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July 2009

I'm barred from watching @FSHouston Go Cards!

9:03pm 31 Jul 2009

RT @kottkedotorg: Makes you not want to eat Remember,, the reason anti-propaganda legislation was made.

9:14am 31 Jul 2009

Anyone run NetTracker? We're getting an error almost everyday.

8:47am 31 Jul 2009

Cut down a mighty sycamore today

10:55pm 24 Jul 2009

RT @stop: @vl @ded the new Twitter widget they pushed out testing this widget

8:06am 24 Jul 2009

Getting giant sycamore tree cut down before its roots lift my house.

8:02am 24 Jul 2009

@sarah_corns NOTE: and are not the same thing. is not related to ( is worse)

8:37am 23 Jul 2009

Holy crap! Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston

9:13pm 21 Jul 2009

@crisangwich come on cards BEAT The CRAP out of Astros

9:08pm 21 Jul 2009

@Bunda713 feel free to shut the f up :)

8:51pm 21 Jul 2009

Like a car wreck gotta keep watching Kinney u better be a cocky, magic, mother…Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD

8:46pm 21 Jul 2009

TV going off. Cardinals (La Russa it was too late) lost it in the 5th.

8:42pm 21 Jul 2009

@FSHouston count on it! Carpenter will be the savior in this series.

8:40pm 21 Jul 2009

WTF, change @Todalion NOW, Cardinals at Astros @FSHouston HD

8:37pm 21 Jul 2009

windows update is messing with my tweets

8:35pm 21 Jul 2009

Come on Cardinals (replace @Todalion) and heat it up. Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD

8:28pm 21 Jul 2009

@todalion at 8th in this is NOT good Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD

8:12pm 21 Jul 2009

@Todalion is holding his own w/ Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD but 3-1 is time to warm up a lefty

7:55pm 21 Jul 2009

Can @Todalion (Wellemeyer) heat it up tonight in @FSHouston vs. Astros?

7:04pm 21 Jul 2009

Pitchers night? Wellemeyer (WTF?) vs Wandy, Cardinals at Astros on @FSHouston HD

6:49pm 21 Jul 2009

Cardinals at Astros (I can't honestly say Lastros grrr) on @FSHouston HD at 7 CDT.

6:44pm 21 Jul 2009

Watching Cards at Astros 2-0 in 4th on #fshouston hd in tornado warning / severe storm warning

8:06pm 20 Jul 2009

Watching Cardinals #stlcards at Astros on #fssw hd 0 – 0 Gooo Cards!

7:58pm 20 Jul 2009

teamsiems twitter: Google Earth 5.0 Goes to the Moon: It was 40 years ago today that man lande..

4:16pm 20 Jul 2009

I think we're finished with our tour of Japanese/Chinese food. Miso + chicken lo mein + stir fry + Saki

8:05pm 16 Jul 2009

@mollydotcom sounds good

8:02pm 16 Jul 2009

teamsiems twitter: Texas' Drought Worsens: How bad is it? With triple-digit temperatures for t..

1:20pm 16 Jul 2009

BOO YAH! Cards 4 Cubs 2. Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:45pm 12 Jul 2009

OMG! It slid into his glove! *Astrisk* Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:37pm 12 Jul 2009

Bases loaded CARDS at CUBS. Goooo Cards

9:33pm 12 Jul 2009

Oh my. The DRAMA! Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:30pm 12 Jul 2009

La Russa is thinking what he'll match wits in the bottom of 9th. Love it. Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:28pm 12 Jul 2009

Piniella pulling a La Russa double switch in the 9th inning. Classic! Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:26pm 12 Jul 2009

Looks like classic Cards baseball. Action in late innings. Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:22pm 12 Jul 2009

Pujols 0, Ludwick 3 (fastballs) Gooo Ludwick Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:10pm 12 Jul 2009

Good D in 7th Gooo Cards. Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

9:04pm 12 Jul 2009

La Russa needs to change pitchers

8:57pm 12 Jul 2009

Ludwick RAWKS Cards at Cubs on @espn HD

8:49pm 12 Jul 2009

Loving HD on @espn HD Cards at Cubs

8:45pm 12 Jul 2009

Is the return of classic Cards baseball? – late inning action – Cards at Cubs

8:32pm 12 Jul 2009

end 2nd Cards at Cubs was a give me, too close to call, did a rewind on the dvr @espn hd

8:05pm 12 Jul 2009

All set for the re-try Cards at Cubs doubleheader on @espn HD

6:38pm 12 Jul 2009

teamsiems twitter: XSLT and org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process: I had to download and open the Xala..

3:38pm 10 Jul 2009

teamsiems twitter: Texas Brisket on Independence Day: In Search of the Wabba WabbaI wanted to ..

3:38pm 10 Jul 2009

teamsiems twitter: I told you so, twitter is bigger than you think: See what I mean, twitter i..

3:38pm 10 Jul 2009

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla Mosquitoes curse your name for the zapper

11:30am 10 Jul 2009

RT @aggieInfo: Reminder, Roby Fitzhenry's presentation “Think Like a Designer” is at noon in GSC 101A

10:27am 10 Jul 2009

RT @TAMUUWeb: Just a reminder, Roby Fitzhenry's presentation “Think Like a Designer” is tomorrow @ noon in GSC 101A

11:40am 9 Jul 2009

@sleary “How I lost my health insurance at the hairstylist?s” is a scary thought

9:47am 9 Jul 2009

I am so smart. I figured out how to use 'java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process'

4:32pm 8 Jul 2009

@stop with Google Wave conversations will be insane

11:16am 8 Jul 2009

RT @HighEdWeb: As acceptances are accepted and confirmations confirmed #heweb09 sessions are popping up on the schedule.

8:09am 7 Jul 2009

All-in-all July 4th was a success. Brisket (good), corn (better), baked potatoes (best), dessert (wow).

11:07am 5 Jul 2009

There is an air of brisket surrounding our house. mmm mmm yum.

3:55pm 4 Jul 2009 – Happy Independence Day. Brisket should be ready by 8pm. Just in time for fireworks.

10:56am 4 Jul 2009

Texas brisket on Independence Day, can't wait! Preping it right now. mmm mmm good. thanx #Meathead #amazingribs

11:36pm 3 Jul 2009

First 2 examples should be studied at my work (coworkers u know what I'm talking about) “Sign Up Forms Must Die”

4:47pm 2 Jul 2009

10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To « I.T News & Stuff

4:42pm 2 Jul 2009

RT @w3c: W3C lets XHTML2 WG expire, puts energy into (X)HTML5… FAQ:

2:32pm 2 Jul 2009

RT @jeresig: jQuery Conference 2009 Date and Venue Announced:

12:29pm 2 Jul 2009

RT @mollydotcom: I want an Opera Browse Me Cow! go vote and help Mols recover @arveb – got my vote moooolly

10:20am 1 Jul 2009

Is your uni on the uTube? Universities are doing every thing they can to be cool

10:09am 1 Jul 2009