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September 2009

#why is facebook not working

11:45pm 30 Sep 2009

@ColB Clap your hands, stomp your feet, find some wifi and meet and greet. Go Geeks! Whoop! #heweb09 @sleary

1:25pm 30 Sep 2009

RT @dgoldentyer: @ColB geek camp. sweet…One time, at Geek Camp, I OH @dgoldentyer: tell some bad jk and I LOL.

1:18pm 30 Sep 2009

Texas A&M IT websites are getting an umbrella site and a facelift soon @TAMU_IT

4:48pm 29 Sep 2009

@michelle_olivia Congrats Aggie and congrats to the Aggies for BTHO of UAB

8:16pm 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to arminvanbuuren's channel on YouTube

11:14am 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to asotrecordings's channel on YouTube

11:07am 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to dancefoundation's channel on YouTube

11:07am 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to djdownloadmix's channel on YouTube

11:07am 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to Cloud9Dance's channel on YouTube

11:07am 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to armadamusic's channel on YouTube

11:07am 27 Sep 2009

I subscribed to armindrecordings's channel on YouTube

11:07am 27 Sep 2009

Tweetup: #heweb09 early arrivers tweetup on Oct 3, 2009 RSVP here: #hewebsat #twtvite

11:58am 25 Sep 2009

Follow Friday this week @FSHouston @2KSports @bungietweets @uwebd @laceybaze @michelle_olivia @BarCampMKE @jquerysites

10:29am 25 Sep 2009

I subscribed to officialxbox's channel on YouTube

10:35pm 24 Sep 2009

@dgoldentyer Thanks for the dinner plans idea. See and/or other Forum posts

9:26pm 24 Sep 2009

@villagecafe Please fix your URL on twitter: take out the space in front of brazos

11:28am 24 Sep 2009

Kyle Field, Texas A&M University, Dude Perfect, 3rd Deck

9:06am 24 Sep 2009

Well no clinch tonight. Your welcome Lastros. #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:51pm 23 Sep 2009

Ump waaaay inside #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:48pm 23 Sep 2009

Lastros worried Valverde pitching. #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:45pm 23 Sep 2009

Walkoff time Ludwick #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:44pm 23 Sep 2009

@iamhughes2 shhhh #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:38pm 23 Sep 2009

1/2 Clinch Mil 3 Cubs 2 Go Cards Clinch! #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:36pm 23 Sep 2009

OMG consult first geez before pass on Burkman #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:34pm 23 Sep 2009

@fshouston I guess no freeze frame? not that it matters DVR is so so

9:31pm 23 Sep 2009

OK Franklin. Memo: Clinch tonight OK #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:27pm 23 Sep 2009

Frak! Reyes did we mention CLINCH tonight?! #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:24pm 23 Sep 2009

RT @Houston saved their stuff for today.Looks good but Cards can sneak up in 9th #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:23pm 23 Sep 2009

STFU crowd hahahaaah #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:17pm 23 Sep 2009

Crowd doing the wave. Board? #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:15pm 23 Sep 2009

Go Cards (go Brewers) Mil 3 Cubs 2 in 8th #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:07pm 23 Sep 2009

@coderock874 Walkoff would be feather in the cap.

9:04pm 23 Sep 2009

Wicked pitches Hawksworth! #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

9:03pm 23 Sep 2009

@jgove54 Houston saved their pitchers for tonight and the Cards are tired of 7 runs in two games

9:01pm 23 Sep 2009

Houston saved their stuff for the last day.Looks good but Cards can sneak up in 9th #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

8:58pm 23 Sep 2009

Again, no power from OF. Cards will relieve Smoltz and clinch. #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

8:54pm 23 Sep 2009

No power from OF. Plays at Home. Yadi get ready. #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

8:48pm 23 Sep 2009

Mil 3 Cubs 1 in 7 watching for Clinch #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

8:42pm 23 Sep 2009

Yadi no slide WTF? He can steal but no hustle? #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

8:19pm 23 Sep 2009

@bluetoad12 Go Cards Go Cards Go

8:12pm 23 Sep 2009

Clinch?! MIL 2 CHI 0 watching #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

8:07pm 23 Sep 2009

RT @FSHouston: @teamsiems You are absolutely right so you can figure out why that is not being done! Thanks Keep up the good work FSHouston

7:59pm 23 Sep 2009

If you asked me 10 years ago if I'd Smoltz at STL I'd say no way. He still has the stuff. #cardinals at #astros #mlb on @FSHouston HD

7:50pm 23 Sep 2009

@thelastsheep Astros or Cardinals fans? (Lucky guys)

7:45pm 23 Sep 2009

@fshouston if you give percent vote you should give actual numbers too “10 of 10 votes” is nothing

7:41pm 23 Sep 2009

Cardinals should respect Astros pitcher Norris tonight #mlb on @FSHouston HD

7:32pm 23 Sep 2009

@fshouston Smoltz will be a Hall of Famer because of his time on the mound in ATL not STL

7:13pm 23 Sep 2009

I subscribed to HighEdWeb's channel on YouTube

6:22pm 23 Sep 2009

I subscribed to alexwestconsulting's channel on YouTube

9:13am 23 Sep 2009

March of Dimes Jail & Bail. My wife is getting arrested Oct 8. Help her out!

