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June 2009

Firefox 3.5 = broken developer add-ons … maybe I'll wait

7:35pm 30 Jun 2009

RT @azaaza: Firefox 3.5 is a Web Browser Renaissance. May this hasten the #deathofIE6 #dieIE6 #nomoreIE6

7:17pm 30 Jun 2009

RT @HighEdWeb: Acceptance notices have started heading out over the interwebs. Congrats to all #heweb09 presenters.

1:14pm 30 Jun 2009

tiling a bedroom…*sehr gut*…no, sehr bruno!

10:38am 28 Jun 2009

@Jesse Amen

8:13pm 26 Jun 2009

@elijahmanor when u have a minute: can u recommend books, training on jQuery

4:32pm 26 Jun 2009

Answer: catches the first # and ignores the second hmmm

4:16pm 26 Jun 2009

What happens if u put 2 hatch together #follow#friday #team#siems

4:14pm 26 Jun 2009

new adds @TAMUUWeb @tamuwww @erickbeck @dataplex @HighEdWeb @sleary @jcarouth #ff #followfriday

4:12pm 26 Jun 2009

@Candy95 Beat It candy9…om/ Rip MJ

9:23am 26 Jun 2009

@fooby Moonshine Grill is good too

2:16pm 25 Jun 2009

Just found this cool news via E3 2009: facebook, twitter, from Xbox Live

2:53pm 24 Jun 2009

Ask and you shall receive: Analytics Campaign Builder Tool

1:47pm 22 Jun 2009

It's no longer Masked Revolution. There is a face and she is #neda (Farsi for the voice) @TIME

8:33am 22 Jun 2009

@WeblogofWeeds 2nd floor? buildings have a nasty habit of floating away in hurricanes

8:20pm 20 Jun 2009

If revolution breaks, it'll probably be tagged the Masked Revolution (u read it here first) or the Anonymous Revolution #gr88 #IranElection

12:33am 20 Jun 2009

Skeleton of Caylee Anthony had tape over mouth, report says – #cnn

11:50pm 19 Jun 2009

RT @OH @LucasCruikshank gave us the next big phrase: “U r sooo year 1!”

11:29pm 19 Jun 2009

RT @rickycriales: confession 4 @mileycyrus Follow Friday AT&T iPhone Father's Day Tehran #iranelection #inaperfectworld

3:54pm 19 Jun 2009

NEW FSUIPC 4 (incorporating WideFS 7) for use with FSX June 9 2009 @rendezvousnz

6:53pm 17 Jun 2009

RT @N7433A: Want to win a plane? Tickets are $50 each and it supports a good cause! Call 713-454-1940 to purchase! #winaplane

6:43pm 17 Jun 2009

what tweaks my twitter is tweets with no reference or context # is nice but doesn't validate what u said @codinghorror #windows3.0lol

2:48pm 17 Jun 2009

RT @mashable CNN?s Response to #CNNFail [VIDEO] (via @tweetmeme)

8:50am 17 Jun 2009

RT @PCMag: The U.S. State Department asked Twitter to delay downtime to help with #IranElection.

2:42pm 16 Jun 2009

“Twitterverse working to confuse Iranian censors”

2:41pm 16 Jun 2009

Check this video out — Hammer Pants Dance (HD)

1:35pm 15 Jun 2009

9:48am 15 Jun 2009

RT @smashingmag: Poll: Do you use a “Home”-link in the navigation to lead visitors back to the site's front page?

9:12am 15 Jun 2009

A different take on an ancient myth. Still a good read. @alistapart 'Managing Werewolves'

9:18am 13 Jun 2009

RT @arunram: RT @pwnicholson: Looks TweetDeck, Twitterride, and TwitterBerry have all failed under the Twitpocalypse.

9:26pm 12 Jun 2009

@arunram RT @pwnicholson: Looks TweetDeck, Twitterride, and TwitterBerry have all failed under the Twitpocalypse. FTW!

9:26pm 12 Jun 2009

Was #Twitterberry been afflicted by the #Twitpocalypse?

