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April 2009

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6:19pm 29 Apr 2009

teamsiemsRT @aplusk this kid gets the Kelso award of the day I think he'll win a lot of awards in life; Darwin Award

10:15am 24 Apr 2009

RT @apluskthis kid gets the Kelso award of the day I think he'll win a lot of awards in life; Darwin

10:14am 24 Apr 2009

@HollywoodPlayer 40 year old virgin – – pleaz

4:05pm 23 Apr 2009

@HollywoodPlayer…com/title/tt1197628/quotes Observe and Report too easy

8:27am 22 Apr 2009

Happy Earth Day www.ear…

8:21am 22 Apr 2009

5:30AM is too early to wake up; the web waits for no one.

6:13am 21 Apr 2009

teamsiems twitter: Debunking the myths of Columbine, 10 years later – “Journalist and..

12:19pm 20 Apr 2009

RT @oprah I pulled the Columbine show today … twitter would have changed things

11:10am 20 Apr 2009

@theconstruct I must have seen you following someone that went to #sxsw. thats how twitter is awsome

4:50pm 18 Apr 2009

RT @mrskutcher Wow this kid is something else!

4:46pm 18 Apr 2009

RT mrskutcherWow this kid is something else!

4:46pm 18 Apr 2009

teamsiems twitter: Are Oprah, Ashton Kutcher taking the geek out of Twitter?: For those that w..

5:16pm 17 Apr 2009

its raining its pouring, we totally pwnd our org mission statement and our group goals today, time to go home and kiss the wifey

4:56pm 17 Apr 2009

teamsiems twitter: Ashton outmaneuvers CNN to 1 million on Twitter | Webware – CNET: Well I sa..

11:23am 17 Apr 2009

teamsiems twitter: Ashton Kutcher challenges CNN to Twitter popularity contest – By J..

5:14pm 16 Apr 2009… doesn't look like like Ashton

2:03pm 16 Apr 2009

teamsiems twitter: Tax Day Brings Out “Tea Party” Protesters – CBS News: Tax Day Brings Out “T..

5:22pm 15 Apr 2009…09/04/15/politics/main4946264.shtml (via @addthis)

4:39pm 15 Apr 2009

RT @rgratcliffe Perry says Texas can leave union if it wants to:

4:23pm 15 Apr 2009

RT @jaredatch 10 Cool Things We?ll Be Able To Do Once IE6 Is Dead

4:17pm 15 Apr 2009

@mistercameron that's why my new-home neighbors look at me weird. i got paid today with their money.

8:41pm 13 Apr 2009

@theconstruct as seen at #sxsw, web dev in BCS TX

8:38pm 13 Apr 2009 hits home when you know them

5:21pm 12 Apr 2009

teamsiems twitter: CSS Naked Day: CSS Naked Day is ON! Are you CSS Valid? I know twitter is bu..

12:26pm 8 Apr 2009

RT @stop RT @mistercameron You know your design sucks when it looks BETTER on #cssnakedday.

12:06pm 8 Apr 2009

r u css valid? naked.du… #cssnakedDay

12:03pm 8 Apr 2009

it's naked day nak… people like @stop are supporting R U

11:23am 8 Apr 2009

After my victory lap after sighting the failwhale I'm really hating the Whale

4:50pm 6 Apr 2009

Just listed myself in the local Twitter directory in ZIP 77803

1:32pm 6 Apr 2009

RT @stop Her: What's Naked Day? Me: When everyone strips CSS from their sites for a day.

9:08am 5 Apr 2009

Solar powered shades for electric cars.

4:22pm 4 Apr 2009

remember to checkout Fans, Friends & Followers

5:04pm 3 Apr 2009

myspace twittered the facebook out of flickr

1:55pm 3 Apr 2009

IBM buying Sun www.nyti….com/2009/04/03/technology/business-computing/03blue.html

9:16am 3 Apr 2009

Report: Google in 'late-stage' talks to buy Twitter – CNET News:

8:59am 3 Apr 2009

RT @clearleft Paul Annett's SXSW talk, Oooh, that's Clever! (unnatural experiments in web design)

8:34am 3 Apr 2009

RT @tamuwww Erick's Links Superlist of What NOT To Do In Social Media (UPDATED): So far most people have focuse..

3:06pm 2 Apr 2009

Your PDA As Big Brother?

2:29pm 2 Apr 2009

Budget 'rider' would bid 'Hasta la vista' to Windows Vista: AUSTIN ? It could be ?Hasta la vista, baby? to state..

9:08am 2 Apr 2009

DaveMasterR999 you lost my respect…off favs off subs

12:22am 2 Apr 2009

Very Funny Animated Gifs Part 102 WHY NO COMMENTS???

12:19am 2 Apr 2009

@TAMU_IT Evil Bunny is real (don't open the closet)

11:59pm 1 Apr 2009

Is Twitter's breakneck growth causing a backlash? – Is Twitter's breakneck growth causing a backlash? -..

2:57pm 1 Apr 2009

RT @TAMU_IT Encarta lost the battle with Wikipedia!

10:06am 1 Apr 2009

Took about a week but I think I came down with #sxswsars; head cold for past 3 days.

9:47am 1 Apr 2009

Conficker is no April Fool's joke

9:04am 1 Apr 2009

Twitter causes violence?

9:02am 1 Apr 2009

Is Twitter growth causing a backlash?

9:01am 1 Apr 2009