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@chubbyemu Can you please research and do a video about alcohol withdrawal syndrome

10:13pm Feb 18th 2018

Happy 13th Blogiversary…

12:35pm Feb 16th 2018

Happy Chinese New Year #woof 🐶

7:00am Feb 16th 2018

#WTF Trump slump? Remington files for bankruptcy amid declining gun sales.

8:51am Feb 13th 2018

The 2018 Primary Election in Texas…

8:01am Feb 6th 2018

Thanks for the reminder…afib sucks

9:24pm Feb 4th 2018

Kraft ad campaign won the Internets #winning #SuperBowl

8:30pm Feb 4th 2018

It’s New England Patriots (again) vs. Philadelphia Eagles in #SuperBowlLII today in Minneapolis; temp is like -1 F…

3:47pm Feb 4th 2018

Runt says nope 2 close…

6:17pm Feb 2nd 2018

Happy #groundhogday Phil saw his shadow…6 more weeks of winter.

5:38pm Feb 2nd 2018

.@RepBillFlores what are your thoughts on his 4 Pillars and the pathway to citizenship? #SOTU #bcstx constitute

9:43pm Jan 30th 2018

Who’s that guy? #AR New Orleans July 2017 @RoadshowPBS

7:40pm Jan 29th 2018

A supermoon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse on Jan. 31, but really visible in south Pacific; everybody meet in Hawaii

9:46am Jan 24th 2018

Two worlds collide…Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Maangchi & Sean (First We Feast) #spicey #yum

10:31am Jan 23rd 2018

This is what I went to college for…U.S. tests nuclear power system to sustain astronauts on Mars

4:58pm Jan 19th 2018

YouTube’s Dear John Letter…

5:02pm Jan 18th 2018

“Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer. I became operational at the H. A. L. plant in Urbana, Illinoi…

8:30am Jan 12th 2018

.@TheRobDyke from today’s headlines, another for the Serial Killer files, Mikhail Popkov (the Werewolf) possibly 81…

9:27am Jan 11th 2018

She wanted to see snow…road trip!…

10:04am Jan 1st 2018

We made it back safe (~9:30pm) from 2 days of driving through ice and snow. #Happy2018

1:05am Jan 1st 2018

FCC is meeting about #NetNeutrality today. Are ISPs utilities (like water or electric companies) or information com…

9:50am Dec 14th 2017

It Is Wednesday My Dudes #humpday

11:00am Dec 13th 2017

7:14am Dec 8th 2017

7:10am Dec 8th 2017

Most snow in Dec. in #bcstx? @KBTXWeather Still falling

7:46pm Dec 7th 2017

It’s time for #TechTheHalls 2017…We’re now the Division of Information Technology. Holiday party is off the hook, y’all!

10:30am Dec 7th 2017

Knock, knock kiddies #krampusnacht

6:06pm Dec 5th 2017

R.I.P. Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pyle

8:30am Dec 1st 2017

Happy 11th annual Blue Beanie Day #BBD17 Web standards for everyone! A tip of the tuque to WaSP.

3:30pm Nov 30th 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Just saw Prairie View A&M in #MacysParade

8:53am Nov 23rd 2017

Can you smell the burning desire? #BTHOlsu

10:41pm Nov 21st 2017

Charles Manson dead at 83. Finally!

8:31am Nov 20th 2017

12:37am Nov 19th 2017

test app, comments?…

12:30am Nov 19th 2017

12:15am Nov 19th 2017

11:48pm Nov 13th 2017

It was 99 Years ago…11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. #VeteransDay Thank you for your service.

11:03am Nov 11th 2017

At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lor…

10:56am Nov 8th 2017

I guess I’ll stop with the Lastros comments now. The Astros won the #WorldSeries with talent and grit (in spite of Hurricane Harvey).

8:39am Nov 2nd 2017

Watching Astros at Dodgers in Game 7 #WorldSeries #HR4HR

8:49pm Nov 1st 2017

9:18pm Oct 31st 2017

Gallows movie was lame! Now something good: Stranger Things

9:00pm Oct 31st 2017

Brain spaghetti, witch hat biscuits, spider meat balls, and toxic punch #HappyHalloween

8:58pm Oct 31st 2017

I said this two years ago about PSY’s Daddy, but an older video is coming back to break the internet, Gentleman

4:02pm Oct 31st 2017

Honolulu Poke House on #Yelp: I had mixed greans with ahi tuna and shrimp. The tuna is melt in your mouth! Sauce i……

12:42pm Oct 27th 2017

I checked in at Honolulu Poke House on #Yelp…

12:22pm Oct 27th 2017

Happy #NationalPumpkinDay 🎃 It’s also Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day #TxCFSday Get you some @CottonPatchCafe Yum!