8:35am 23 Sep 2009

Swim in the Adult

10:57pm 22 Sep 2009

La Russa on crack?! Yadi on 1st?! #cardinals at #astros on @FSHouston HD

9:25pm 22 Sep 2009

Can't decide ODST @bungietweets #halo or Bigs 2 @2KSports #mlb

9:20pm 22 Sep 2009

u go boy Yadi! #cardinals at #astros is now 2 @FSHouston HD #mlb

9:08pm 22 Sep 2009

Looking like the magic number for #cardinals at #astros is now 2 @FSHouston HD #mlb 7 – 1 in 8th (better than monday)

9:02pm 22 Sep 2009

@twitter Saved searches still not saving correctly. “Whoops something went wrong try refreshing”???

7:24pm 22 Sep 2009

Watching #cardinals at #astros game 2 Looking for magic number shrink to 2 @FSHouston HD #mlb

7:20pm 22 Sep 2009

@aoslund Happy Birthday! @baddriverdave @fooby @nocover @michelle_olivia @laceybaze @chellabug @TAMU_IT

9:17am 22 Sep 2009

Oh my a Halopedia? Halo ODST

8:33am 22 Sep 2009

@BarCampMKE with @HighEdWeb the Tweeps will be everywhere

8:20am 22 Sep 2009

Stay tuned same bat channel same bat time tomorrow #cardinals at #astros See magic number 2 @FSHouston HD #mlb Go #redbirds !

9:47pm 21 Sep 2009

Cardinals magic number is 3…not 4…not 2…but 3 #montypython #holygrail

9:34pm 21 Sep 2009

@bonbonwc Happy Birthday!

9:33pm 21 Sep 2009

Dont count the chix before they hatch. Cards arent strong Cubs are same. Magic is 3 #cardinals at #astros 7-3 Final on @FSHouston HD #mlb

9:31pm 21 Sep 2009

@jamncl4 magic is 3 dont count til they hatch

9:29pm 21 Sep 2009

@johnebolin no they need 3 to clinch :)

9:26pm 21 Sep 2009

Easy Peasy for #cardinals at #astros 7-3 Final on @FSHouston HD #mlb Magic # is 3 @hash_mlb

9:25pm 21 Sep 2009

@twitter Saved Search is no go! Too much activity?

9:17pm 21 Sep 2009

Gotta love the 'magic number' count. 7-3 in 9th #cardinals at #astros on @FSHouston HD #mlb @hash_mlb

9:13pm 21 Sep 2009

@hash_mlb thanx for the RT

9:05pm 21 Sep 2009

Time to finish them off. 7-3 in 8th. Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD #mlb

8:58pm 21 Sep 2009

Gervacio is 1 freaky pitcher Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston

8:50pm 21 Sep 2009

Watching Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD I should be in the stands watching the kills live

8:32pm 21 Sep 2009

Follow Friday @jquerysites

9:46am 18 Sep 2009

@michelle_olivia…8fBx nettus is a good place for your class to learn html and css

1:24pm 16 Sep 2009

Viral video is the way to rock the social media world. Most powerful woman in media, Oprah, knows how to do it right.

11:29am 15 Sep 2009

Some selfless promotion for my wife. Won't you please help me bail her out. March of Dimes Jail & Bail

9:35am 15 Sep 2009

RT @KBTXNews: Actor Patrick Swayze Dies After Lengthy Illness…RIP

9:34pm 14 Sep 2009

@twitter I just got a generic Apache 403 error trying to go to my twitter home page.

1:26pm 14 Sep 2009

RT @hollyrae: RT @theother66 “Collaboration is rocket science” #anzsog …and Google Wave is astrophysics. It's a new level of crazy.

10:56pm 13 Sep 2009

Getting the data back on a new 1TB drive. Life is getting back on track. Still like my Dell Mini for quick computing around the house

10:36pm 13 Sep 2009

@ColB A plone site – my prayers are with you. LOL. Share with social media is a nice touch (no twitter?)

2:35pm 13 Sep 2009

I just watched 9 the movie – it was good maybe B-. You'll understand the rebel reference when you watch. @rebel123456789

4:47pm 12 Sep 2009

@zombieland is doing a great job of utilizing social media to hype the movie.

9:50am 12 Sep 2009 – I've become a resident of Zombieland!

9:42am 12 Sep 2009

@ColB is the deployment a public site? can we see? comment?

9:21am 12 Sep 2009

Twitter's influence on writing style –

11:43am 9 Sep 2009

Mike Leach Texas Tech “Best Coach in Football?” @TexasMonthly

9:19pm 8 Sep 2009

25th Annual Kolache Festival –

4:58pm 8 Sep 2009

Low blow www.washington….com/ @GovPerry2010 @GovernorPerry

8:58am 8 Sep 2009

@GovPerry2010 It's not via @RickPerryNews

8:54am 8 Sep 2009

@sleary thats's what i think of microformats…what was this for again? too terse is bad terse.

11:52pm 7 Sep 2009

I ordered a copy of Socialnomics @equalman and Fahrenheit 451 from @bnbuzz this weekend. Ironic?

9:34am 7 Sep 2009

Laboring on Labor Day? You're not alone. Happy Labor Day indeed!

8:52am 7 Sep 2009

Five stars for SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Webster TX We'll be back.

10:33pm 5 Sep 2009

Pappa's in Webster TX is a good find. Thanks reviews on @googlemaps (Don't go to Cheddar's here.)

10:24pm 5 Sep 2009

I uploaded a YouTube video — Who's The Gangsta

9:26pm 4 Sep 2009

Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #bryan

9:36am 4 Sep 2009

Lightning Talk today! @TAMUUWeb

9:29am 4 Sep 2009