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May 2009

HTML5 will force more (expensive) OS changes

9:55am 29 May 2009

@weirdnews RockStar might have better luck with “Win a date with a sweet guitar” I like his other items 4 sale: tires anyone?

9:25am 27 May 2009

Memorial Day (America) is traditionally the start of summer. BBQ ribs is a nice way to start. truely is amazing.

9:28am 25 May 2009

@mistercameron 'broke the P key off my macbook pro'…does that make it a Mac Po

8:02am 23 May 2009

Doing the stay-cation thing, cooking BBQ

8:00am 23 May 2009

@nicepaul web pet-peeves: links the color of text. camouflage belongs on hunters not links.

4:00pm 22 May 2009

Just received an email masquerading as a #facebook notification with a #virus link in it. DO NOT CLICK IT IF U GET ONE.

4:51pm 19 May 2009

@baddriverdave there's something very satisfying in working with CSS… you haven't past the point of insane hacks yet have you

3:03pm 7 May 2009

RT @NatHistoryWhale Museum chronicling whale murder, @whalingmuseum, tells of another use of the word Twitter. Yikes!!

2:59pm 7 May 2009

RT @aplusk Math buffs awed by Odd Day (via @weirdnews). I live wierd stuff luke this

9:27am 7 May 2009