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August 2009

@ColB We use www.medu.c… @tamuwww on iPhone to see class schedules, contact info, maps, and more

5:08pm 31 Aug 2009

Oh yeeeaaahhh…I forgot about the “Cone of Shame Award.” I can think of a few people that deserve it.

11:41am 31 Aug 2009

You know you're in Texas when the Governor tweets “Hunting season starts tomorrow!…Be safe and good hunting!!” @GovernorPerry

11:29am 31 Aug 2009

RT HighEdWeb weather in Milwaukee in October highs in the mid 60s. #heweb09 … cant wait

10:25am 31 Aug 2009

Our student portal #howdy is throwing errors. Students are lost. All we need now is rain and the first day of class will be complete.

10:22am 31 Aug 2009

Can someone recommend a “My Links” app on Ning (or in I want to save links on my Ning pages. #heweb09 @HighEdWeb

5:18pm 30 Aug 2009

Saw #district9 as a human today. I give it a B maybe B+. They will be back – it's Peter Jackson – they'll be back 2x.

12:33am 30 Aug 2009

mental note – cause I may not have a brain by then – go see @zombieland 10.02.09

12:01am 30 Aug 2009

Dell Mini doing well. Getting it set it up for #heweb09 @HighEdWeb09

11:28pm 29 Aug 2009

Working with a new Dell Mini 1011. I like it. I didn't like the network connection though.

3:10am 29 Aug 2009

I love they saved my bookmark-bacon. I wish ever re-install was so easy.

3:08am 29 Aug 2009

PLEASE DON'T FEED THE MODELS…: Tactless Marketing for LG

8:54am 28 Aug 2009

Is your WPA encryption current? It might get cracked in 60 seconds.

3:54pm 27 Aug 2009

The check is in the mail. I'm all set. @HighEdWeb #heweb09

10:54am 26 Aug 2009

@azaaza Pesto changeo

8:45am 25 Aug 2009

RT @BryanPolice: Brazos Sheriff and DPS are working a major accident at the 18000 block of Highway 21 East. Please avoid the area.

2:15pm 24 Aug 2009

Follow Friday kool app @twtbizcard

2:58pm 21 Aug 2009

2:48pm 21 Aug 2009

@tarinytx test out my business card #twtbizcard

2:47pm 21 Aug 2009

Follow Friday on twitter @GovernorPerry @TeamKay let the mudslinging commence

10:39am 21 Aug 2009

Follow Friday @villagecafe @twitter

10:15am 21 Aug 2009

@villagecafe You might want to remove the space before brazos in your profile URL. Should be http://brazos not http:// brazos

10:01am 21 Aug 2009

@stop The way this displays is @stop Eating habañero salsa…

9:29am 21 Aug 2009

one crashed raid 0 hard drive will slow down my social media activities

4:58pm 20 Aug 2009

teamsiems twitter: [Fwd: Fw: Interesting about McDonalds]: ——– Original Message ——–S..

3:11pm 19 Aug 2009

@tamu_it RT @fienen: Link to whitepaper on student e-expectations in higher ed :

4:06pm 18 Aug 2009

RT @kottkedotorg: Don't text while driving

9:33am 18 Aug 2009

Asking: I cannot unblock suspended users – The list of blocked users contains suspended users that I cannot unbl…

11:13pm 14 Aug 2009

RT @zfwartcc: Summer Sizzle 2009 is heating up. We're here til 0100 Zulu.

9:04am 8 Aug 2009

@zfwartcc Summer Sizzle is tomorrow. Hottest Event of Summer.

8:30am 7 Aug 2009