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March 2009

Web Hosting Day 2009 Overview | The SiteGround Blog: Hello! Some of you may remember my last post about the Web ..

8:16pm 27 Mar 2009

RT @theconstruct: Everything you know about Web Design is WRONG (#sxsw podcast) Dan Willis, Sapient

4:13pm 27 Mar 2009

La Cucaracha: Los Nortenos Mexican Cafe was shut down Tuesday after health inspectors discovered live roaches.In..

8:42pm 25 Mar 2009

@tamuwww We spotted DoYouWonder bus at SXSW at our hotel.

11:11am 23 Mar 2009

just flickr'd my sxsw pics at

10:09am 20 Mar 2009

SXSW Day Five: Cloud Computing Defending the UndefinableVogels – Amazon Web ServicesGibbs – Google Appplication ..

1:42am 20 Mar 2009

SXSW Day Four: See www… for t-shirts.See brightspot.comSee vizthink.comShift Happen..

2:15pm 17 Mar 2009

time to rawk day four!

8:11am 16 Mar 2009

SXSW Day Three: See boagworld.comSee reason cmsWeb In Higher EducationBrad Ward & Dylan WSee uwebdSee IBM access..

1:23am 16 Mar 2009

SXSW Day Two: Future of Social NetworksCharlene LiAltimeter GroupThink about ten years from now “we had to go to..

1:23am 16 Mar 2009

SXSW Day Two: See www.b… RemarksTony———– lost networkLunch at M..

1:23am 16 Mar 2009

SXSW Day Two: The Seven Rules for Great Web Application DesignRobert Hoekman JrMiskeeto.comWe want to make users..

1:23am 16 Mar 2009

SXSW Day One: See movie Slammin' Salmon – saw the preview in the Adobe DayCafeCheck out – they were ..

1:23am 16 Mar 2009

day two is a wrap

1:26am 15 Mar 2009

Sorry, Ginger Bread (personal joke) is THE place for beers

1:16am 15 Mar 2009

The Toobla after party was rawking, but WAY crowded

1:07am 15 Mar 2009

Gringer Bread is THE place for beer.

1:05am 15 Mar 2009

Opening Party rawked except for the 6 pot-a-potties for well drinked.

1:03am 15 Mar 2009

day two is a wrap time to party? or sleep?

5:58pm 14 Mar 2009

need a quick-ish meal before web awards. any suggestions?

5:17pm 14 Mar 2009

moonshine on red river across from acc was good lunch; got crowded after 12:30pm

5:16pm 14 Mar 2009

future of social networks was over my head or i need caffeine

4:53pm 14 Mar 2009

#SX09-2126 Opening Remarks we're ready to rawk Tony

1:41pm 14 Mar 2009

Time to Rawk Day Two… oh wait a Mac froze during our first panel, fail

10:22am 14 Mar 2009

First night in the bag. for the recap.

12:33am 14 Mar 2009

#SX09-1893 was kinda lame. stand in line for 30-60 min 1 free watery drink no way to talk shop with booming music

10:32pm 13 Mar 2009

went to Champions Sport Bar for hot wings

10:12pm 13 Mar 2009

#SX09-538 must have been too clever – hardly any questions. topic transitions were so subtle i had to listen really closely.

10:08pm 13 Mar 2009

went to #SX09-511. good after tech difficulties. started using ideas at the next panel.

9:58pm 13 Mar 2009

TAMU Do You Wonder bus is in Austin

9:50pm 13 Mar 2009

Moonshine found tinyurl…m/dh69s9

12:57pm 13 Mar 2009

bagged and tagged. now we hurry up and wait.

11:56am 13 Mar 2009

@craigt I guess you can contact me here too, but I think this is more of a pain.

11:48pm 12 Mar 2009

Is it Moonbeam or Moonlight? Near the Conv center = Good eats.

11:38pm 12 Mar 2009

I've joined the Foodies Group on

11:37pm 12 Mar 2009

We've arrived and we tagged (not bagged yet)

9:01pm 12 Mar 2009

Trvln 2 Austin 4 g33k f3st aka SXSW

5:01pm 12 Mar 2009

back to work, fixing, updating, programing

4:56pm 9 Mar 2009