9:21pm 12 Jun 2009

#twitpocalypse Affecting Twitterrific for iPhone

9:16pm 12 Jun 2009

@ilishe those that play by 32 bit integers, die by 32 bit integers

9:13pm 12 Jun 2009

did anyone suffer a #twitpocalypse

9:12pm 12 Jun 2009

Dude, your Dell's tweet

11:22am 12 Jun 2009

RT @TAMU_IT: RT @LanceUlanoff: Today marks the big switch to DTV! #dtv

8:37am 12 Jun 2009

@chellabug yeah sxsw was crazy tweets, blogs and emails

11:23pm 11 Jun 2009

U say U want a revolution well @sxtxixtxcxh or @wyatthull #die6

9:36am 10 Jun 2009

@zfwartcc Don't forget to mention new events in June.

8:07pm 9 Jun 2009

RT @kevinmarks: I'm at The Sports Page (1431 Plymouth St, at N Shoreline Blvd, SF) .

7:04pm 9 Jun 2009

RT @smashingmag: Twitter T-Shirts Giveaway ( to participate, follow @smashingmag and retweet this msg!

6:32pm 9 Jun 2009

@acasalena If AT&T dies how we going to use our #squarespace iPhone

2:16pm 9 Jun 2009

the Twitpocalypse is nye

2:02pm 9 Jun 2009

Got a #phish from #fb inbox titled “Wannaa knoww somethinng funnny? Youu?ve bbeen ffilmed!” DO NOT GO TO URL!

12:37pm 9 Jun 2009

@chellabug the others don't tweet?

8:34pm 8 Jun 2009

@theconstruct or the quick and dirty way look at their RSS feed

12:12pm 8 Jun 2009

@theconstruct have you seen the twitter API

11:40am 8 Jun 2009

RT @smashingmag: RT @smashingmag is looking for regular authors for advanced CSS/JS-articles. We pay well: editor{at}

9:35am 8 Jun 2009

#up in digital 3D is a must see

8:07am 8 Jun 2009

@mistercameron nothing like chirping tweets. their easy like Sunday morning

9:08am 7 Jun 2009

@smashingmag how many months until we need IE hacks

8:21am 7 Jun 2009

RT @smashingmag: 10 properties that ?were? impossible to implement in IE6 – #CSS-Hacks

10:08am 6 Jun 2009

Checking out the awesome TweetCloud at TweetStats!

10:03am 6 Jun 2009

OH @LucasCruikshank gave us the next big phrase: “U r sooo year 1!”

4:48pm 5 Jun 2009

@LucasCruikshank “Someone has a talking fred pen” That would creep me out: you're a celeb and no one knows you. Cool youtube videos though.

4:47pm 5 Jun 2009

Government Motors Tee b…ly/exIdI Truth in advertising

12:26pm 5 Jun 2009

RT @BadAstronomer “Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1.” #robotpickuplines

12:19pm 5 Jun 2009

Tetris Turns 25…Tl – beware of female druids on #wow , Brøderbund's Lode Runner #rawk

12:16pm 5 Jun 2009

maybe new web devs can gain insight @w3c @alistapart #followfriday

9:16am 5 Jun 2009

I did #followfriday yesterday. Today is #freefoodfriday or #fellowshipfriday.

6:41am 5 Jun 2009

WTF Google Squared bit….1aBGTG

2:04pm 4 Jun 2009

RT @azaaza W3C's perfect response to calls for a <sarcasm> tag.

1:41pm 4 Jun 2009

@TAMUCodeMaroon got the AtHoc “BOING” at 13:23:38

1:29pm 4 Jun 2009

twitter overload = men u follow 50+ people and the all tweet at once

1:18pm 4 Jun 2009

20 Developers to Follow on Twitter, maybe

12:14pm 4 Jun 2009

If I see another or link to Acai Elite I'm might go postal.

11:34am 3 Jun 2009

Halo 3: ODST…1h looks cool. Thanks #e3 tweets.

4:36pm 2 Jun 2009

@mistercameron Gov now owns 60% of GM…Gov owns the majority of my investments

9:22am 1 Jun 2009