10:30am Oct 26th 2017

RT @llcoolj: Rest in paradise to Fats Domino. He paved the way for so many. I remember listening to his music as a little boy. #Fatsdomino

10:54pm Oct 25th 2017

Ransomware Bad Rabbit poses as an Adobe update before locking down computers and demanding money from people to get their files back.

8:55am Oct 25th 2017

Hope they play PSY GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) at the Winter Olympics 5 years old and almost 3 billion views!

12:33am Oct 24th 2017

8:17pm Oct 23rd 2017

Five Presidents Visit Aggieland…

10:03am Oct 21st 2017

Spencer Speaks at University of Florida…

3:31pm Oct 19th 2017

Great idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

11:48am Oct 19th 2017

RT @HighEdWeb: WOOO! #heweb18 will be in Sacramento, California!

11:23am Oct 18th 2017

Happy 9th #Twitterversary

11:19am Oct 17th 2017

It’s my #Twitterversary! I have been on Twitter for 9 years (since 17 Oct 2008).
And you?

11:19am Oct 17th 2017

Time is running out #tamu #CyberAware

10:34am Oct 16th 2017

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Keep Tradition Secure #tamu

4:16pm Oct 10th 2017

It surprised many (not La. Gov.)… #HurricaneNate2017

2:32am Oct 8th 2017

LSU at UF #GoGators 🏈

3:43pm Oct 7th 2017

Tropical Storm Nate…

9:39am Oct 5th 2017

We upgraded to “The Ocho!” @hannon_hill

9:02am Oct 5th 2017

I forgot almost forgot #11in11 In 2011 the Cards won their 11th World Series!

8:39pm Oct 3rd 2017

Cardinals Win 2011 #WorldSeries #TMobileTuesdays #Contest Game 6 was the game of the century!

8:36pm Oct 3rd 2017

Tom Petty dead at age 66 #TooSoon #RIPTomPetty

3:17pm Oct 2nd 2017

In 18 months, The Matrix will be 20 years old! #redpill #followthewhiterabbit

12:00pm Sep 30th 2017

RIP Hef. Hugh Hefner dead at 91. Another icon during my lifetime.

11:08pm Sep 27th 2017

9:29pm Sep 23rd 2017

Florida at Kentucky #GoGators

6:46pm Sep 23rd 2017

11:50am Sep 23rd 2017

Ahoy matey tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day #ITLAPD and it also be National IT Professionals Day #ITProDay #yourwelcome

9:19am Sep 19th 2017

5:04pm Sep 18th 2017

#GoGators last second win!

8:31pm Sep 16th 2017

Aww, my fav #TwistyTheClown is back! #AHSCult 🤡

8:28pm Sep 16th 2017

12:49pm Sep 16th 2017

12:00am Sep 15th 2017

Today’s @GatorsFB game is cancelled for #HurricanIrma Be safe #GoGators

12:20pm Sep 9th 2017

Now Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia

3:21pm Sep 7th 2017

12:11am Sep 6th 2017

Hurricane Irma & Tropical Storm Jose…

4:31pm Sep 5th 2017

@txag2k Ags looked good in the first half

10:38pm Sep 3rd 2017

Las Vegas made $ and so did KS…I guarantee

10:35pm Sep 3rd 2017

It’s 99% obvious Sumlin threw A&M vs Bruins #payoff #yourefired

10:29pm Sep 3rd 2017

9:55pm Aug 31st 2017

Long way to go and a short time to get there. #Harvey2017

12:09am Aug 29th 2017

Code Maroon.

Texas A&M classes are cancelled Monday and Tuesday. Essential personnel only. #Harvey2017

3:37pm Aug 27th 2017

Bryan ISD CLOSED Monday, Aug. 28 #Harvey #BCSTX

2:57pm Aug 27th 2017

RT @NHC_Atlantic: NEW: #Harvey continues to intensify and is now a category 4 #hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph. https://t…

6:07pm Aug 25th 2017

6:12pm Aug 24th 2017

2:38pm Aug 24th 2017

10:42pm Aug 22nd 2017

Not much eclipsed in SE Texas #SolarEclipse2017

1:40pm Aug 21st 2017

EDM DJs latched onto (like T Swift assets): “window” and “matter” RIP Chester Bennington…Linkin Park “In The End”…

12:08am Aug 12th 2017

A year ago the lowest forecast temp was 98. We’ll see if this happens.

3:22pm Aug 6th 2017

Today (first Sat. of Aug.) is National Mustard Day – my favorite condiment

8:05am Aug 5th 2017

I might make it to G-ville this Fall!… #GoGators

5:44pm Jul 12th 2017

Happy Social Media Day #SMDay @MashSMDay 6/30 @ 6:30

6:30am Jun 30th 2017

#GoGators #CWS We won the College World Series!

7:05am Jun 28th 2017

7:12pm Jun 23rd 2017