@baddriverdave elections are in 2 weeks

3:47pm 22 Oct 2009

@equalman “#2 Best Selling Web Marketing Book?” What is #1?

2:02pm 21 Oct 2009

RT @bungietweets: What if the phones…rang? Incoming call from ODST's Intel…what if AR was used to trigger game (inter)actions?

1:31pm 21 Oct 2009

I call these videos Marketing 101 by VW via @kbtxnews Viral Video Wednesday via @addthis

1:27pm 21 Oct 2009

Now Tank, Now! I need a signal.

11:01pm 20 Oct 2009

RT @sleary: oh, hey, free taco Tuesday at Freebirds.

11:52am 20 Oct 2009

I can't take this anymore. 20 all 7 min left. GO GATORS!

5:39pm 17 Oct 2009

Orange … Blue …Come on Gators, get up and Go!

5:14pm 17 Oct 2009

Go Gators! Tied 13 starting 4th on @cbssports HD

5:12pm 17 Oct 2009

October is breast cancer awareness month #beatcancer

11:20am 17 Oct 2009

@stop you watch him leave, we'll watch him arrive #bcstx

11:19am 16 Oct 2009

For UNFOLLOW FRIDAY I pulled out most of the people I followed in the last month.

8:36am 16 Oct 2009

I wonder how much #balloonboy effected worker productivity. How much is this going to cost our economy.

4:37pm 15 Oct 2009

RT @twitter: … tons of new apps thanks to suggestions from #appwednesday! Here's a one that's like @twitpic but for audio @twaudio.

4:24pm 14 Oct 2009

Halloween plans? I'm getting inspired. @twitrbackground has some cool backgrounds to set the mood.

11:03am 14 Oct 2009

Cool app found by our Student Work…Minion

10:43am 14 Oct 2009

RT @azaaza: Remember those “under construction” signs from the 90's Web. And hampsters

5:04pm 13 Oct 2009

@sleary You don't read email at conferences? Thanks for the slide WP show.

4:25pm 12 Oct 2009

Snow Leopard bug deletes all user data –

2:29pm 12 Oct 2009

Is An Event Apart good for .edu people or more for .com?

11:16am 12 Oct 2009

teamsiems twitter: making note of first-timers: making note of first-timersOriginally uploade..

3:03pm 9 Oct 2009

I encourage everyone to write your own HighEdWeb 2009 Wrap Up #heweb09

11:27am 9 Oct 2009

@fienen Good observations 1) irrelevant material for an educated crowd 2) reflects poorly on “us” 3) pressure for next year

9:37am 9 Oct 2009

RT @eduGuru The Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009 | .eduGuru

9:31am 9 Oct 2009

@michaelasmith I looked at wikipedia too “joy from the suffering of others” tells me those that are suffering know they are suffering

9:08pm 8 Oct 2009

Schadenfreude? who was suffering? #heweb09 I think the victim must know they are victimized/suffering

8:52pm 8 Oct 2009

RT @rachelreuben: Ok, Facebook is officially borked. @fjgaylor @bradjward So is twitter.

8:41pm 8 Oct 2009

AT home from #heweb09. Now watching #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

7:00pm 8 Oct 2009

Looks like it's going to be bumpy, rainy flights all the way home. yeah #heweb09

8:09am 8 Oct 2009

Good night. Go Cards! #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

12:10am 8 Oct 2009

DP Manny! #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner thanks

11:57pm 7 Oct 2009

Now would be a good time to rally like the old days. #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

11:56pm 7 Oct 2009

@Tend60 almost 3:30

11:53pm 7 Oct 2009

25 LOB division record in 7th #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

11:47pm 7 Oct 2009

tie at bat Go Cards! #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

11:38pm 7 Oct 2009

Cat and mouse #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

11:23pm 7 Oct 2009

RT @_KimRandall: RT @Selfdog: #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals #Cardinals

11:18pm 7 Oct 2009

Red vs. Blue #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

11:06pm 7 Oct 2009

#Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner fans need a little Captain in them

11:05pm 7 Oct 2009

Cat and mouse FTW #Cardinals at #Dodgers @tbshotcorner

10:50pm 7 Oct 2009

Each 9 LOB in 4! #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:27pm 7 Oct 2009

#tbsfail FTW #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:25pm 7 Oct 2009

More LOB AGAIN #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:16pm 7 Oct 2009

Ooooh! #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:15pm 7 Oct 2009

Bases loaded AGAIN. New pitcher. Make them pay. #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:14pm 7 Oct 2009

make em pay Holiday #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:08pm 7 Oct 2009

chickens boo #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:07pm 7 Oct 2009

That's the way #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

10:03pm 7 Oct 2009

More LOB #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

9:54pm 7 Oct 2009

Come on Carpenter knock the rust off #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

9:53pm 7 Oct 2009

WTF was that throw #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

9:49pm 7 Oct 2009

@jdwcornell Are you watching TBS basebal ?

9:12pm 7 Oct 2009

@jchiv3 @erickbeck @modernishfather are guys on the 10:45 flight? taking shuttle?

8:54pm 7 Oct 2009

@modernishfather i figured is ok

8:46pm 7 Oct 2009

@erine yep csi continues after twins yankees

8:32pm 7 Oct 2009

#Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner Go Cards!

8:31pm 7 Oct 2009

@MrItty goto TNT #Cardinals at #Dodgers at #heweb09 @tbshotcorner

8:23pm 7 Oct 2009

Watching Twins at Yankees on TBS at #heweb09 waiting for Cardinals at Dodgers

7:50pm 7 Oct 2009

@modernishfather are the aggies walking or meeting up first

6:00pm 7 Oct 2009

Track flights from #heweb09 at

5:50pm 7 Oct 2009

Chophouse is awsome. 16oz prime rib is 3 in thick holly cow! wine is good too. 4.5 stars

9:38pm 6 Oct 2009

@shelleyKeith buses on 6th St. bus driver lady is great #heweb09

7:36pm 6 Oct 2009

Hope you find a place to enjoy scotch and cigars @bradycreel. I'm looking in the Chophouse. #heweb09

7:24pm 6 Oct 2009

Thanks for the glass #heweb09. Now it's time for some real food – Prime Rib at the Chophouse.

7:20pm 6 Oct 2009

@hollyrae They say it's your birthday (?) Happy Birthday

7:11pm 6 Oct 2009

@jdwcornell…fir – beer goggles?

7:10pm 6 Oct 2009

RT @jdwcornell: I survived the #heweb09 keynote t-shirt Thanks for that!

1:44pm 6 Oct 2009

RT @hashtager: # @teamsiems we need a #GirlsUnderTrees hashtag, so we can show this horrible trend in today's high ed web world…agreed

11:19pm 5 Oct 2009

@baddriverdave irony, #heweb09 keynote today talked about the five second test…we did a few

10:41pm 5 Oct 2009

#heweb09 Girls Under Trees FTW on your website.

3:02pm 5 Oct 2009

#heweb09 AND TNT We need more technical details

9:14am 5 Oct 2009

@stomer tweey that's a (good) new one. As in “don't tweet, i have to tweey?”

12:18am 5 Oct 2009

8 days a week bluegrass-style WTF on mptv It is definitely time for bed

12:16am 5 Oct 2009

Sorry WRK2 was a little crazy for group5 (no see screen) @sleary I had to re-read my notes to see it

12:13am 5 Oct 2009